Chapter 1: Dying Triumph

Hey I have had this story idea in my head for a while so I'm gonna give it a try so I hope it sounds interesting enough.


The rain poured down as a cloaked figure ran through the forest panting heavily. She could hear the heavy footsteps of her pursuers getting closer. She glanced down at the bundle she was carrying, she knew that it was what they wanted, but she would NEVER let them have it. With the last bit of her energy she ran forward with a burst of speed and didn't stop until she knew she could go no further. She placed her precious bundle safely inside a tree trunk. As the sounds of the warriors following her began to get closer she bent down and placed a strange necklace beside her sleeping baby girl.

"I promised that I wouldn't let them find you" she said kissing her forehead "If they ever find you then all hope will be lost, I only pray the others are safe from their clutches as well."

The yelling from the warriors grew louder and the figure placed her hand on the tree as she used up the last of her magic to hide the child. Once the tree had been cloaked she got up and began running to lead the others away. She knew her magic wouldn't cover the child for long. She ran for as long as she could, but as the rain poured down she felt her body getting heavier. She knew she could go no further as she collapsed. She heard footsteps surround her and a hand grabbed the scruff of her cloak forcing her up.

"Where is the child?" snarled the strange creature

"She is back at the castle" answered the woman "she is under my husband's protection"

"Your Husband is dead" he laughed "we have already searched your entire kingdom for her and she is nowhere to be seen. It is best you tell us where she is, for our lord does not like people who interfere with our plans"

"I will never tell you where she is!" she yelled as tears began to trickle down her cheeks " Dawn is in a half an hour and you and your lord will be trapped in the depths of the underworld for 15 years, now that the final chosen one has been born."

"You are a fool to try and stop us" he spat as he threw the woman against a tree "We will rule this world one day and your pathetic efforts so stop us will be in vain" he said angrily

"Your wrong" she screamed "The chosen ones will defeat you all and the prophecy will be fulfilled"

"Kill the foolish woman!" he commanded to one of the others warriors "The rest of you shall come with me to find the child our lord seeks." he said as he walked away through the forest "Goodbye you majesty" he said with a bow.

The rain poured down heavily as the sun began to rise. The dark warriors and their lord had been sealed away but it would only be a matter of time before they would be free once more. The Queen lay there against a tree dying as she watched the dawn. She knew her child was safe…for now. With her Dying Breath she whispered her name. "Atlanta…"


So what do you think sounds interesting? Well I'm glad I finally got started on this because I had the idea but couldn't think of the perfect way to start it. I do have some idea of what I'm going to do but I'm basically going to make it up as I go. I may finish my other fanfic when I feel a little more interested in it. Also I can't think of name for this story so any suggestions would be nice.