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The plan was this: I was supposed to convince Cheryl to help us kill Lucas, and then Nicole would come down and help me explain what we'd learned about my power and how we could use it to fight him. At no point did we ever discuss Olivia capturing Anthony and Emily and bringing them to the house.

"What are you doing?" Cheryl asked Olivia. I wanted to know the same thing, and it was good that Cheryl asked because I was too stunned to speak.

"I found them outside, near the house," Olivia said.

"What?" I asked, finally finding my voice. There was no way Anthony or Emily would come anywhere near my house.

"She's lying, Evelyn. We were at the house. She came out of nowhere and got us," Emily said. Her big, green eyes were pleading with me.

I was so confused. None of this made sense. I looked at Olivia, waiting to hear what she had to say about this. She didn't explain anything. She just stared back at me, her lips curled into an arrogant smirk. Then it hit me.

"You lied to me!" I screamed.

I looked back at Anthony and Emily. Their hands were shackled together in special cuffs that hunters sometimes used that limited vampires' powers. The cuffs were coated in a special mix the hunters put together – the primary ingredient of which was garlic – that made them so white, they almost glowed.

I waited for Anthony to look up at me. I wanted to see some sign of what he was thinking, but he seemed determined to look at everything but me.

I wanted to make sure that they were both okay. Anthony had a gash along the left side of his face and his bottom lip was busted. His gray shirt had a rip in it near his heart that was soaked in blood. I could tell he'd been slashed at with a knife. Poor Emily was wearing a tank top and shorts. She had small cuts all over her arms and legs. There was also dried blood around her nose and her red hair was all over the place

They were vampires, their wounds would heal, and supposing they survived the night, they'd both be as good as new in no time. They were weakened though, and they both looked like they needed to lie down. Obviously there'd been a struggle. Something was off here. Anthony was a strong vampire, and Emily had been a hunter before she'd been turned into a vampire. It wasn't like they didn't know how to fight. Olivia was good, but she wasn't good enough to take them both by herself. Of course, they'd both thought that Olivia was on their side. She must have seriously caught them off guard.

"Anthony, what -" I started to say.

"Don't talk to them, Evelyn," Cheryl cut me off.

Cheryl's whole body was frozen. Her eyes were trained on Emily. I realized this was the first time she was seeing Emily post vampire transformation. I think she was in some state of shock.

"What's going on down here?" Nicole asked coming downstairs.

I pointed at Olivia, unable to form coherent sentences through my rage. Nicole took one look at Anthony and Emily, and her eyes shot up at Olivia.

"I'm confused," she said.

I personally thought she appeared remarkably calm considering the situation. For one entirely irrational second, I wanted to yell at her for not being as upset as I was, but somehow I managed to reign in my anger. Nicole's ability to keep calm was the last thing I should've been getting angry about.

"This might surprise you, Nicole, but it seems that Evelyn has been working with the vampires all this time. Apparently, she cares more about helping them than she does about being a hunter," Olivia said in a sickly sweet voice.

I wasn't entirely sure what kind of game Olivia was playing, but it seemed that she didn't want to out Nicole, just me. That was fine, I was all for Nicole staying out of trouble, but I didn't get why Olivia would go to so much trouble to do this to me.

Nicole narrowed her eyes at Olivia. "But why do you have them with you?" she asked, pointing at Anthony and Emily.

"Because I sensed them near the house, and I for one, cannot sleep when I know that vampires are near. I don't know what they were planning, but I was hoping Evelyn might be able to get it out of them," Olivia said with a big grin directed toward me.

"Evelyn, you told me there weren't any vampires near here," Cheryl said sternly. She seemed to have recovered from her previously frozen state.

"They weren't near here," I said. "They were at their house. Olivia had to have gone there and taken them by surprise."

"And how exactly would Olivia know where they lived and be able to sneak up on a house full of vampires?" Cheryl asked.

"She lied to me," I said. "She told me she wanted to help Emily, and she got me to bring her to their house. They trusted her, that's how she got in."

"Evelyn, stop lying," Olivia said. "She told me the other day that she wanted to work with the vampires to kill Lucas. Can you believe it? She's completely lost her mind."

"She told you that too?" Cheryl asked.

"Oh my god! I can't believe she told you the same thing she told me! I guess she was planning on going around with the same lie once she thought it worked with me," Olivia said.

