Prompt: 001. Beginnings.

Opening Night

They arrived at his flat twenty minutes later and Maxxie tossed a twenty pound note in the driver's direction, picking up his bag from the seat beside him and hopping out of the taxi. Shouting a thank you before he swung the door shut, he turned around coming face-to-face with a rather wet looking Tony stood outside the entrance to the flat.

Shit, what happened to no more Tony?

Taking several anxious steps forward, the rain coming down in sheets around him, the words escaped before he got the chance to stop them. 'Are you insane?!' he exclaimed, although his voice became lost in the downpour.

Frowning, Maxxie pulled his jacket over his head in a bid to keep himself dry for at least a second and then made a dash for the door of the building. Grabbing hold of Tony's sweater on his way, he opened the door and then dragged the older boy inside after him, slamming it closed after himself.

They both stood motionless at first, staring and dripping water all over the hall carpet. The landlord would be ecstatic.

Tony must have been out there for a while, he looked freezing and there wasn't a dry patch anywhere on him. His hair hung bedraggled across his forehead, drops of water trickling down his face and clinging to his eyelashes, his bottom lip quivering. Ten more minutes out there and he would have been blue.

Maxxie didn't know what to say, so he whispered the only thing that came to him, a softly spoken 'Why?'

Shaking his head, Tony stepped closer, haphazardly shoved his hair out of his eyes and then laid his hand lightly against Maxxie's cheek, fingers stroking his skin. The touch made him shiver, the palm of Tony's hand so cold and his eyes automatically fell closed at the contact.

'What are you doing?' he whispered, sighing and turning his head away quickly, not wanting to encourage anymore than he had already.

Tony swallowed, looking frustrated, dropping his hand down to grip onto the front of Maxxie's jacket instead. 'I have no idea,' he said at last, his voice cracking. 'Fuck, Maxxie, I don't know… I just have to, I need to…I can't…'

And then Tony was kissing him.

No qualms, no games, no nothing; kissing him because he needed to.

And Maxxie kissed him back.

No hesitation, no argument, no nothing; kissing back because he never had mastered the art of will power all that well after all.

Who could say no to Tony Stonem?


'Why are you doing this, Tony? Why now?'

Maxxie had no idea where the questions had even come from, but he found himself asking them nevertheless. It gave him a moment to breathe; his eyes dilated and heart racing as they both stood in the hallway shivering from head to toe. The answers weren't important. He knew that Tony wouldn't supply any. He just needed to ask.

Leaning against his companion, he dipped his head low, laying quick, hungry kisses to Tony's neck, skin soaked beneath his lips. He sucked the raindrops away, a hand working its way up into dark, damp hair and Tony moaned into his ear, wanting, encouraging.

'Bedroom?' came the desperate whisper.

Maxxie pulled away just long enough to murmur, 'Too far.'

Shoving him back against the front door of the flat, he began to fumble around his bag in search of the keys. Several moments later, he pulled them out triumphantly, unlocked the door and pressed his lips to Tony's once more, pulling him inside by the buckle of his belt.

Moving his hands quickly, he tugged Tony's sodden sweater over his head, tossing it to the floor hurriedly. Fingers sliding over wet skin, lips kissing and tasting and he lost track of where they were until he collided with the bookcase, sending a shower of Italian cookbooks raining over their heads. Maxxie felt a small pang of guilt, his pale eyes focusing on the worn pages of Rupert's passion.

But he didn't have time to dwell; Tony's hand had moved down toward his belt, fingers stroking lightly over his crotch and Maxxie moaned out in a strangled voice he was sure belonged to someone else. He gripped onto Tony's arm tightly, nails cutting into his skin, tipping his head forwards slightly and placing lazy kisses to his shoulder.

Shit, this had been a long time coming…

Tony seemed to have turned the tables somewhere along the way, his thumb smoothly popping open the buttons on Maxxie's fly so he could slide his hand down into his jeans. The touch made him tense slightly, a groan slipping from his mouth as Tony's touches slowly became more confident. This wasn't exactly something he would have been doing on a regular basis since they'd been apart.

Deciding it was time to get a hold of the reigns again; Maxxie stepped back without warning, a lethargic smile on his face and began edging towards the couch in the living room. Tony didn't hesitate, following immediately and only pausing very briefly to kick his shoes off.

