Harry and Ginny Potter's Flat

"Harry?" Ginny called as she entered their flat and she found her husband sitting staring at an old photo album from his seventh year at Hogwarts.

"Ginny. I just miss her so much." Harry said as his eyes filled with tears that he refused to shed and Ginny moved to pull him into her arms.

"I know...but she had to have left for some reason." Ginny told him as she held him close to her and they held each other tightly.

"It's been two years...Ginny...two long lonely years...I miss my best friend. I sent Hedwig again yesterday." he said as he refused to meet her eyes when she leaned back to look at him.

"Oh Harry...Hedwig's too old for know that she had to have left England or we would of found her." Ginny told him as she turned to look at the portrait of Harry, Ron, Hermione and herself that was hanging above their fireplace. The Hermione in the picture was extremely still and shaking as the Harry and Ron in the portrait were standing on either side of her looking at her again as if she knew where the real Hermione had gone to. She hugged Harry and whispered to herself, "Oh Hermione don't you know how much we all miss you?"

Number 12 Grimmauld Place

The crack of someone apparating into the living room of the ancient and noble house of Black was only witnessed by the portraits as Remus Lupin looked around for his best friend of some twenty eight years. He found Sirius Orion Black in the library where he was sitting at a table covered in piles of old Daily Prophets and documents where they had tried to trace where Hermione Jane Granger had vanished to.

"Padfoot. Come on we need to go to the Burrow." Remus informed his best friend as he saw the sorrow and pain filling Sirius's eyes.

"Remus...what are you?" Sirius asked as he glanced at one of the many wizarding photos of Hermione that were scattered around the "war room" as they all called it.

"Come on remember we promised that we would all be at the Burrow today for the twins celebration of their engagements." Remus said as he moved some papers off a chair and he moved to sit down as he waited for Sirius to decide if he was going to go or not.

"Remus, I lost her. How did it happen?" Sirius's voice cracked and Remus sighed at the pain in his friends voiced. He thought that he was the only one that Sirius had actually revealed exactly how much he loved Hermione and what exactly happened between them. "She never knew how much I loved her...that one night was all she thought I wanted." Sirius continued as he looked almost thru his friend. "She thought I was...We can't even speak to find out how she is...because we can't blasted find her!" the black headed man stood up and started pacing next to the table running his hand thru his hair as he swore. "How bloody stubborn can she be?" he asked of no one in particular.

"Sirius, she is a Gryffindor." Remus laughed at the expression of shock on Sirius's face as he nodded.

"But so was I...I was also a Marauder and unfortunately I am also a maybe it is time to start upping the odds in my favor." Sirius said and Remus moved to stand up.

"Come on Padfoot, they are waiting on us at the Burrow." Remus left the room and Sirius then followed the werewolf out of the room.

The Burrow

All the Weasley's, Harry, Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Teddy and the twins fiancee's Tina and Taylor were all celebrating the engagements of the Weasley twins. The Burrow was filled with laughter and as everyone sat at the table after they had finished the lunch Molly had provided most did not see the snowy white owl that flew into the window and perched on the window sill.

"Harry!" Molly called into the living room, "Hedwig's here with a letter." The sound of a crash as Harry came rushing into the kitchen caused her to spin around and gasp. Bur as Harry rushed towards his owl she hooted and flew out of the kitchen looking for the correct person for the letter that she carried.

"Hedwig! Come back here!" Harry called as he chased his owl into the living room. Hedwig landed on Ginny's shoulder and dropped the letter into Ginny's lap as she sat in the armchair by the fireplace. Everyone in the room was stunned into silence as she picked up the letter that had Ginny Potter written on the front her hands were shaking as she turned the letter over and broke the seal. She felt her eyes burn and fill with tears as she recognized Hermione's familiar handwriting.

Hello Ginny,

How are you?