Despite the fact that I'd known all along that this Cheryl thing would turn out bad, never in a million years did I dream that it would blow up in my face this way. I should've been suspicious the moment Olivia started being nice to me.

"Cheryl, you have to believe me," Emily begged. "I would never do something to hurt you guys."

Cheryl ignored her, instead turning her attention to me.

"Do you see why we don't trust vampires, Evelyn? They lied to you. You should've learned your lesson."

"What I don't understand," Nicole said. "Is why you didn't kill the vampires, Olivia?"

My head snapped back to Olivia. That was a good question, unless, of course, her motives were purely to make this as devastating as possible for me.

"That's Evelyn's job isn't it?" Olivia answered. "And I was going to, but the vamp actually did say he knew how to kill Lucas. I figured maybe Evelyn wasn't completely lying."

"That doesn't make any sense! First you say you're sure that I'm lying, and now you're saying I probably wasn't. And why bother listening at all if they're all so evil?" I asked. I was panting at this point, so angry that I was out of breath, barely able to get my words out.

Olivia rolled her eyes. "We can kill them both right now. It wouldn't matter to me. Would you like to do the honors?"

She held a knife out to me. I wanted to take it and hack up her face, but I had a feeling that wouldn't go over well with the Administratio when Cheryl listed my transgressions to them.

"We'll take any information we can get about Lucas," Cheryl said and stared Anthony down. "But it won't save your life."

Anthony looked back at her dispassionately. I was surprised he bothered to look up at all. The entire time he'd kept his eyes on the ground. It was like he didn't even notice that his life was in immediate danger.

Olivia had shoved both him and Emily onto their knees. They were both fidgeting with the shackles on their wrists. I wanted to get Anthony to look at me. I wanted answers, and I wanted them from him. How did Olivia manage to get both him and Emily? Where had Eric, Mark, and Ethan been? Why wasn't he looking at me?

"We should take them all to face the Administratio," Olivia said.

"What? No, there's no reason for Anthony and Emily to go," I protested.

"You're right," Cheryl said.

I looked at her, shocked. I'd expected Nicole to be the one to back me up.

"It only takes one person to deliver information."

Before I could scream, pull my hair out, or cry in frustration, Anthony spoke up.

"If you kill one of us, you won't get anything."

"Is that right?" Cheryl asked. "Emily? Do you feel the same way?"

Emily looked up at her, tears running down her face. She opened her mouth to say something but no sound came out. She hiccupped and gave up on speech altogether. She nodded and then returned her attention to the ground.

"I see you've chosen your side," Cheryl said.

"That's because being on your side means she has to die," I shouted at Cheryl. "At least the vampires are helping her stay alive. If those were my only two options, I'd pick the vampires too."

"Evelyn, shut up," Nicole said through gritted teeth.

Olivia snorted. "Trust me, Evy. Everyone knows whose side you're on."

"Fine," Cheryl said. "I'll take you both to see the Administratio. You're only delaying both of your deaths."

"Nicole, you hold on to Emily," Cheryl said. She came to me and held on to my arm. "You stay with me."

The meeting the Administratio was holding that night was at Andrew's house – the same place my trial had been. We all arrived outside the room where the meeting was taking place.

"Stay here with the vampires," Cheryl ordered Nicole and Olivia. "I'm going in to explain what's going on. Come on, Evelyn."

I groaned and followed behind her. This whole night wasn't adding up. I shouldn't have been so surprised that Olivia would sell me out like this, but there really was no reason for her to go to so much trouble to do it. I'd never done anything awful to her…recently.

The entire Administratio – Andrew, Patrick, Sandra, Eileen, Kyle, Mary, Darren, Rick, Priya, and my mother – were sitting around a meeting table when we entered the room. Having sensed the presence of the two vampires outside, they simultaneously tensed, ready to attack.

"Cheryl, Evelyn? What's going on?" My mother asked when we entered the room.

"Evelyn put her trust in the vampires she was supposed to be killing, and they betrayed her. We brought two of them here because they claim to have information that would help kill Lucas. I suspect they're just trying to delay their deaths, but I felt it would be best to have you all speak to them first," Cheryl said.

"Who's with them now?" Mom asked.

"Olivia and Nicole."

