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Draco Malfoy gracefully slid into an open seat at the Slytherin table. His grumbling stomach was drowned out by the loud chatter of everyone else eating breakfast. It demanded food. Now.

Crabbe and Goyle took their places on either side of him.

"Mmm..." Crabbe smiled. "Sweet rolls." He grabbed one and stuffed it into his fat face.

Just as Draco was going to reach for a roll as well, there was a loud crack that echoed through the Great Hall. Almost every food-filled face turned to the platinum blond boy with curiosity.

There was a small red cloud of smoke clearing on the table before Draco. The smoke vanished and revealed a small paper cut out of a boy. The cut out had brown hair and round black spectacles. A blue jacket, yellow shirt and red pants had been colored onto the paper boy.

"What in bloody hell is going on?" Goyle demanded.

Draco narrowed his eyes to tiny slits and looked around the room for suspects.

Suddenly, the paper boy came to life. He opened his green eyes and stood to his feet. The one dimensional character began to slowly sway from side to side, as if he was listening to music that fell silent on human ears, with a little more energy he put his little paper hands behind his head and started to thrust his narrow hips forwards.

Draco watched with an unimpressed expression resolutely fixed on his face. He refused to show his surprised of the, horribly constructed dancing thing. Besides, he didn't want to give his, no doubted, shabby creator the pleasure of seeing anything but a scowl on his face. He could feel every eye at his table, and those beyond, on him and the paper boy. The spectators held their breath as they watched.

Draco watched as the little paper man did the Moon Walk, his feet glided effortlessly over the wooden table top. He jumped, twirled, did The Robot and attempted to do the splits. Finally the flashy end was at hand when he began to pop-and-lock. He tilted his head to the side and, with a little crayon smile; his parchment paper hands opened his blue jacket to reveal a glittering red heart on his yellow shirt. The glitter of the heart deconstructed and changed to "Happy Valentine's Day!"

Draco sat staring at the words with a perfect grimace on his face. His stomach grumbled once again, louder this time. It wanted food. NOW.

Without a second thought, Draco fluidly raised his wand and pointed it at the paper boy, who was still holding his jacket open with an accomplished smile on his face. He didn't have to speak the words, he just thought them and the little paper valentine burst into fire. The parchment was greedily eaten by the small flame and fell to lifeless ashes on the table's surface. He looked at Crabbe expectantly. The boy used his heavy thick hand to wipe the ashes off the table and onto the ground.

Satisfied, Draco reached for a sweet roll and chewed it slowly savoring every bite.

Eventually the spectators silently released the breath of air they were all holding in and went back to chatting and eating.

Goyle began to tell everyone around him a joke, but Draco didn't bother listening. He turned his head, slightly, to the Gryffindor table to sneak a peak at the so-called Boy-Who-Lived. Potter sat staring at him with a crestfallen face, his unruly brown hair was sticking out in every direction and his robes looked quite grungy. Potter looked longingly into his eyes.

"Not even if Hell froze over." Draco mouthed silently to him and turned back, happily, to his food.