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Sora began to open his deep ocean blue eyes, and he stared deep into aqua-marine eyes. "Sora!" the boy cried shaking Sora's thin form. Sora groaned as he began to sit up Riku looked relieved as Sora shook his head "Riku…" Riku pulled Sora to his feet

"What happened?" Riku questioned as Sora began to stumble lightly before falling onto his knees "Sora!" Riku exclaimed as Sora began to stumble back onto his feet. "Relax Riku I am fine just a little dizzy." Sora gave him a cheesy grin that made Riku smile lightly before a set of Dusks appeared. "We have to hurry Light is counting on us!" Sora yelled drawing his keyblade Riku's eyes flashed to Sora for a split second before Riku jumped back from an attacking Dusk.

After swiftly killing the Dusks Sora radioed to Donald and Goofy. "Donald! Goofy! Can you hear me?" Donald and Goofy sat inside the gummi ship along with Kairi and the King waiting to hear if they were alive. "Donald! Goofy! Can you hear me!"

"SORA!" Goofy yelled springing from his seat to answer the receiver. "SORA, SORA! You're okay!" Sora winced and removed the ear piece from his ear at the volume "Yeah me and Riku are both fi-?" Sora suddenly dropped the radio transmitter before collapsing to the ground.

"SORA!" Riku exclaimed as Sora stumbled before his world and himself collapsed into Darkness.

:Sora's Point of View:

In the distance the furthest part of my mind I could hear Riku's voice crying my name begging for me to open my eyes, and I did but I was surrounded by Darkness. "Sora you're awake" my eyes flashed around the darkness as I looked around on my hands and knees.

"Wha-? Who's there?" I questioned into the black abyss as I heard footsteps before springing to my feet keyblade drawn at the ready.

"Relax Sora it's me." The hooded figure spoke pulling his hood down matching blue eyes looked attentively at me.

"Roxas?!?!" I exclaimed "What's going on?"

"I am not sure, but we won't be whole."

"What, what do you mean?" what did he mean being separated? We only just made ourselves one?

"C'mon Roxas!" Roxas looked carelessly over his shoulder at the red head behind him.

"Axel?" I whispered

"Well, well if it isn't the other half howdy Sora" Axel smirked saluting I stood dazed for a brief second.

"Roxas what is going on?" I questioned as my eyes flashed onto Axel then flashed back onto my other half.

"Xemnas is somehow bringing back the Organization so basically our hands are tied, because simply put some chick from the darkness has found a way to resurrect us and is using us in some evil scheme no doubt, and Roxas is probably no doubt the one who is in most danger." Axel stated and my face went horrified. "Roxas we have to do something!" I exclaimed it's bad enough I went a whole year without knowing he even existed until recently.



:End Sora's Point of View:

Roxas opened his eyes and sat up as he looked at Axel before his eyes flashed darkly onto Xemnas jumping to his feet keyblade drawn "Xemnas!" Roxas yelled ready to strike. The black haired girl bored yawned and waved her hand and Roxas let the keyblade collapse to the before he swiftly followed falling onto his hands and knees clinging onto the spot where his heart lay. "Roxas!" Axel exclaimed as Roxas winced in pain looking at her and Xemnas "Poor excuse of a keywielder why wasn't his heart destroyed long ago?" she asked as Roxas let his eyes dance from Xemnas to Marluxia to Larxene and then to Axel before flashing back to the girl. "Well never mind let me destroy his heart now."