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Just Wanted a Normal Life

Chapter 20: A Halliwell and Winchester Ending

"So, you don't want a lift back to school?" Dean questioned his brother, it was his last chance before Dean left for his next hunt. He had been in San Francisco for four extra days, knowing that by now his dad and Bobby would be back on the road, Bobby would probably be going back home while John went on another hunt. He had found a hunt close by to make it easier to drive there since he had been in one place for almost a week now. That, and if he wanted to, he could easily come back here once it was over.

"I'm sure, Dean," Sam nodded his head, laughing, "I can get a lift back with Chris. He's keeping his powers."

"Good, that's good," Dean nodded his head, "You two will be protected," Dean wanted to leave, but he wanted to find something out first. He could tell that the two friends had been trying to hiding something and from the looks on Melinda's face she had figured it out. He just wanted to know for himself before he left, "And you and Chris…are you two…are you…"

"Are we dating?" Sam asked, amused at the uncomfortable look on his older brother's face. It was not often Dean would ask personal questions, it was obviously something he needed to know, "Yes. Does that bother you?" It was tough if it did.

"As long as I don't see anything," Dean shook his head, putting his game face on, but he knew his Sammy could see through it, "No, as long as you're happy, Sammy."

"It's Sam, Sammy is a chubby 12-year-old."

"We'll just keep it from dad, shall we?" Dean decided, ignoring what his brother had just said, "He's pissed as it is, even I wouldn't like to guess how he'd act to that news."

The brunette Winchester nodded his head in agreement, it was definitely something that John could not find out, not at the moment, especially after finding out that Chris was a witch.

"Be careful, ok," Dean warned his brother, "Call me if you need anything."

"Dean, I've taken care of myself for the past four years, I can still do it," Sam nodded his head, "And it's not like me and Chris are hiding things from each other. We know each other's secrets so can help each other out."

The 26-year-old nodded his head, just as Chris and Melinda made their way out of the kitchen. Melinda held a two small brown paper bags in her hands, causing Dean to find curiosity get the better of him, wondering what was in there, but Chris was the first port of call.

"You better look after my brother," Dean warned him, "Since, after all, you are the one with the whole power thing."

"Don't forget his premonitions," Chris pointed out, "But don't worry, Sam will be looked after."

Deciding to ignore the innuendo, Dean looked at the 19-year-old witch, who was now handing him the paper bags.

"Take a look inside." Mel smiled slightly, as she saw the confused look on the Winchester's face. Peering into the first bag, Dean smiled.


"In case you get hungry," Melinda shrugged, "Plus, they're the only thing I can make without burning the kitchen down."

Dean laughed as he checked the second bag and then raised an eyebrow, "You know when you crashed your car, was it because you had a few too many of these?" he asked, pulling out one of the bottles of beers that she had put in there.

"No," she laughed, knowing that he now knew the reason behind her crashing her beloved Nova, "I thought you might want them when you get to wherever you're going."

Dean smiled, making his way out of the house and to his car, placing the sandwiches in the front and the beer in the trunk, in case he was pulled over, and then looked to see that the other three had followed him out.

"Where's Wyatt?"

"He's having to sort out things at P3," Chris explained, "But we're here to see you off and he said that if you're ever in San Fran, then stop by."

"I'll make sure I do," Dean smiled, looking at Melinda.

Catching the look, Sam decided to say his goodbyes to his brother and then go back into the house, pulling Chris with him.

"Thanks for the food by the way," Dean smiled, now that the two were alone, "My stomach appreciates it."

The Halliwell just simply smiled as Dean closed in on her and kissed her gently on the lips. As they pulled away, he could not help but smirk at the shock look on her face.

"That's just so you know what you're missing out on."

The Halliwell laughed as she pulled the hunter towards her, and kissed him again on the lips, this time managing to snake her tongue past his lips to massage his. When she pulled away, she smirked at his slight shocked expression.

"That's so you know what you're missing."

"I thought I wasn't your type of guy."

"You're not," she shook her head, "I never said anything was going to come from that," with a smirk she made her way back towards the house, "But if you are in San Francisco, or just generally need help, my number is in the bag with the sandwiches."

After that, Melinda made her way back into her house, leaving Dean slightly confused about her, but happy at the same time, she was definitely an amazing girl.

"When do you want to get back to school?" Chris asked, as he and Sam made their way into Chris' old bedroom. He shut the door behind him and straight away Sam was attacking his mouth.

"Not right now," Sam answered between kisses, "Right now, right here is fine."

Chris smirked through the kisses and wrapped his arms around Sam's neck.

Right now things were absolutely perfect. Just how long though was it going to last?

The End

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