"I don't understand what's going on here. Explain it from the beginning, please," Andrew requested.

I barely listened as Cheryl recounted the night's events. What struck me odd at the moment was that I wasn't as frightened as I should be. The Administratio could very well vote for my death within the hour, but for whatever reason, I didn't think that was about to happen. Maybe I'd avoided getting in trouble so much recently that the old fear I'd had of the Administratio had completely worn off.

I'd never known Olivia to be that good of a liar, and why was she so determined to sell me out but keep Nicole safe? Sure, we didn't get along, but that was in sibling rivalry kind of way. And I was absolutely confident that there was no way Olivia was able to defeat Anthony in a fair fight, Emily maybe, but not Anthony. He was powerful; after all, Lucas had been the one to change him.

The possibility that I wasn't considering here was that Anthony and Emily were lying. But that couldn't be it. The satisfied, cocky look on Olivia's face meant that she'd been pleased that she'd managed to trick everyone.

The more I thought about it, the more it just didn't add up. Olivia had to have attacked Anthony and Emily at the Carsons' house, so where had Eric and Mark been? And she didn't even kill them. She captured them, but that meant she'd gone there with the intention of capturing, not killing. The shackles Olivia had put on them were not typically carried around by most hunters. Vampires weren't supposed to be captured and imprisoned. There were very few instances where hunters solved a vampire problem by any means other than their immediate death.

"Bring in the vampires," my mom said after Cheryl finished her story. "I want to hear this useful information they have about Lucas. Evelyn, sit down. You're not to speak to them when they enter."

I obeyed and strained my ears to listen to what was going on outside the door. The four of them had definitely been whispering, but they were speaking much too softly for me to hear. I would have given all the money I had to hear that conversation. Hopefully there would be a chance for me to find out later.

There was an obvious change in the body language of the Administratio when Anthony and Emily entered the room. I wondered what was going through my mother's head as she gave Anthony a death stare as he came closer to the center of the room. He had been the one who persuaded Lucas to let her free when he'd had her captured. I was sad that she couldn't muster up any kind of gratefulness to him for saving her life.

"Emily Mern, you are aware that you have betrayed the hunters by living as a vampire?" Andrew asked her.

Emily didn't look at any of them. She just nodded and looked down at the ground. I wanted to say something in her defense, but my mother caught my eye, and the chilling look she gave me made me forget whatever words had been at the tip of my tongue.

There was an awkward silence in the room. No one seemed sure how best to proceed. This was probably the first time in history that vampires were allowed a hearing with the Administratio.

"I want to know why you two were near my house this evening," my mother said.

"We weren't," Anthony said. "Your daughter took us by surprise at my house."

"Liar," Olivia snarled.

"Do you expect me to take your word over my daughter's, vampire?"

"Of course not," Anthony said. "But that's my story and I'm sticking to it. I was not near your home. I don't have a death wish."

"So," Rick said to prevent another awkward silence, "I'm interested to hear this amazing information that will allow us to defeat Lucas."

Anthony raised an eyebrow. "You think I'm just going to give it up to you for free?"

"You're not in much of a position to make any deals, Vampire," Eileen said. She shot a dirty look at me. No doubt she and her dear sister Caroline still blamed me for Ethan's death.

"What exactly will you do if I don't tell you anything? Kill me?" Anthony asked. He spoke with a lazy sort of tone, similar to the teasing lilt he'd often used before we started dating, back when I didn't trust him.

"Yes, that's exactly what we're going to do," Kyle said.

"But you're going to kill me if I give you information as well, correct?"

"This is a waste of time," Eileen said. "He obviously doesn't have anything useful to tell us. He's just biding time to stay alive longer."

"Wouldn't you do the same if you were in my position?" Anthony asked her.

The way Eileen's face twisted in disgust was comical. I suspected that she didn't very much like being talked to by a vampire in such a casual way, as if they were equals.

"Do you or do you not have something useful to tell us?" my mother asked.

"Yes, I believe I do, ma'am," Anthony answered. While I was pleased that he spoke more respectfully to my mother, I knew no amount of politeness would ever bring him into her good graces.

At this point, I was beyond confused by the night's events. Anthony was completely at ease as he spoke to the ten hunters who were staring back him with murder clearly in their eyes. I wanted to get him alone so that he could explain to me what the hell was going on, and even more than that, I wanted to get Olivia alone so that I could punch her.

