Cloud Nine

A Boston Public Fan Fiction

Rated: PG-13

Scott Guber/Other story

Author's Note: Okay I am betting that the only person who is reading this is my friend, so hi to him, but I'm posting it here anyway just incase anyone decides to get back into Boston Public fan fiction. Enjoy!

Dr. Amber McKay knocked on the door to the vice principal's office very lightly. He looked like he was up to his neck in paperwork and she felt bad disturbing him. Scott looked up and saw her. She was absolutely gorgeous. When they told him that the school was hiring a psychiatrist to be at the school three days a week he had never pictured a woman as lovely as the one standing before him. Her dark brown hair was up in a tight bun. She was wearing a pantsuit that was all black with a lavender turtleneck under the blazer. On her feet she had black four-inch heels and she looked mostly like she had stepped out of a magazine. Her eyes were big and beautiful, a shade of green he had never seen before. They were perfectly outlined by her mascara and eyeliner. Her lips were covered expertly with a dark shade of pink lipstick. She smiled at him nervously and took a few steps in the door. She nervously readjusted the strap of the black bag that hung around her shoulder.

"Hi I'm Dr. McKay, but you can call me Amber. I don't actually know where to go so I came in here." She said, her voice was soft but sultry. Scott felt breathless for a moment but then started searching through his paperwork for the information he had on her. When he found it, he read it over quickly and then looked up at her.

"Ah yes. I'll show you to your office, if you want to call it that anyway." He said and then stood up and walked over to her with his hand out. She took it and shook it firmly, he guessed she was used to shaking hands because even that was perfect. "Scott Guber."

"Nice to meet you Scott." She said and he almost melted when she said his name. He could picture absolutely wonderful acts of passion with her, but then again they had just met thirty seconds ago. He felt his face start to go red with embarrassment of his fantasies but he then cleared his throat, and his mind, and he was good to go again. "So I guess I'll be seeing students here? This is quite a change from my previous job you know."

"They mentioned that you were working at an institution before now." Guber said to her and she nodded slightly and then smiled. He stepped past her and motioned for her to follow him out of the office and down the hall to where her place would be. He noticed that her right wrist had a black brace Velcroed around it he assumed that it probably had to do with carpal tunnel.

"I guess they forgot to mention I was in the prison ward." She said casually and then nodded at a male student passing her. His eyes seemed to never leave her perfect chest. Scott glared at the student and he rolled his eyes and went back to staring at the floor as he walked.

"Well I'm sure this will be different then a prison, slightly." Guber replied and then laughed nervously. Amber laughed too. This concept of being a school psychiatrist was completely alien to her. She had worked in a prison for so long that working in the normal world seemed like a huge challenge. Back in her ward she could order drugs to be pushed for anyone who got out of control, here she would have to take a more practical approach. They turned a corner and walked into a hallway where they were faced with a door that said "Guidance Counselor" in white letters on the frosted glass. Guber opened it for her and she stepped inside.

The office was a small one, smaller then the one she had when she was head of the psychiatric medicine in the prison ward. In fact she could probably fit four of these offices in her old office. There was an old desk with a black leather chair behind it. There was a silver file cabinet in the corner and two wooden chairs across from the desk. Behind that was a plant that looked like it was dead, and the walls were completely bare and covered with an off white eggshell color paint. She figured that she could bring some paintings from home to liven up the place, she hoped that would be okay.

"Wow it's—"

"Small, I know sorry we couldn't do better." He said to her. She walked over to the desk and set her bag down on it and then sat down in the chair behind it.

"I was going to say 'cozy' but small describes it too." She said with a hint of laughter behind her voice, "I know I'm only supposed to be here three days a week but would you mind if I brought in some pictures to decorate?" Scott looked at her, he seemed to be lost deep in thought and hadn't heard a word of what Amber just said. She recognize the look on his face, a lot of the male prisoners got that look after years of her being the only female they were exposed to. She was quite alright with the fact that men wanted to fantasize about her but it was still a little weird for her to get stared at. She didn't think that she was anything to drool over but apparently guys did and she mostly took it as a compliment.

"Huh? Did you say something?"

"I asked if I could hang some pictures in here." She repeated and tried not to laugh, she knew that it would just cause more embarrassment to the situation. Scott was exactly her type though, an older male with a position of power, she always found that so attractive in men, although there was no way she was going to hit on him within the first five minutes of them meeting.

"Sure it's your office, do whatever you wish." He said to her and she smiled at him, "I'll leave you to get settled. Your first student should be coming in an hour or so." She nodded slightly.

