Hey guys, while I was working on my other stories, my muse stopped and decided that she wanted to give me a crossover idea. Charmed and Supernatural. I've never done a cross over, so I hope you enjoy this one.

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Just Wanted a Normal Life

Summary: A Charmed and Supernatural crossover. Chris and Sam are both at Stanford University, and live together, both escaping their families for a chance at a normal life. However, neither of them know each others' secret. One night, Wyatt and Melinda turn up at a party in search for Chris, but Chris does not want to know, until Dean breaks into their house in search for Sam. Can it all be connected?

Eventual ChrisXSam

Chapter 1: A Halliwell Problem.

Chris Halliwell looked in the bathroom mirror, putting his gel in to make his hair look perfect. It had to be perfect, he wanted to be noticed by the one guy that he wanted to be with. The only problem was that that one guy was with someone, and a girl at that, and was also his housemate.

"Hey, Chris, you almost finished?" his housemate asked, looking into the bathroom, since the door was open. The Halliwell looked through the mirror at Sam Winchester. He was hot, Chris would never deny that, but he was not available and Chris had to keep telling him that.

"Yeah, I'm finished," Chris smirked, "You ready?"

"I've been ready for ages, dude," Sam laughed, with a roll of his brown eyes, "You're worse than a girl."

Chris just shook his head and followed his friend down the stairs and out of the house, towards the Sorority House that was holding the party. Neither of them would have bothered going, if it was not for the fact that they had both received the results from their finals just today. Both were studying law, it was how they met, and they clicked straight away. However both boys held a secret to their lives, and after four years they still had not told each other their secret.

Chris had left the Halliwell Manor as soon as he could, to go to Stanford University. He hated being born into the Halliwells, into all the magic, he wanted a normal life so much and this was his chance. He had bound his powers during his second year at Stanford, so he was off any demons' radar, and only saw his family when he really had to. He knew Sam was in the same boat on the family side, Sam hardly ever saw his family and hardly talked about them either, something else they found that they had in common as well as their degree.

Sam, on the otherhand, had left his dad and his brother behind to go to school. He had spent 18 years on the road, demon hunting, and frankly he was tired of it. He never wanted to do it, he wanted to have a safe, normal life, and Stanford was his ticket there.

The two housemates walked into the Sorority house and were instantly greeted by Jess, Sam's girlfriend, and Max, another one of their friends.

"Hey baby," Jess smiled, kissing Sam gently on the lips, "Glad you see you came."

"Yeah, had to celebrate," Sam smiled as the four of them made their way further into the house, "How did you do?"

"I don't want to talk about it." Jessica shook her head, causing Sam to frown.

Chris watched the two, a soft frown on his face. Part of him wished to be in Jessica's position, to be the one that Sam held and kissed, but it was never going to be, he knew that.

"Melinda?" Wyatt called out as he looked around the garage to the Halliwell Manor. He knew his sister was around here somewhere, and most likely underneath the 1966 Chevy Nova she was rebuilding, but he needed to find out first. He had been on the receiving end of making her jump the last time, "Mel?"

"Two seconds," her voice came out from under the car and then he heard the sound of wheels on the concrete floor. The blonde haired head of his 19-year-old sister popped up from the far side of the classic car, with oil all over it, "Yeah?"

Wyatt laughed slightly at the state Melinda was in, as he realised she had oil absolutely everywhere.

"What are you doing?"

"Fixing the oil leak that was under there, then I can get on with everything else that needs doing."

The Twice Blessed looked at the car with a slow nod of his head, he liked cars and loved this one, but did not know the first thing about them. She had always said she would have the shining red car back up and running after her car crash but he never believed her. That was, of course, until now.

"Anyway, you called me away from this for some reason, right?"

"Yeah, we have a little demonic problem," Wyatt nodded his head, "Well, actually Chris has a little demonic problem."

Melinda wiped her hands from all the grease, and threw the towel on the side as she made her way around the car, towards her 24-year-old brother.

"What do you mean, Chris has a demonic problem?" she asked, "Did he just call? What trouble is he in?" The younger Halliwell had been concerned for her brother's safety when he bound his powers, a Halliwell with no powers was like candy to a baby. Irresistible.

"No, I had a premonition," Wyatt shook his head, "And I've just found the demon in the Book. We need to go now, stop this demon before it kills Chris."

"Can I get changed first?" Melinda asked, pointing out that she was in grease and oil covered clothing.

Once she saw a nod coming from the Twice Blessed, Melinda brushed past him.

"But be quick," Wyatt called out to her, "I don't know how long it will be until the demon attacks him."

As the party continued in the house, Chris became more annoyed at the situation in front of him. Sam was all over his girlfriend and it just made Chris more and more jealous of her.

Deciding that leaving was probably better than getting more agitated, Chris stood up from the couch that he was sat on and made his way to the door, that was until he felt a hand on his arm, pulling him back towards the crowd of students.

"Hey, where you going, dude?" the Winchester's voice called out to him, over the blaring music. Chris looked into his eyes, to see a little bit of sadness.

