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My Happy Ending
Written By Skyy Ryder

Chapter 01

Caitlin brushed her dark brown hair out of her face, her light brown eyes darting consecutively from the paper in front of her back up to the professor who was rambling on about Cormac McCarthy. She unlike the boy sitting to her right paid close attention to the lectures that Professor Walden had, since most of what he said was on his finals, rather than what was in the books.

She felt a rigorous jabbing in her rib cage, and her brown eyes cut over to the blonde sitting next to her. She rolled her eyes at him and went back to taking notes, until the jabbing continued. Her gaze settled upon the boy, Reid Garwin, one of her long time close friends.

"Really Reid is the poking necessary?" She drawled pushing his finger from her side.

"I'm having a party at my house tonight, you going to be there?" He asked her casually.

"Will you stop poking me if I do?" She asked still trying to pay half attention to the lecture going on before her.

"Perhaps," He smirked at her.

"I suppose, I could use a break from the studying…" She mused going back to her notes.

Caitlin had been studying non-stop for her final exams that were coming up in less than 2 months, and then the SATS that she had been signed up to take. Her twin brother was already on the ball with the SATs he had taken his in December, and was already getting acceptance letters from some of the top schools in the country.

Caitlin on the other hand had a tendency to be a procrastinator, something that she didn't have in common with her brother, who was always on top of things. She glanced back at the dark haired boy across the room, who was sitting next to their best friend, Pogue Parry, he was diligently jotting notes down as Pogue caught a few Z's.

As soon as her gaze drifted back down to Professor Walden the bell rang releasing the students from their American Literature nightmare. She gathered her things and Reid waited for her patiently as they normally did. Caleb and Pogue waited halfway down the stairs as she gave them a slight nod, the four of them were close, and they grew up together, along with the absent Tyler Simms.

They left the classroom without another word until they were well in to the crowded hallways.

"Caleb, have you heard from Harvard yet?" Caitlin asked glancing back at her brother as she and Reid took the lead of the small pack.

"Not yet, mother's been checking the mail every day since I applied…" Caleb shrugged.

"Haven't you gotten accepted to like fifteen different schools already?" Pogue asked running a hand through his light brown hair.

"I think it's only ten…" Reid piped in with his infamous smirk.

"Ten what?" Another voice came from Caitlin's right.

"Hey Ty…" She smiled at the handsome brunette boy that had just joined them, "How many schools Caleb's already been accepted too…" She answered him.

"Isn't it like twenty now?" He asked glancing back at the brown-eyed boy that was behind him.

"Very funny, baby boy…" Caleb mused slapping his friend on the back of the head.

"So are we all going to Reid's party tonight or what?" Reid asked in the third person.

"Since you jabbed a huge bruise in to my side, yes…" Caitlin offered dialing in her combination.

"C'mon Reid… what's the reason for the party this time?" Caleb asked sliding his American Literature book in to his locker, and taking out his AP Government books.

"I just feel like having a party," Reid shrugged.

"Whatever," Caitlin laughed taking out her books for her next class. "I'll catch you guys at lunch," She tossed a smile at them before walking off to her Photography class

The day seemed to drag on for the five Ipswich kids, and turned in to be like any other day. Which after all the drama the ensued at the beginning of the year was somewhat of a blessing to them.

Caitlin walked out of her last period class and found her four closest friends standing at their lockers, joined by the two eldest member's girlfriends, Kate Tunney and Sarah Wenham. Caitlin smiled and joined them opening her locker.

She watched as Kate clung on to Pogue's arm and started talking about what color they were going to be wearing to the senior prom that year, and Sarah was trying to convince Caleb to avoid his homework for the weekend and stay with her.

The brunette's eyes casted over to the two youngest members of the Ipswich Brood and smirked, "You two seriously need to get girlfriends…" She stated pulling her books in to her bag.

"You seriously need to get laid…" Reid quipped back at her, receiving a dirty look from her twin brother, as he gave the twin a suggestive nudge.

"With the likes of you hanging around…" She flashed each of them a glance. "That is next to impossible…" She spat back giving her brother a look.

"We're just very picky about whom we want our little sister to date…" Pogue commented with a shrug, his arm had slipped around Kate's waist at this point and she was leaning against him in a very cute fashion.

"Little?" Caitlin scoffed looking over at the three boys that were not biologically her brothers. "If my memory serves me correct," She paused and closed her locker. "Oh, and it does…" She grinned. "I'm older than all three of you…" She pointed out.

"Details, details…" Reid shrugged off her comment and smirked.

"We still see you as our little sister, because, well we are so much bigger than you," Pogue stated defending himself.

Caitlin shook her head, "You are hopeless Pogue," The young brown eyed girl looked at her brother with a short grin, "We going home or what?"

"Yeah," Her brother nodded. "We'll see you guys at Reid's…" Caleb kissed his blonde girlfriend goodbye

Caitlin gave out a round a hugs and kisses on the cheeks to her friends, and smiled after Tyler left a small kiss on her cheek back. She gave him a short wink and followed her brother to his silver Mustang.

Tyler let a soft sigh escape his lips as he watched Caitlin's retreating figure, Reid tossed his arm carelessly around his best friend's shoulders. Tyler rolled his eyes as the blonde opened his mouth.

"You still like her don't you?" He asked.

"No," Tyler lied pushing Reid's arm off of his shoulders.

"Liar…" Reid harassed him pushing the boy softly. Pogue lifted an eyebrow.

"Tyler, do you have the hots for Caitlin?" He asked as Kate and Sarah grew closer in interest.

"No, I don't…" Tyler protested throwing a glare at Reid.

"He does, he's just been in denial since the eighth grade…" Reid rolled his eyes.

"Dude, leave it alone…" Tyler growled pushing past his friends and heading towards his car.

Kate watched him leave and turned to the three remaining friends, "I think Caitlin likes Tyler, too…" Kate informed them with a huge smile on her face.

"Are you sure?" Sarah asked fixing the messenger bag that hung from her shoulder.

"Trust me I know when that girl is in to someone… I've known her long enough… she's definitely in to Tyler…"

"I think we may have to do something about this…." Sarah grinned at her friend and roommate and then at the two boys with them.

"Tonight?" Kate asked. Sarah nodded her head with a jubilant squeal.

"You ladies do what you need to do… all I know is I'm getting drunk tonight, and I'm getting laid…" Reid grinned before waking off in the direction Tyler had disappeared.

Kate and Sarah rolled their eyes as Pogue gave Reid a slap on the shoulder before kissing his girlfriend and walking towards his parked motorcycle. Kate grabbed Sarah by the arm and rushed towards the girl's car in hopes to get ready early for the party tonight at Reid's.

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