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Word Count: 298

Warnings: Disgusting mental images of... puke.

Rabble rabble number 1/?


by eishi (2008)

The first and last time Stan puked on Kyle was in the middle of the school corridor.

Kyle had been telling something funny, some funny anecdote Stan had already forgotten, and everything that Stan could concentrate on was the way Kyle smiled and the way his intense green look sent shivers down Stan's spine, all the way down to his stomach. World had began to whirl around, and the next thing Stan knew was that it was impossible to keep his mouth shut and…

Here he was, in an empty corridor, opposite of his best friend, who was standing in a disgusting pond of puke, obnoxiously silent. Stan stared at the ground and tried to think of a good explanation; like that he had probably caught the stomach flu from Shelly last weekend. Alas, both boys knew very well that Stan only puked like that on one occasion and that this was not something he could fake.

Stan groaned in his mind. All the other times, from the very first experience of feeling light-headed in Kyle's presence, he had been able to shut his mouth tightly and pretend that he was all right. He had been pretending for years, and now, just because of a momentary lapse of control, he had practically declared the whole world that he was in love with his best friend.

He wanted the earth to swallow him that moment.

Then Kyle moved: he wordlessly cleaned his shirt the best he could and then coughed.

And coughed again.

And again and again.

"D-dude? A-are you alright?" Stan piped up, his voice shaking and oddly high-pitched. Kyle stopped, looked at his friend and smiled.

"Well, if puking on me was your way of telling that you'd like to bone me, then coughing is mine."

A/N: Happy Valentine's Day! xD I personally think that this is the best scenario to ever happen on Valentine's, don't you agree? (/sarcasm)