Chapter 11

Warning: please read below before continuing just incase

Ok so I have to go to work soon… so this chapter isn't going to be anywhere near as the last one. I think I just want to leave you guys hanging. Also just going to warn you that it might get a little naughty. For those of you who are offended by that stuff, I AM WARNING YOU there will be occasional fan service such as this through out the rest of this story.

Just so you know :)


"Atlanta," He gasped in surprise at her cold skin, turning her face towards him. She opened her eyes slowly and looked up at him, her teeth chattered quietly. "Atlanta, are you alright?" he asked, his voice filled with worry.

"I'm just cold," she said softly. "I'll be fine, really" she tried, managing a small smile.

"Atlanta, you're going to freeze to death, especially if you're still wet." He told her firmly. "You need to get warmed up, and quickly." He said quietly the concern elevating in his voice. Scanning all around them he looked for a solution, he began to get more desperate. Suddenly he began to feel his face blush furiously as a thought came to his head. 'How could I be so dirty!' he thought furious at himself. 'There has to be another way!' he thought his brow furrowing with frustration. 'No, there isn't a town for miles, you can't carry her there, she won't last the night. I could always try and make another fire,' he thought. 'But, there isn't any wood left, and there's no way I can leave her like this to go find some in the dark.' He raked his mind desperately for any way out, but he found no other solution.

He sighed heavily and looked at her, her breathing was shallow and he could hear her shaking, he couldn't let her die, no matter what. "Atlanta," he said softly. "What did the dwarves teach you about survival?" He watched her carefully wondering if she would reply. After a few seconds she answered, her voice like a whisper, "They told me anything goes when you need to survive."

Archie looked down at her, he knew she was right. This was survival, "Atlanta, will you let me do whatever I can to help you survive?" He asked, knowing in his mind that he still couldn't bring himself to do anything until she said it was ok.

"Yes, Archie, it's ok." She said reassuringly, her voice still weak from exhaustion. She almost seemed to know what he had in mind.

"Ok," he whispered to himself, he pulled off his undershirt and tossed it against a tree, he blushed brightly as he began to remove his now damp pants. He knew now was not the time to be modest, Atlanta didn't even seem to be looking at him. Throwing them aside with his shirt he crawled into the sleeping bag being careful not to hurt is bandaged foot.

"Archie," Atlanta whispered, "What are you doing?" she asked, wanting to know she wasn't imagining things.

"I'm keeping you warm, the best way I know how." He replied, now facing her. The sleeping bag was quite large, but if felt cold against his skin. He edged closer to Atlanta until their bodies were almost touching. She gasped slightly as she felt how warm he was. Looking up into his eyes she could just barely see the silhouette of his face. He looked down at her, his face blushing even more than he thought possible. 'Archie!' his thoughts seemed to yell at him. 'Forget about being embarrassed and remember why you're doing this. Now put your arms around her and warm her up properly, besides isn't this what you wanted?' Moving his arms cautiously he wrapped his arms around her small waist and pulled her closer, pressing their chests together. He felt his heart skip a beat as he realized she had removed his wet shirt, her bare skin was ice cold against his. Her chest rose and fell gently as she breathed nervously.

Atlanta stifled her gasp as she felt his electric touch, his chest felt so wonderful, pressed against hers, she could feel his warmth flow through her chest like a raging fire. A shiver ran down her spine from the sensation of it all.

Archie sighed quietly as he looked at Atlanta; she looked like she was in shock from his touch. He could feel her breasts pressed tightly against him, her stomach flat against his. He felt so dirty for enjoying every second. He could feel a strange tingling run through his body, he had never felt so blissful before and he wished she were feeling the same. Looking in to her eyes Archie felt this strange desire, a desire to be closer to her, he had never felt like this before, and it drove him mad. He moved his hand, bringing it up to her face. Her cheek felt so soft and velvety against his rough hands. Never in his life had he imagined such a beautiful girl, his chest felt tight as he thought of what was to come in the next few days.

His mind was raced as he thought; 'I'd rather be able to love her for just one night, than never to at all.' With that Archie did something he never thought he could have brought himself to do. Taking Atlanta's chin in his hand he brought her face to his and kissed her.


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