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When Dreams Come True

So yea, it is pretty much going to be in T.K.'s POV

Chapter one-Going to School

"You know Keru, there is something that I always wanted to tell you but I have always been to afraid."

"Yea Kari...I know the feeling. There is something that i always wanted to tell you too..."

"Yea T.k., whats that...?"

"It's kind of hard to say..."

"I have an idea T.K. why don't we just say it together at the same time, and then we can both laugh about it later."

"That sounds great, on the count of three"
Together "one..two...three...

"I'm in love with you!"


Great...Its always the same dream, I have it every night,it varies though, sometimes we are at school.
Sometimes we are at the park, or in my living room, or in her living room, but in the end its always the same.
And I have that oral report thing I have to give today. These were my first thoughts when I woke up this morning.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Takeru Takashi, and this is my life.

"T.K. are you out of bed yet, you're going to be late for school!"

"Yea mom, I'm up.You know, if your still going to insist one making sure I'm awake every morning then why did you even make me get that stupid alarm clock?"

"Because son, you never know when I'm going to be sick in bed or out of town thats why, there are a million reasons that a sixteen year old boy should have his own alarm clock."

"Good point" I say as I make my way out of my room and into the kitchen to grab a poptart and a glass of milk.
I finish that fast and make my way to the front door and quickly yell "See ya later mom" and then I'm off on my way to school.

I'm well on my way in the 15 minute walk it takes to get to Obadia High and then I feel someone jump on my back.
Me being the well balanced person that I am didn't really even get caught off gaurd. I already know who it is. Its my best friend Diasuke. I just keep walking with him on my back and eventually say

"Hey Diasuke, whats up?"
Nothing much Takeru, ready for that report today? What are you going to give it on?"

"I don't really know what I'm going to do it on, I haven't decided yet.But here is an idea, get the hell off me"

"Fine,but T.K. my friend, you are the master of procrastion, I don't see how you make all A's and never do your work until the last second. Your probably just going to go up there and make up a bunch of bullshit about something that you don't even know anything about and everyone is going to think it's wonderful and amazing just because it came out of your mouth."

"You're probably right Dia, but I must say this now..don't hate."

"What are you boys going on about?" The both of us turned around to see Hikari walking up behind us. Hikari Yagami, my oldest friend and my first(and last) true love. I don't know if I will ever get the guts to tell that girl how much I love her, but I'm sure she already knows. She should see it in my face.

"Oh, hey Kari!! I was just on a rant about how everything T.K. here does turns to gold."

"Oh come on now Daisuke, I can think of a few times my Keru here has fallen flat on his face."

I could tell by the look on Diasukes face that he was going to want to hear more so I quickly changed the subject.. "SSOOO, does anyone have any plans for after school?"

"Changing the subject Keru?" Kari said sweetly. "Let me tell you a story Daisuke, once when Takeru and I were both very young, probably about eight years ago now, we were at a little park with our big brothers Yamoto and Tiachi."

"Yes, yes..and?" I could tell Diasuke was very interested in what Kari was saying.

"OH COME ON KARI, not this story again, doesn't it ever get old...I mean really, I was 8 years old!"

There it was..that face, the face of an angel..."Oh will NEVER get old, now where was I? Oh yes,
we were at the park with our brothers. For some reason both of our idiotic brothers thought it was cool to swing on the swings as high as they possibly could and jump off and do back flips in the air. They were only 12 thereselves, so who could blame them. I told them they were idiots, but T.K. thought it was soo cool."

"Oh man, here it comes, why don't you let me finish the story Kari...Dai, to make a long story short I went against Kari's advice and tried to jump off the swings like our brothers. Well, I wound up breaking my left arm.
I don't think I will ever live it down, till this day all three of them still sometimes call me Jumper."

"Ohh!! You know, I have heard Yama call you that before but I had no idea where the nickname came from, but now I know, that story is kind of funny."

By this time we were already entering the school property, and we walked so slow we were fixing to be late for class.

"See you later Kari, Dia and I have that oral report thing we both have to do in first period." Ughh, public speaking..

You know I can't complain much because I don't ever even get nervous. Hell, I don't even know what I'm going to talk to the class about today, I usually don't ever know until I get right up there and see all of those faces staring at me.
Thats about the time I usually have this great epiphany on what I should speak about. Its usually pretty easy being me.

"YEA KARI!! How about a little kiss for luck?"

"No way Diasuke, I will see you guys later at lunch ok? Bye Takeru.."

I'm starting to think that Diasuke is never going to get the hint that Kari just isn't into him. But I sympatize. I know how it feels to care so much for someone and them not care back. Dia acts like it doesn't bother him, but I bet it doesn't roll right off of his back either. I know it doesn't roll right off of mine.

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