This is just a story I really wanted to write and yes Crash's no fun other wise and it's harder to write gibberish then say it. (And it's easy to say if your Crash Bandicoot) and please enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think.

"THIS ISN'T THE END!" Eggman cried as Sonic jumped and kicked him

"I believe it is!" Sonic smiled as he disappeared into darkness. Sonic looked as the vortex disappeared he collapsed to the ground falling unconscious

"Sorry Xemnas it's over!" Sora yelled taking his oblivion Keyblade and slashing Xemnas as he disappeared into Darkness. Sora clutched onto his side falling to his knees his vision blurred as he passed out

"Even with you five combined together you lose never mess with a Dragon!" Spyro yelled using a fire blast as Cynder, Ripto, Gnasty Gnorc, Gaul and Sorceress descended into darkness. Spyro's breathing became heavy he started to loose his footing and everything became dizzy as he fell unconscious.

"Sorry Cortex it's game over" Crash did a spin and watched his foe's fade away "YES!" Crash yelled as he spun around and landed on his back.

"Time to end this!" Ratchet yelled as his foe's ran for him he dived out the way as the vortex sucked them in Ratchet lied on the ground unconscious.

"That no good hedgehog I can't wait to destroy him!" Eggman yelled

"As I wish to destroy my Key-wielder problems" Xemnas stated with his head down

"Even five of us combined can't defeat that no good purple dragon"

"That pesky Bandicoot always defeats me"

"Tiny's head hurts"

"That blasted Lombrex is always getting in the way"

The broke out into an argument a black portal opened and a young girl stepped through "ENOUGH!" she shouted as their voices faded "Maybe I could help" she smiled pulling her hood down her long black hair draping behind her, her blood red eyes looking at them. "You a mere girl" Cortex laughed she lifted her hand and narrowed her eyes as a black beam hit him as he went smack into the wall "Anyone else want to question my powers?" no one spoke "Good" she smiled as she waved her hand and a throne appeared she sat down. "My sister is aware of my plans no doubt and rounded those Goodie too shoes light kissers up, but I can put that on hold, and give you all powers like you have never seen and also another tip all go after a different opponent."

Sonic opened his eyes and sat up to see utter Darkness apart from four other bodies around a pedestal in the middle. He stepped closer to it amazed "What is this place?" Sonic whispered.

Crash yawned and opened his eyes looking at the weird blue thing opposite him he stood up and approached. "Who are you?" Crash asked "I could ask you the same thing" Sonic stated as Ratchet approached them

"Do you have any idea what's going on?" Ratchet asked looking at the two who looked ready to fight.

"We could be anywhere" Spyro stated as he approached the four.

"This place is so dark yet I don't sense no Heartless no threat" Sora entered the conversation.

"How do I know if I can trust you?" Sonic asked standing ready to attack Sora. Sora drew his Keyblade

"I was thinking the exact same thing." Sonic turned into a ball and went to strike Sora held his Keyblade up in defense and pushed back against Sonics force. "Well you are very good" Sora pointed his Keyblade at Sonic

"You need to be extremely good to fight the Heartless and Nobodies" Sonic decided to speed up

"Yeah and you need to be quick…" he hit Sora in the back and Sora dropped his Keyblade and Sonic caught it "when it comes to defeating Eggman"

"Hmm pretty impressive, but the Keyblade only follows its true master." Sora swung his arm and the Keyblade reappeared in Sora's grasp.

Sonic blinked twice in confusion "How did you do that?" he asked as Sora ran to attack

"Like I said the Keyblade only follows it's true master!" Sora swung as Sonic blocked.

"Hey this isn't fair two against one!" Ratchet yelled as Crash swung at him as Spyro opened his mouth and fire hit Ratchet, but Ratchet held his weapon up in defense and of course metal conducts hit Ratchet let go and drew his blaster and started shooting at them as Spyro started flying about and tackled Ratchet.

A white portal appeared "I knew this would happen" she sighed "STOP!" she cried and they froze.