Chapter Eight- The Park

I'm out of the car now walking in the right direction towards the park. Do I seriously think that Kari is going to be at the park? I don't even know anymore...all of my thoughts are so jumbled up. I put my hands in my pants pockets and walk a little faster. I notice my cell phone in my pocket. I'ts turned off. I guess I could turn it on and see if anyone left me any messages. If she left me any messages...I check my voicemail. It says I have four new messages

"Hey Takeru, its your mother. The school called and said that you didn't show up for your third period class. Call me honey, I'm starting to get worried. I know that its not like you to skip classes."

"Hey T.K. Its Dia. where are you at man, we're getting kind of worried."

"Hey T.K. It's Ken, I just wanted to let you know that I went home and that I'm ok. Thanks for everything, oh yea, and Yolei wanted to let you know that she got ahold of me. I don't know why she wanted me to tell you that..but she did..soo uhh yea. See you tomorrow I guess."

"Umm..hey know who this is. I really want to talk to you, about you know...what happened at lunch today. So if you could please just uhh, call me back, I would really love that. Don't stop by my house though, I probably wont be there,
I'm going for a walk to clear my head a little. And please, call your mom. She's worried about you, but I wouldn't give her any details no matter how hard she just call her, and call me too please. Bye Keru.."

"Oh man...the school called my mom.." I say out loud, but to no one in paticular. I decide I had better call my mom first.

"Hey momma..."

"Oh Takeru! What happened, why did you leave the school? Is everything alright?"

"Mom..I uh..left and went to see dad.." So I'm not exactly lying. I did leave school and I did see dad, thats just not why I left.

"Oh...I didn't realize you missed him so much."

"To be honest mom, neither did I. Yama convinced me to do it. But don't yell at him though, he didn't try to get me to leave school early. I did that on my own."

"Alright honey, I'm just glad that your okay. But next time you feel the need to go across town and visit your father,
don't do it during school hours, you got that?"

"Ok mom, I wont I promise, and I hate to cut this conversation short but I'm a little busy right now."

"Ok Takeru, I love you and be home by 10:30 ok?"

"Alright mom, I love you too. See you tonight."

"Bye honey/Bye mom"

Ok, I've got that part over with. By now I'm at the park gate. School has been out for about two hours. I walk through the gate and make my way to the swings. The park is empty..she isn't here. I sit down on the same swing that I sat on all those years ago when I broke my arm and start to swing on the swingset. I glance to my left and look at the seesaw that the two of us were playing on just before it happened. I think back to today at lunch. What made me say that? What the hell was I thinking?
I've kept that secret inside me for all those years and never once did I even come close to telling her how I really feel.
So why did I say that. What made those words come out of my mouth. And the look on her face, she looked shocked. Like she didn't really even know what to think. Is that a good sign or a bad sign. And what about that voicemail message. She said that she would really love it if I called her back. what is that supposed to even mean? While I'm sitting here thinking these thoughts,
I suddenly got this undeniable urge to jump off the swings and attemt to do a flip. As I'm fixing to jump off the swings I suddenly hear a voice behind me say "Don't do it Keru, you might just get hurt." I knew it was Kari as soon as I heard it but the voice came out of nowhere and I was so scared I fell off of the swings.

"WOAH!" I land on my back hard and when I open my eyes and look up I see her staring at me.

"Oh my God Keru! Are you ok? I didn't mean to scare you like that. I didn't even realize that you would be here."

"Kari..I need to...I mean I want to..more like..I have to tell you something..and I've wanted to tell you for a long time,
but I've always been to scared, because you see..."

"Ssshhh..Keru, just stop." Were sitting on the ground in front of the swings. She put her finger over my mouth to get me to stop rambling and she is smiling and looking in my eyes. I'm in a state of shock right now and I don't really know what to think.

"Keru, listen to me, there is something that I've always wanted to tell you too. But to be honest, I've been to afriad."

"Kari..I have an idea. Why don't we both say what we have to say at the same time.."

"Good idea Keru, and then we can both laugh about it later." My heart just stopped right then, that is almost exactly like my dream. And I'm about to find out if dreams really do come true.

"On the count of three ok? One...Two...Three..."

And then we both say it togehter "I'm in love with you!"

I think that either time has stopped or I just forgot to breath..either one. I lift up my head and look into her eyes. There is a single tear sliding down her perfect cheek. I brush it off and lean in for a kiss. I swear that everything in my life at that moment started to feel right. I break from the kiss and whisper in her ear.."I love you..Hikari Yagami..I love you so much,
I always have..and I always will."

"Ok Takeru...I love you too." MY name is Takeru Takashi, and this is my life.

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