Disclaimer: Jasper and Alice belong to Stephanie Meyer. Luckly because if they were mine. Jasper would move to Virginia and fall in love with me.

Jasper found one flaw in his wife. When it came to Valentine's day; he had no chance at all to surprise her and be a hopeless romantic.

Like three years ago, Jasper planned to buy her a crystal ball and inside was going to be emporio armani diamonds. But of course, when we to go out and order it, Alice kissed his cheek and mentioned she bought it yesterday.

So he did what he does every year buy two bouquets of roses, one Coral and another Red. Meaning desire and love. It was never much but Alice always seemed happy.

This year, Jasper wasn't going to be out done by his brothers. Jasper knew Edward had something sickingly sweet romantic up his sleeve; and Emmett, he always had a mixture of couture and automotive.

Jasper was surfing the Internet and found the perfect thing, Tiffany's True Love collection but as he printed off the information; Alice skipped in shopping bags in hand and smiled.

"Sweet Idea Jazzy." She said while kissing his cheek.

Jasper just sighed and rolled his eyes before walking out of the room. Edward promised him, he was going to distract Alice all day. So much for that.

Jasper walked around the mall, and every time he tried to block Alice or try not to pick something, it wouldn't work. He would get a call from Alice.

"That's so tacky."

"To big, Jasper."

"You seriously think I like that color."

"That's a cute idea Jasper."

Finally Jasper just sat in the middle of a department store feeling defeated, watching other guys bustle around last minute trying to find something for their loves.

Jasper should be used to Alice knowing things and he should have figured a way around it right? Wrong. It is so much harder than you think.

Jasper was about to walk out of the store, when he saw a clerk walking with a box of shoes, that were beyond perfect. They were stilettos, with a pointed toe; that were bright canary yellow matching the color of Alice's Porsche. Jasper quickly in visioned a pair of blue ballet flats in valentine's day wrapping paper, and Alice opening them.

He hoped that would throw her off enough to get the stilettos. Jasper quickly bought them, went to the floral shop and bought her roses and made his way back to the Cullen residence.

Alice sat on the front porch, half smile on her face. She took the roses from Jasper and pecked him on the cheek.

"Happy Valentine's day Jasper. What do you think I have to wear with ballet flats, especially dark blue ones."

"Oh Alice, you actually think, I don't you."

Jasper smirked as he handed over the bag he held in his hands.

She opened the box and her eyes lit up, and she jumped into Jasper's arms.

"These are perfect, wonderful, and amazing. Just like you."

"How did you not see that coming."

"Maybe I just wanted you to surprise me."

"Happy Valentines Day Alice."

"Happy Valentines Day Jasper"