When Anthony made no move to elaborate his answer to my mother's question, I saw Sandra shift her attention to Emily. With a considerable amount of effort, she pulled her face into something that resembled a reassuring smile.

"Emily," she started, "Do you know what this information is that your friend here has for us?"

Emily nodded again, still not saying anything.

"Will you tell us?"

Emily took a deep breath and looked Sandra straight in the eye. "No."

"I see you've completely turned against us then," Sandra said with a frown.

"You want to kill her," I said. I hadn't meant to say anything, but my mouth didn't seem to understand the gravity of the situation because I kept rambling. "The only choice she has is to be against you. It's that or death. She'd have to be a complete idiot to side with you people."

"If that's how you feel, Evelyn, then perhaps you should join the vampires in their death as well. Maybe that would be better than having to stay with us people," Sandra said.

"Enough!" my mother said. "Evelyn, be quiet. You're not helping your situation." She turned to the vampires. "Tell us what you came here to tell us. My patience is running low."

"My brothers and I can kill Lucas. He's expecting hunters. He's prepared for all of you. He won't expect my brothers and me to attack him," Anthony said.

"Lucas is your uncle, correct? You're saying that you're willing to kill him out of the kindness of your heart?" my mother asked skeptically.

Anthony gave her a small smile. "Not exactly, we're willing to kill him in return for immunity from the hunters. After we kill him, you won't hear from us again. It's a win-win situation."

"We don't win when vampires stay alive," Eileen said.

"Why is it that you're willing to kill your own kin?" Andrew asked.

"He's a vampire. They don't know anything about loyalty," Sandra said. "This is exactly why we shouldn't trust him."

Anthony ignored her and answered Andrew's question. "My uncle is not our ally. He can hypnotize my brothers and me. We want to live without being pursued by the hunters. I promise, we mean you all no harm. However, if you kill Emily and me today, my brothers will not be happy."

"Are you threatening us?" Patrick asked.

"No, just stating facts."

"How exactly do you plan on killing Lucas?" Priya asked.

"You don't expect me to give away all of my secrets, do you?"

"If we are going to consider this, we need substantial information," my mother said.

"We cannot consider this. We cannot trust a vampire. This vampire, need I remind you all, is responsible for the death of my nephew," Eileen said, glaring at Anthony.

"I was under Lucas's influence," Anthony tried to explain calmly, but Eileen's expression didn't change. "And perhaps now is a good time to tell you that Ethan wasn't killed. He was turned into a vampire by my uncle."

There was a collective gasp in the room from everyone, myself included. Of course, I wasn't surprised that Ethan was a vampire. My shock was due to the fact that Anthony was telling everyone. I don't what about this situation gave him the indication that now was a good time to tell the Administratio that another hunter had been turned into a vampire, but after all the unexpectedness of the night's events, him telling everyone about Ethan was nowhere near my biggest concern.

"We buried Ethan," Eileen said.

"The body you buried was a clone," Emily explained. "We've discovered that when a vampire changes a hunter, the vampire acquires that hunter's power. Juana changed me, so she had my ability to clone."

"Caroline needs to know this information," Eileen said.

"We will be able to kill Lucas because we have a secret weapon that will strengthen our defenses against him," Anthony said as though he were unaware of the surprised uneasiness felt by everyone in the room. "Ethan is safe. He is with us. When I ask for immunity from you all, I'm asking for his safety as well."

Secret weapon? No one told me about any secret weapon. I looked at my sisters – all of whom had their eyes trained on the Administatio – for some sort of reaction to this piece of information. Did Olivia and Nicole know about this? Did they plan something without me knowing? Why wouldn't they tell me?

"And how would we know that you truly killed him? We'd need some proof," Andrew said.

"One of you could come to see with your own eyes," Anthony suggested. "I wouldn't be able to guarantee your safety there though."

"More threats?" Patrick asked.

"More facts," Anthony corrected.

"I'll go," Nicole offered.

The entire room turned their attention to her. I wasn't necessarily surprised that she was trusting Anthony's word. I was surprised that she was showing her faith in him in front of the Administratio. I knew first hand that that was as close to a death sentence as you could get.

