Rating: PG-13 for a teensy bit of language.

Word count: 521.

Pairing: Maxxie/Tony.

Disclaimer: It's not mine. So glad we've established that.

Summary: Maxxie, Tony and a unique way to share a bottle of Absinthe. One shot.

The Green Fairy

He'd been sat there for the past twenty minutes sloshing the green liquid about the bottle, his eyes transfixed as he continued to talk and talk and talkā€¦ and talk. Maxxie just wanted at it. But Tony wasn't going to give in that easily. He'd gone to a lot of trouble to obtain that bottle in his hand. He was holding onto it protectively.

'Tone, shut the fuck up,' pleaded Maxxie, not being able to take it much longer. The words came out as more of a whine than anything. You couldn't flaunt something like that around and not share. Tony had already been sneaking sips from the bottle. If you got too close, you could smell it on him. The aniseedy scent was intoxicating. His eyes were glassy too, a sure sign he'd already drank way too much that evening.

Of course, if Maxxie took the bottle from him, he'd be doing him a favour more than anything; share and share alike and all that bollocks.

Tony was staring at him now, his expression unfathomable. 'If you want it, come and get it,' he said eventually, stumbling backwards as he got back to his feet, and then holding the bottle up above his head.

Oh, what the hell!

Jumping up from his cross-legged position on the floor a little more soberly than Tony had, Maxxie launched himself at his friend with one thought in mind. He wanted that bottle and he wanted it now. Although actually getting it might prove difficult. It didn't help that Tony towered above him by at least four inches. Oh well, you had to love a challenge.

Latching his hands onto Tony's arms, tangling his fingers in the fabric of his jumper, Maxxie tugged in the hope he would give in soon. But even through his drunken haze, you could tell that Tony was finding the whole situation hilarious, his ever apparent grin shining through as he teased and taunted.

'Give it.' The words were forced and Maxxie was up on his tiptoes now, clawing at Tony like his life depended on it.

Tony obviously realised then how close he was to getting his hands on the precious bottle of Absinthe and he moved to unscrew the lid, taking a long drink from it, the liquid trickling down his chin. He relaxed then, dropped his arm down beside him and let the bottle dangle there within easy reach.

But just as Maxxie made another grab for it, Tony's hand found the front of his t-shirt and he yanked, crushing their lips together without warning. Maxxie felt the warm tingling sensation of the alcohol immediately, felt the liquid spill into his mouth as their lips parted in the heat of the moment. It wasn't ideal, but it was the best he was going to get. So he made the most of it, gave as good as he got.

Tony had let his guard down and given in and he looked quite content when Maxxie pulled away. He even looked content when he snatched the bottle from his hand.

'Thanks, Tone,' mused Maxxie with a smile.

It was about bloody time.