"That's better," Marian laughed as she flung the snow into Robin's face, running as he gathered snow in his arms and gave chase. She had barely turned fourteen, but she was already happily engaged to Robin. They would marry in the spring. Much smiled as he watched them run together. They were perfect for one another. They were meant to be together.


"That's better?" The same words, but they carried a vastly different meaning. The rain fell in fat drops from the sky, covering them as they stood in the middle of the field. It was spring, but instead of marrying Marian, Robin had married King Richard's idealism. Much frowned as he watched them together. They were perfect for one another. But they would not be together.


"That's better," she grinned, laying her head on his shoulder. Robin sighed contentedly as he slipped an arm around her. They sat together, looking up at the stars, thanking Edward for his sacrifice. Robin fumbled with the ring in his pocket, wondering when it would be the right time to give it to her. They would be re-engaged, and they would marry in the spring. Much smiled at them, trying not to be too obvious. They were perfect for one another. They were going to be together.


"That's better." But it wasn't better. Not really. He held her until she grew cold and openly wept over her body. King Richard's ring gleamed from its resting place on her pale finger. It couldn't be right. They had just gotten married. The sands of time, unlike the harsh sands of this unforgiving wasteland, had slipped away too quickly. Much wept, too, staring at Marian's lifeless form. They were perfect for one another. They had been together. In a way, they were still together. And one day, they'd be together again.


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