"Lucas will make more of an effort to attack a member of the Administratio, right? If I went with the vampires to make sure that they kill him, I'd be less of a target for Lucas. And if he did attack me, I could heal myself," she said.

My mother pursed her lips at the idea. "It's so dangerous."

"I could go with her," Olivia said. "We can take care of each other. We'd be out of firing range for the most part since the vampires will be taking care of Lucas. We'll keep a good distance to watch."

What the hell? Now Olivia was on board with what Anthony wanted to do?

"Why don't you send all of you daughters off with the vampires, Ava?" Eileen asked. "It might be a good idea for Evelyn to face Lucas. She'll be able to see where her vampire friend here comes from."

"She's faced Lucas before," my mother said. "And she did pretty well up against him."

I thought there was some pride in her voice, but I could have just been imagining it.

"I'd go with them," Cheryl offered.

"It's probably not the best idea for too many hunters to come with us," Anthony cautioned. "I understand you want to keep your people safe, but more than two hunters would just get in our way."

I was instantly suspicious. This was the first time in the whole conversation that Anthony dropped his relaxed attitude. He spoke firmly, clearly as a response to Cheryl's offer, which meant that he didn't want her involved. The realization hit a nerve with me. He'd been very clear that he fully supported the plan for me to make sure that Cheryl was involved.

"Shouldn't we decide Evelyn's fate before we come to a decision about this?" Kyle asked.

"Yes, she needs to be punished," Eileen said.

"Technically, what has she done wrong?" Rick asked.

"This is the second time she's proven her allegiance to vampires," Sandra said. "We gave her a chance the first time to redeem herself, and she threw it back in our faces."

"That's not true!" I said. "I've been doing what I was supposed to. If Olivia hadn't gotten involved, none of this would be happening."

"You came to me, Evelyn," Olivia said.

"You. Are. Such. A. Liar!" I screeched.

"Evelyn, calm down," my mother ordered. "Is it true that you were trying to convince Cheryl to trust the vampires this evening?"

"Yes," I mumbled.

"And you believe that these vampires were at their house this evening, correct?"


"So you believe the word of a vampire over your own sister?"

"It's not the first time Olivia's lied to me," I said, hating the whiny tone to my voice. I sounded like a bratty little sister.

"This relationship Evelyn has with the vampires is dangerous," Eileen said. "It resulted in the death of one of our own. We can no longer afford to be lenient."

"Ethan was hunting and got captured," Rick said. "Evelyn didn't personally hand him over to Lucas."

"You think she isn't at fault here?" Patrick asked.

"I didn't say that," Rick said. "She's made bad decisions. I think keeping her away from these vampires would solve the problem. She's a good hunter, and she's young."

"No, she's a reckless hunter," Patrick said. "I think she deserves to lose her powers."

"I agree," Sandra said.

"We still have not defined exactly what she's done wrong," Priya said. "We shouldn't be hasty to penalize her.

"She's committed serious crimes. Capital punishment should be considered," Sandra said.

The fear that had been absent from me previously, washed over my body. It was like someone had thrown ice cold water on me. I looked to my mother in the hopes that she wouldn't allow them to do that to me.

"She's barely more than a child," my mother said.

Listening to their debate was hurting my head. I didn't want to hear them all go back and forth about how seriously I should be punished. I rubbed my temples, wishing that this would just be over.

I was so busy trying to push tune everyone's talking out, I didn't notice Cheryl studying me carefully.

"Evelyn isn't feeling well," she said. "Should I take her back home until you all decide what to do?"

"We shouldn't let her out of our sight," Eileen said.

"This isn't a trial," Priya said. "There's no need for her to stay."

"So, what do you want to do then?" Olivia asked. "Imprison her?"

My head whipped to the left to look at Olivia, headache completely forgotten. Of course she would put that idea into their heads.

There was a general murmur of agreement from the Administratio. It seemed they liked Olivia's suggestion.

"That isn't a bad idea," my mother said slowly.

"She should be imprisoned," Andrew said. "She'll be without her powers and away from the vampires. It will give her time to think and see why what she did was wrong."

Imprisonment was rare for hunters. We just didn't have many traitors. There weren't very many cases in our history for me to draw on. I don't believe we'd had a hunter with as many strikes against them as I had in at least the last five decades.

