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"Tell me again why I accepted this?"

"Well the village elders asked you to."

"And since when have I listened to them?"

"They made a pretty good case"

"Which wouldn't have mattered if I hadn't been listening to them"

"Well you did.."

"I'm blaming you for that"


"I think your rubbing off on me.. I never listened to them before I started hanging out with you"

"Well it's about time you started. And you really were the only one qualified for the job"

"What about Naruto?"

"Too young"


"Not enough recognition"

"You? You're pretty popular"

"Why thank you, but not qualified I'm only a chuunin"


"Not sane enough"


"Would run this village into destruction while boasting about how great a job he was doing"

"Gai! What about Gai?"

"Do you seriously want to see him do it? The village would lose all credibility"

"There really is no escape from this is there?"

"None what so ever "

"I was afraid you would say that"

"Don't be silly, you're not afraid of anything"



"Tell me again why I agreed to this"

"For the good of the village and to protect the people you love"

"Well this whole job is a hoax! What am I protecting them from? Getting a paper cut by hording all the paper in this damn village in my office disguised as paperwork!! No wait it actually is paperwork! They don't need a great ninja for this job they need an accountant!!"

"Well if you would just continue working instead of whining this would all move a lot faster and you could get off sooner, Now sign this thing already"


… Glare …


"Your signature"

"What's wrong with it?"

"The title is HOkage not HOTkage"

"Fine fine… here"


"What you said it not me"

"Although HO-Kage is probably a correct description of you it is not a valid signature! Just write your name!!"

"Jeez Iruka you're really shaping up to be the next Shizune"

"And you're really turning into a mild migraine, now just take care of these while I go fetch the next pile"

"Yes sensei, be right on it sensei"


"…. Damn it Kakashi!! When I said take care of them I did NOT mean make paper AIRPLANES out of OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS!! "

"Mahhh tell me again why I accepted this job…"