"I'm gonna head back home," Chris replied, motioning his head towards the door to make it clearer, "I'll see you later."

"Oh," Sam's brown eyes now showed more sadness, making Chris wonder whether Sam wanted him to stay at the party, but right now it was best if he left, "Well, Jess is going back to hers tonight, she's got work early in the morning, so I'll be coming home later. You still gonna be up?"

"Most likely, yeah," the Halliwell smiled slightly as he nodded his head, although his face did not show how happy he really was on the inside, "I'll see you later then."

Feeling the taller brunette letting go of his arm, Chris made his way out of the Sorority House and down the road back to his own house, smiling to himself thinking that Jessica was not going to be there tonight. It was not that he disliked Jessica, it was completely the opposite, he thought she was great, just not for Sam. He wanted to be with Sam but could not tell him that.

Hearing a familiar sound of orbing, Chris stopped in his tracks and sighed, great, this was just what he needed right now.

"You know, if you wanted to talk to me, you just have to call my cell," Chris stated turning around, expecting just to see his brother, when he saw his sister too, he frowned slightly, "Ok, what's going on?"

"We have to get back to yours," Wyatt said softly, walking towards his baby brother, as his sister walked close behind him, "We can explain there."

"Why?" Chris asked, adamant that he was going to have a life away from his family, this was going to be his life away from his family, but Wyatt always did something to get in the way of it. Part of him was grateful, if he was honest, since the times Wyatt had been here was because of a minor demon attack, so for him to come again would mean another demon attack, but he wanted a life away from magic. Was that too much to ask?

"Chris, I can't explain out here," Wyatt spoke, "Please? We have a little demon-stration."

That little word meant that they would have to go inside, after all, they could not have others listening in that did not understand the whole world of demons and magic.

"You're lucky," Chris sighed as he motioned for both the Halliwells to follow him, "I was just going home and Sam's still at the party."

"Sam?" Melinda now piped up, looking at her brunette brother, "Who's Sam? Girlfriend?"

"Sam's a guy, for one," Chris raised his eyebrows at the 19-year-old, "He's my housemate. What are you doing here, anyway?"

"Wyatt asked me to come."

The rest of the walk to Chris' house was in silence, none of the siblings had anything to say to each other. They were not that close, had not been since Chris left for university. It did make it hard since Wyatt was now the only one out of the three that could orb, and Melinda was not always up for the orbing, constantly complaining that it made her feel like her stomach was turning inside out.

"So," Chris spoke as the three walked into the house and Chris put his house keys on the coffee table, "Do you want a drink while you're here?"

"We were hoping you would come back with us," Wyatt said, but out of the corner of his eye saw a look of wonder coming from the youngest Halliwell, "Ok, I was hoping you would come back home."

"Why would I go home?" Chris asked, shaking his head slightly.

"Because there's a demon after you," the Twice Blessed explained, looking into his brother's green eyes, "A powerful one, one that without your powers I'm going to have to look out for you."

"Ok, stop right there," Chris started, "I still know how to cast spells and make potions," the middle Halliwell explained with a sigh, "You don't need to look after me."

"But I thought you moved away to get away from magic." Melinda asked the younger of her two older brothers, slightly confused at what he was saying.

"I did," Chris nodded his head, "But that doesn't mean I forgot what I learnt while I was at home. And it doesn't mean I'll get what I want. Demons are after me, I can protect myself."

"Chris, please," Wyatt pretty much begged his brother, "If you come home we can protect you better."

"What do you know about the demon?" Chris asked, refraining from answering Wyatt's pleas.

"Not much," Wyatt shook his head, "The Book of Shadows wasn't exactly clear, I don't think our family has ever faced one. He's Upper Level and uses his victim's dreams to kill him, but it doesn't say how."


"A spell, we think."

"Wyatt made it and wrote it down for you," Melinda carried on with the conversation, "Knowing what you're like. But, if this demon is more powerful than you thought, please call us. Just because you've left us, doesn't mean we want to lose you."

Chris looked at his sister, it had been two years since he had seen her, since he had not been home for Thanksgiving or Christmas or even the summer vacation in all that time, opting to spend it with Sam. Melinda had not changed that much, just grown up, a lot. Maybe it was the demon hunts that did it, but he could never be sure. Their family had to grow up fast, but Melinda just seemed a little more mature than he last remembered her as a 17-year-old high school senior.

"Ok, I'll call you," Chris nodded his head, since it was his sister that had asked, "But," he stopped to look into her green eyes, "Only if I need the help. That ok with you?"

The only female Halliwell nodded her head, there was no point in arguing with her brother, he was far too stubborn for his own good, but at least she got him to meet them halfway.

"Wyatt? Is it ok with you?"

Wyatt sighed, nodding his head reluctantly. He would rather be around to protect his baby brother, but it was not going to happen. He would have just to keep an eye out without anybody else knowing. Luckily being half-whitelighter he could do that.

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