"Thank you Scott, I'll be sure to approach you if I have any problems." She replied. He looked at her in that dreamy way again before snapping back to reality and nodding. Without another word he stepped out of the office, closing the door behind him. Amber sighed with relief when he was gone and immediately went into the bag she was carrying. She pulled out a little black case and unzipped it. Inside were two empty syringes and her drug of choice, demoral. She knew that she shouldn't be shooting up during school hours, and the dangers of getting caught were even more so then when she had her own office, but the thing was she didn't see any problem with it. Demoral kept her calm and collected, ever since the attack at least.

She pulled out one of the syringes and removed the vial of demoral. She started to load some into the needle slowly. She didn't need much; she wanted to keep her tolerance low so she wouldn't need more and more for it to affect her. She set the syringe down on the desk and then removed the brace from her wrist. Most people thought she wore the brace because of a wrist injury or carpal tunnel but she really wore it to hide the puncture marks the needle made in her wrist. She picked up the syringe, found a good vein, and injected the demoral. It burned as it went in but that feeling was quickly replaced with a floaty warm feeling that consumed her. She sighed happily and then went back to putting the needle and drug in its case. Today wasn't going to be as hard as she thought it would.

At lunch that day Amber found her way to the teacher's lounge and took a seat at the table. She was the first one in there, the last student she saw had to leave early to get to cheerleading practice. There was to be a pep rally after school and so the squad was going through rehearsal. She opened her bag and took out an apple, a plastic fork, a salad in a Tupperware container, and a diet coke. She popped open the soda and took a few big gulps before setting it down on the table. She didn't drink coffee, she got all of her caffeine from soda.

"Excuse me, do you work here?" She heard a voice say from behind her. She turned to see one of the most gorgeous women she had ever laid eyes on. She blond hair and pouty lips, her eyes were ice blue and her chest was perky to say the least. Being attracted to both men and women it took a moment for Amber to find her voice.

"Uh yeah, I'm the new guidance counselor." Amber replied and then stood up and walked over to the woman and held out her hand, "Dr. Amber McKay but feel free to call me Amber." She said and the woman took her hand and shook it firmly.

"Ronnie Cooke." Ronnie said and then smiled, "Aren't you a little over qualified for the position of school counselor?"

"I just go where they tell me." Amber replied and found a stray hand moving to play with her hair before remembering that she had put it up in a bun earlier. She was still pretty buzzed from that earlier dose of demoral and wasn't thinking as clear as she should be. "I think it's a new program where psychiatrists reach out to especially troubled youths 18 or older. I don't work with any of the minors."

"Oh, well you'll meet some interesting students here I'm sure." Ronnie replied and then walked over to the coffee pot. She picked it up and filled the coffee mug that she already holding in her right hand. Amber watched her for a moment before going to sit back down in her chair. She opened the container, which held her salad and picked up her fork and started to eat. Ronnie sure was one tasty piece of ass but she knew better then to hit on her coworkers. Besides, she was almost positive that the woman had no interest in her whatsoever.

She sat mostly in silence through the rest of lunch but she did meet most of the other teachers and managed to introduce herself to all of them. For the most part they all said she was quite overqualified for the position but also seemed to act like she would be gone sooner then later. She finished off all of her food, put stuff back in her bag and snuck back to her office, hoping that no one would come and interrupt her. She had ten minutes before she had to get back to work and she needed a little pick me up. She went into her bag and pulled out the familiar black case.

As she was filling the syringe there was a knock on the door, well less of a knock and more of a tapping. She didn't register it as a knock because she was too fixated on what she was doing. She un-strapped her brace and put it on the desk before finding another vein and sticking the needle in. Slowly the door started to open. She cried out in surprise, injected the rest of the demoral, and then grabbed the black case and everything else and shoved it into an open drawer. She slammed the drawer shut and quickly strapped her brace back on. It was Scott Guber.

"Dr. McKay there's a student I want you to see. Her name is Monica." Scott said and then nearly shoved Monica into the office. Monica turned and glared at him before folding her arms over her chest.

"I told you I don't need a fucking doctor."

"Watch your language around me Miss Edwards." Scott snapped at her, "Show her your arm." Monica looked at Scott and then back to Amber. She shook her head.


"Do you want to be suspended?" Guber challenged her. Amber felt a chill run through her body, Scott was absolutely turning out to be the way she had been imagining all day. She couldn't take her eyes off of him, she was barely interested in whatever problem this Monica girl was having. Monica glared at him again and then took a seat in one of the chairs across from the desk. After another moment she rolled up the sleeve on her left arm. There were three slashes then the letters "R C" and three more slashes after that. The girl had totally sliced up her arm. "She won't tell me what the R C Stands for but I was hoping you could pull it out of her."

