Authors Note: This is just a short one shot I thought up! I hope all my readers like it! And if you all like it enough – maybe I'll write more of it! Mmmkay? Okay, Kyo and Tohru are married after the curse is broken! This is just a little fluffy piece of mine I like to call:



Tohru's POV

It is Valentines Day tomorrow, and I had bought chocolates for everyone! We were going to have a big party at the Main Estate and everyone was coming! Even Uo-chan and Hana-chan! I was so excited to see everyone! I saw them at New Years, sure, but I miss them a lot! Momiji-kun, Isuzu-san, Hatsuharu-san, Hatori-kun, everyone! And Yuki-kun too! I can't believe I forgot him!

Kyo-kun and Yuki-kun are on a bit better terms, ever since the curse broke. I think Kyo-kun is trying to give Yuki-kun a chance now – same with Yuki-kun, since their hatred for each other dimmed, over the fact that they were no longer enemies: Cat and Rat. I guess my wish that first New Years with them has finally, almost, come true! I'm so happy!

Kyo-kun and I don't have a lot of money, but he and I work very hard for our house and our possessions. And our love – it has helped us through some tough spots. But – I love him more than anything. He completes me – no matter how weird or corny that sounds – it's true. And I find myself extremely lucky that he loves me back. What more could I ask for?

I was just finishing up dinner and setting it out, when I heard the key turn in the lock and the door click open, and Kyo-kun call:

"Tohru! I'm home!"

I smiled to myself, happy to hear his voice. I ran into the living room and bombarded him with a hug. It seemed weird still – that I was able to hug him without him transforming. But – I liked it.

"Whoa!" he gasped, surprised. "What brought all this on?" he chuckled, holding me close.

"Nothing – I just missed you – that's all. You were gone the whole day!"

He smiled crookedly. "You missed me that much?"

I looked away, trying to hide my small smile of embarrassment. I heard him laugh. Then his lips were at my ear, and he nibble at the lobe. I squeaked.

He pulled away. "Did I hurt you?" he asked, his face concerned.

But I just cracked a smile, and pushed him onto the sofa, and kissed him long and hard.

When we came up for air, he was smiling again – this time with a wicked glint in his eye.

"I should go away more often."

I giggled, and he kissed me.

We kissed – the dinner long forgotten, until Kyo pushed me away – not harshly – just a hold on a second type of thing.

He reached down into the shopping bag by his feet, and pulled out a box of Sweethearts candies.

"Here," he said. "For you – as an early Valentine's Day present."

I gave a wide smile. "Thank you so much Kyo-kun!"

He smiled back. "Well, what're you waiting for? Open them up!"

"But we haven't had dinner yet." I protested, then laughed at his 'oh come on' expression.


I opened it up and was just about to pick one out – he grabbed my hand.

"Nuh-uh. No peeking on the first one! Close your eyes." He said.

I smiled, and closed my eyes, and went to grab one from the box, but – one, no three, were already in my hand.

I opened my eyes and read them:

I Love You; Be Mine; and Kiss Me.

I smiled, and answered.

"I love you too, and of course I'll be your Valentine!" I said.

"What about the last part?"

And I leaned in and kissed him with all the love I could muster.

REVIEW!!!! And happy Valentines Day! even though it sucks. XD