My heart hammered in my chest. Somehow things were working out but at the same time not working out. The Administratio seemed close to agreeing to Anthony's proposal. He would be safe and so would Emily. It was what I'd wanted the whole time. Yet, somehow, I was in the worst trouble I'd been in my whole life. My fight or flight instincts kicked in, and for a second I seriously considered teleporting out of there.

I opened my mouth to speak, but there was no sound. My mouth had never been so dry. I was sure I was seconds away from a panic attack. How could this be happening? And none of my sisters thought to say anything in my defense.

"There will need to be a trial," Andrew said. "We will need to review Evelyn's indiscretions to decide on the duration of her imprisonment."

"W-when?" I choked out.

"She should be imprisoned immediately," Patrick said. "We need to ensure that she's kept away from the vampires."

I hated that no one was speaking directly to me. My sisters held onto their stone cold gazes. My mother was more concerned with what the Administratio was saying than anything I was doing. And Anthony still wouldn't even glance in my direction. It was like I didn't exist.

"Cheryl, escort Evelyn upstairs," my mother ordered. "Olivia, Nicole, take the vampires outside. We need to speak."

Cheryl took my arm and teleported with me to the second floor of Andrew's house. She brought us to his library. It was a fairly small room, books almost overflowing within it. The shelves had been stuffed with more books than they were meant to hold, and there were stacks of books on the floor and the two tables that were in the room.

Cheryl didn't say anything to me. She just sat down on the brown leather couch. It appeared that she was perfectly content to sit serenely in silence.

"I need to get out of here," I said.

"Don't even think about it," she warned. "You brought this on yourself, Evelyn. I'm sorry, I really am, but you need to stay here and face the consequences."

I felt the rage build up in me, and I was about to scream at her. I hated her at that moment. Watching her sit there, problem free, with a clear conscience, so sure that everything she was doing was right, made me want nothing more than to slap her.

Why was I such a freak? Why was I the one who was attracted to vampires? Why did Emily's problems only bother me? The second the other hunters found out she was a vampire, they saw her as a monster. Why wasn't I the same?

I wanted to demand the answers to those questions from Cheryl. I wanted her to feel bad about not caring about Emily who'd been her friend. She should feel guilty about seeing her youngest sister be punished this way, but for once my brain turned off the impulsive switch that made me say reckless things.

The odd events that occurred tonight were still tugging at something in my brain. Olivia had betrayed me, but somehow Anthony ended up able to make his case. It had been a stroke of good luck for him that he managed to get an audience with the Administratio. Trying to make sense of what happened tonight was giving me a headache.

After what felt like hours, my mother called Cheryl, and we headed back to face the Administratio. I was certain with the way my heart was pounding that it would break through my chest. Anthony, Emily, Nicole, and Olivia were there when Cheryl and I entered the room. I stared them down, hoping one of them would look at me, but none of them spared me a glance. In that moment, I felt more alone than I'd ever felt in my life.

"We've come to the decision," Andrew began speaking to Anthony, "To agree to your proposal if we can go to your house immediately to speak to your brothers and Ethan. We need to verify your sincerity."

I understood why the Administratio would want to go to Anthony's house now. Going now meant that they'd be able to meet the other Carsons without them having time to plan a trap.

"That's fine with me," Anthony said.

"Olivia and Nicole, are you both sure you're willing to see that the vampires carry out this plan of theirs?" Rick asked.

My sisters both nodded.

"Then you may, but we have precautions that you must follow," Andrew continued. "This is a very important job that we're entrusting to you, and we expect you to keep this to yourselves. The rest of the hunting community doesn't need to find out about this just yet. Understood?"

"Yes," my sisters said in unison.

"As for you, Evelyn," Andrew said, "You will be imprisoned immediately. Your trial will be in two weeks."

"Immediately?" I asked weakly. I looked to my mom for some kind of support.

Her blank expression didn't change. "We're making sure there's no chance of you seeing these vampires again.

"And understand, vampire," she said to Anthony, "That any chance of safety you have from us will be gone if you come anywhere near my daughter ever again."

"Yes ma'am," he said clearly, calmly. Wasn't he even a little upset about the idea of never seeing me again?

"I'll take Evelyn downstairs, and then we'll leave," Andrew said, standing up.