"Thank you Mr. Guber. I'll talk to her." Amber replied in a voice that was dreamier then professional. Guber sort of smiled and his face started to get red, so he quickly shut the door and left. Amber cleared her throat and then turned to look at Monica, who had rolled her sleeve back down to cover the carvings in her arm. "Monica, why did you do this?"

"I was bored, alright?"

"I think it was more then that, Monica. What does R C mean?" Amber asked and then grabbed her bag and pulled out a pen and a notepad. She liked to make notes on all the people who she talked to so she could remember them later. It didn't look very good if one of her patients came back and she had absolutely no idea what their latest problems were. Monica folded her arms over her chest again and started to stare down Amber.

"What the hell are your credentials?" Monica asked her, continuing with the stare down. Amber set the pen down on top of the pad and smiled softly at her.

"Well I majored in psychology at Harvard before going on to Harvard medical school to get my degree as a psychiatrist." Amber replied as a matter of factly.

"If you went to Harvard and all that shit why the hell are you working at a public school?" Monica challenged. Amber didn't really feel like explaining her entire life story to this girl. To someone else maybe, but to a student that she was supposed to be helping, not really.

"I just go where I'm needed. Now tell me about the cuts on your arm." Amber said trying to politely change the subject. Monica took in a deep breath and let it out as a sigh. Amber was getting the feeling that she might not get very far with this girl on the first session.

"I told you, I was bored." Monica repeated like she was annoyed. "Some stupid bitch saw them and made a big deal out of it. She says—" then she just stopped talking like she didn't want Amber to hear what she had to say. Amber immediately knew that Monica was letting her guard down, something she obviously didn't do to often, and it was a little scary for her.

"You don't have to tell me all of it now if you don't want." Amber said to her, Monica bit at her lower lip and nodded slightly. "How about you tell me about something else, how are you in school? What classes do you like? Things like that."

"Well I'm on the debate team, although I haven't won anything yet. I probably won't since this my last year here. Why am I even talking to you? I'm 18 I don't have to." Monica said and then stood up. Amber knew that this girl needed some sort of help but she wasn't going to force the issue. She had Guber for that. As it was though she thought that the girl would be more likely to come back in the future if she didn't press the issue now. Amber smiled at her softly.

"You're free to go then." Amber said. Monica gave her an odd look and then grabbed her backpack and headed out of the office. Amber sighed softly. Monica was the first person she had seen that day that appeared to have some real issues. From the other students she just got the feeling they were there so they had an excuse not to go to class. That was fine with her, and she did get them talking about other issues but nothing seemed to jump out at her as wrong. Suddenly the door flew open and Monica barged back in, throwing her backpack on the chair she was sitting in before.

"Just who the hell do you think you are?" She snapped at Amber. Amber didn't know exactly how to respond to this so she just kept her mouth shut, "I mean you walk in here…your first day…and you expect me to just trust you with my life story? How do I know you aren't just going to go back to Guber and tell him all about it?"

"I can't, it would breach confidentiality. That is if you are 18, and you are 18 right?" Amber replied, picking up her pen again to take notes. Monica looked at her for a moment, then picked up her backpack and gently set it on the floor.

"The R C stands for Ronnie Cooke." Monica said simply and then crossed her legs. She really was a beautiful young woman, long black hair, piercing green eyes, and a thin but muscular frame. Amber remembered Ronnie from their brief interaction in the teacher's lounge at once. It seemed that Monica held a flame for her.

"Okay, then why did you do it?" Amber asked as she took notes on her note pad. She had a laptop that she brought with her but liked to handwrite notes first before transferring them into an official file. Monica took in a deep breath and let it out as a sigh.

"To get her to notice me. I mean I've tried everything. Getting good grades doesn't work, and even getting bad grades doesn't work, I mean she has barely said anything other then "hello" to me in the past year." Monica explained, her voice was shaky and it sounded like it was about to break at any given second. Amber nodded slightly and jotted some more notes down on her pad.

"Self harm is never a good sign Monica. Even if Ms. Cooke did notice the cuts, would you want to alarm her that much?" Amber asked nicely.

"No, yes, I don't know."

"Do you feel safe at home? If I let you walk out of here are you going to hurt yourself more?" Amber asked, trying her hardest not to sound condescending. She knew the girl was in trouble but the last thing she wanted to do was sound like another uncaring adult. Monica rolled up her sleeve and looked at her arm. She ran a hand over the cuts and then looked back over to Amber.

"No, I am not suicidal in any way, just really in love." Monica replied and then rolled her sleeve back down to cover the cuts. Amber smiled at her gently.

"Good. Now tell me about your feelings for Ms. Cooke." Amber replied.