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Death's Daughter


I looked across the cold floor of the warehouse, which was currently coated in blood. So this is what they mean by massacre, I thought, sickened. I may deal with death daily, but this was different: it was…horrifying - though not even that was an adequate word. I knew that this image would never leave me, that it would always haunt me. The corpses were splayed around the room, their eyes frozen open in terror, mouths poised to scream. Their screams and cries for help were brutally silenced. The blood splashed on the walls, over the bodies, people lying in pools of blood. The ruby splashed around would have been almost artistic, if it hadn't been so grotesque.

I snapped out of whatever reverie I was in, as one word flashed through my stunned mind: Edward. Edward has been here, seen this. Then another thought struck me. One that made my chilly skin practically freeze, one that made me shiver with dread. What if he's still here? I assumed he had run when I told him to, but deep down, I knew better. He would stay and try to help any way he could - even if it cost him his life.

I started running frantically. "Edward!" I yelled, not caring if there were other monsters lurking in the shadows, ready to attack. The only thing that mattered was Edward.

"Edward! Where are you?" I called desperately, hoping for any sort of answer, any indication that he lived.

"Please," I whispered - prayed - to any entity that would listen. "Please let him live."

It was then that I saw the white shirt, his shirt, stained coral and fell to my knees next to him.

"Edward!" I wailed as I saw him lying still on the floor. His eyes were closed, and he looked almost angelic, despite the blood coating him. He looked dead.

Never in my life have I been so scared. After all I'm immortal: what have I to fear? Yet, in that moment, I felt a terror that I was sure would surpass any others.

"No! Edward," I pleaded desperately, "come on. You have to wake up. You can't leave me. You made me like you. You made me love you." As I finished my sentence, my voice was angry, it quickly changed.

"Please, don't leave me," I begged, much like how a small, timid child would beg their parent as they leave them at some new and scary function.

I held Edward to me, praying for him to live, to open his eyes. Something. Anything. I couldn't bring myself to regret the decision of going to the tiny town of Forks, Washington, no matter how much pain I was currently in. The good far surpassed the bad. Edward did. If we're never sad, we never know when we're happy. I was never sad before. I never truly lived, and even though I was sad -actually, my heart felt like it was currently breaking into millions of tiny shards that could never be put together again - Edward was worth it. Even if it saved me all this heartache, even if it saved Edward's life, I couldn't seem to regret meeting him, loving him. As selfish as it was, even if Edward was currently lying dead in my arms, I couldn't even force myself to regret a thing.

"Open your eyes!" I urged desperately.

Was Edward really about to leave me?

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