A moment later they had fallen onto the couch in a mess of limbs and Maxxie had straddled Tony at the hips, returning the favour in undoing his belt and relieving him of it. The second the strip of leather hit the floor he'd moved his attention elsewhere, head bent low and lips tracing the curve of Tony's neck, his companion squirming beneath him.

Maxxie smiled, leaning back just enough to take in the look of hunger in Tony's eyes, and he bit down very lightly on his bottom lip, not daring to move and simply teasing him. It didn't take long for Tony to react and within seconds he'd grabbed Maxxie by the scruff of his neck, tugged his t-shirt over his head and then rolled them over onto the floor so that he was on top instead.

'If you're going to fuck around, Max,' said Tony, smirking down at him.

There was no time to argue of course, Tony had other ideas; helping Maxxie out of his jeans and grinding up against him for one. Not exactly something Maxxie could make a complaint about, so he let the dark-haired boy do exactly what he liked, all the while paying extra attention to his throat and taking great pleasure in marking Tony's ghostly complexion.

He could have kept up the game of cat and mouse all night, but it wouldn't get them anywhere in the long run, he knew that. Deciding once more to gain control of the situation, Maxxie ran his tongue along Tony's jaw line before leaning into him and yanking unexpectedly on his earlobe with his teeth.

It gained the desired reaction; Tony yelped in surprise, sat back suddenly and stared down at him.

And then Maxxie started laughing.

It came out of nowhere, a soft giggle that soon developed into raucous laughter and he was practically doubled over, crying. Tony's dubious expression only made it ten times worse. He didn't offer an explanation, only scrambled to his feet and made his way to the bedroom, knowing that Tony would follow sooner or later.

Of course, Maxxie wasn't wrong, and within a matter of seconds he found himself being shoved up against the wardrobe. Lips meeting over and over again, he reluctantly gave in, Tony pinning his hands up against the wood. He pulled away at last and just stared, blue eyes alight. If this happened now, there would be no going back this time, they would have to see it through to the bitter end and face the consequences.

Was Maxxie really ready for that… again?


Oh Jesus, now he was about to ruin everything.

'What about Soph-?'

Tony didn't let him finish her name, instead covered Maxxie's mouth with his own, kissing him hard and knocking the breath from his lungs.

'You're meant to be getting-'

'Shut the fuck up, Max, you talk too much.'

He did, he knew it, so Maxxie gladly did as he was told, allowing himself to get lost in the sensations, his hands tracing the oh so familiar contours of Tony's body, eyes closed to the rest of the world. They hadn't done this for so long that he'd almost forgotten what it was like. Forgotten how they played the game.

In fact, he didn't say another word until he woke the next morning, sighing in satisfaction and reaching out toward the person he expected to be lying beside him. But the only thing his fingertips came into contact with was the pillow and he sat bolt upright, his mouth turning down into a small frown.

Maxxie let his hand brush over the empty spot, the Tony sized dent in the mattress, and found that the sheets were still slightly warm. This was enough to reassure him that the older boy hadn't done a runner and he settled back down, burying himself in the duvet and breathing in deeply. The familiar scent of Tony swam into his head, Calvin Klein aftershave, mingled with stale smoke and whiskey. And even though the whole situation had been wrong from the outset, the familiarity of it made him giddy, made him feel free again.

Was that what he wanted though, freedom?

It must have been months since he'd felt that way about Rupert. Each morning the exact same thing happened. The alarm clock would go off at 6:59am; Rupert would go out for a jog, return with a kiss and coffee from Starbucks at 8am and then go and take a shower. Admittedly, Maxxie felt more comfortable in his company, the routine meant he could relax and open up, just be himself. Rupert loved him for it, every quirk and every flaw, nothing but perfection in his eyes.

But perhaps he had gotten too comfortable, perhaps he needed-

'Is the lazy arse still in bed?'

Maxxie's body went ridged at the sound of Rupert's voice, his train of thought lost, and he scrambled out from beneath the covers, pulling on a pair of pyjama bottoms and the first t-shirt he could lay his hands on.

Fucking hell, what time was it?

He met Rupert in the doorway, tripping over a pair of shoes and mustering a casual laugh. His boyfriend simply smiled, giving him the once over and then sidled past him and disappeared into the en-suite. Several seconds later the sound of running water could be heard and Maxxie cautiously continued on and into the kitchen.