The room was completely silent as I followed Andrew to his basement. I'd only been down there once before in my life. I'd been eight and I didn't remember why I'd even gone down there in the first place. I hadn't been scared at all that time though because I'd been with my dad. Now, however, I was more terrified than I'd ever been in my entire life.

Andrew held open the door and ushered me into the room. The steps leading down into the basement were old and they creaked. Andrew flicked on the light switch. The only source of light for the entire room came from the two light bulbs. No one could teleport in or out of there. I don't know how the Administratio was able to make that happen. It was a secret they never shared.

The basement had a cold, unfriendly feel to it. There was a certain empty, eeriness that was only possible from what had to be years of being uninhabited. There were cobwebs everywhere and everything in the room was caked with layer of dust. The room was made up of six cells, each one small in size, with nothing in them except for a single cot.

I'd never regretted everything that had happened since I'd met Anthony more than the moment Andrew opened the iron door to the middle cell on the left side of the room. For a split second, I considered dropping to my knees and begging. I was prepared to promise to never see Anthony again and mean it. I would be the most rule cautious, punishment fearing hunter in the world. But that feeling didn't last. I wouldn't be able to keep that promise if my life depended on it.

I entered the cell - resenting the entire world for being so unfair - as Andrew shut the door and locked it.

"Don't bother trying to break out of here," he warned. "Nothing can get you out except for this key. We agreed that we should temporarily strip you of your powers, but I seem to be out of that particular tonic. I should have some for you when I get back. I hope you won't be difficult."

I looked at him through the bars of my jail cell, wanting to assure him that yes, I would be very difficult. I wanted to tell him that he was going to be so miserable the entire time I was in his house, but I decided against it at the last second. I could be in his house for a very long time. I needed to be on good terms with him.

"I won't cause trouble," I said quietly.

Andrew nodded in approval and walked out of the room. I was grateful that he'd left the lights on. I was sure I'd go insane if I had to sit here in the dark. I realized that I couldn't sense anything while I was in here. It was like there was a wall blocking that extra sense hunters had that alerted them to vampires. The second I walked into the basement, I couldn't sense Anthony and Emily in the house at all. It would be awful to be stuck here with a vampire.

Even though Andrew had warned me that I couldn't break escape, I couldn't help trying anyway. I tried teleporting first. Initially, it seemed to work. That fluttery feeling that surrounded me when I teleported was there, but before my body could completely disappear, it just stopped.

I tried using my power next. Before practicing with Nicole and Olivia, I'd been able to move through solid objects while I was invisible. Now, after they'd pushed me so much, I was able to do it while I was visible as well. I tried walking straight through the cell, but that proved to be a bad idea because it was like walking into a wall.

My only option left was trying to examine the lock in the hopes that I'd be able to find something that I could use to pick it or break it. I removed the layer of dust coating the metal bars and pushed my hands through them. The bars were only just wide enough for me to stick my arms through. I fiddled with the lock and pressed my face up against the bars to try and see the lock better. About a minute passed of me trying to get a good look at the lock, when the iron from the bars and the lock started to feel significantly hotter. I screamed when suddenly the metal felt like it was on fire and rushed to extract my arms away from the bars.

Feeling defeated, I dropped myself onto the tiny cot to wallow in misery. I wondered what was happening at Anthony's house right now and what Olivia and Nicole were doing.

Olivia's actions still made little sense to me. If she was going to do this, why did she go to the trouble of training with me to perfect my power? From what I remembered, our plans involved me shielding everyone from Lucas's senses when we attacked him. But after what had happened tonight, those plans were clearly no longer relevant. What weapon had Anthony been talking about? Was he just bluffing to get the Administratio to trust him?

Andrew would be back soon, and he would be prepared to bind my power. It had been sheer luck that he didn't have anything to bind my powers immediately. If I lost my powers, there would be no way I could help kill Lucas even if I did manage to break out of here.

I would need to find a way to trick Andrew. He would probably stand there and watch me to make sure I drank the entire draft. I wondered if there would be a way to fool him.

I heard the door open. Someone was coming down the stairs. I couldn't see from where I was, but it was probably Andrew. I would have to think on my feet when he handed me the drink that would bind my powers.

I stood up ready to "accidentally" drop whatever drink Andrew gave to me, but it wasn't Andrew standing in front of me. There, outside of my jail cell, smiling triumphantly was Olivia.