Perched at the breakfast bar, looking the embodiment of cool as per usual, was Tony. He had a spoon in his hand and was nonchalantly playing with the contents of a bowl of cereal, his gaze downcast. At some point he'd managed to get dressed again, wearing a top that looked suspiciously like Maxxie's and his damp jeans from last night riding low about his hips, bare toes peeping out of the bottom of them.

'Don't worry, he doesn't know,' said Tony, sensing his presence but not bothering to look up. 'Explained I got caught in a rain storm and you let me stay over. Told him I'd slept on the couch. Figured he wouldn't be all that pleased to know we'd been going at it all night.' He lifted his shoulders in a casual shrug. 'He's cute by the way, a real keeper, offered me coffee and everything. If I were that way inclined I-'

'I'm glad you're not.'

The words that had left Maxxie's lips, he meant and it seemed his comment was the one which finally forced Tony to acknowledge his being there. He lifted his head, glancing over his shoulder at Maxxie and, surprisingly, his gaze remained soft and he smiled the tiniest bit.

Maxxie sighed, biting on his lower lip and then joined Tony at the breakfast bar, reaching for a bowl from the cupboard above his head. He couldn't reach, so several seconds later Tony plucked it out for him, dropping it onto the counter with a clunk.

'This is so fucked up, Tone,' Maxxie observed eventually, 'you being here still.'

'What did you want me to do? Hide in the wardrobe? Sneak out when he had his back turned? Not exactly my style,' supplied Tony, munching on another spoonful of his cereal.

Ignoring him, Maxxie set off in search of the milk and then returned to his spot beside Tony a couple of minutes later with a large bowl of Corn Flakes and a glass of orange juice. He leant an elbow on the counter, knotting his fingers into his hair and sat in silence, not knowing what to say.

Upon finishing his breakfast, Tony pushed his bowl aside and leant in closer to Maxxie, fixing him with a stare, a hand finding its way to his thigh, rubbing in gentle circles. 'Give me a reason to call off my engagement,' he murmured. 'Say the word and things can go back to the way they were before, we can be together.'

Was he serious here?

Maxxie blinked, shifting his gaze for a mere moment and then without really thinking about it, asked, 'And then what happens, Tony?'

His companion's reaction wasn't unexpected; his eyebrows knitted together in confusion and he sat back to return the look, tilting his head to the right like a curious puppy.

'Will you move to London to be with me? Can you even afford to?' Maxxie pressed on, knowing now that he needed answers.

'What does it matter?' questioned Tony outright, his tone indignant.

That was the clincher.

'We're in the real world now. We're not at college anymore, Tony. Neither of us have parents here to fall back on the moment something goes wrong,' he explained. 'I live here, in London. So do my friends. I have no intention of going anywhere else, not even back home. This isn't just some game you're playing, it's our lives.'

For a brief moment, Tony appeared amused and then he asked, 'So, what was last night, Max?' his mouth curling into a smirk.

Maxxie didn't need to think about his answer, it came to him easily, the words rolling off his tongue as he got to his feet. 'A reminder of what you fucked up,' he said bluntly. 'Now get out of my flat.'

He'd already stalked into the living room and was in the process of collecting Tony's things together when the older boy replied. 'You're a fucking idiot,' he said, his words tinged with venom as he came to lean against the living room door.

'No, I'm not,' muttered Maxxie.

They stared at each for a long moment, and then Tony shrugged, tugging his sweater over his head and pulling on his shoes, finally heading for the front door.

By the time he had reached it, his shoulders slumped in defeat and then, his words almost inaudible, he queried, 'What's so special about him then?'

Maxxie looked down at his feet, biting his tongue and holding back any cutting comments. He decided the only answer Tony needed was the most honest one, so he swallowed down hard and whispered, 'He loves me.'

'I can try…'

For the first time in his life, Tony sounded hopeful, but it was false hope and it needed to be destroyed immediately.

Sinking down to sit on the edge of the coffee table, Maxxie closed his eyes from the pain he was beginning to feel. He needed to grow up and he needed to do it fast. No more Tony Stonem, no more, it was time to cut loose and run. 'It's not enough anymore,' he said, although his voice wavered slightly as he spoke.

That was all it took, the front door slammed shut and just like that, Tony was gone.

Maxxie stayed where he was, completely motionless until he felt an arm wrap around his shoulders and he fell reluctantly against Rupert. Inhaling his familiar scent, he knew immediately that he'd made the right decision.

'You don't have to tell me,' Rupert's voice was soft in Maxxie's ear.

So he didn't. No point living in the past after all. It was time for a new chapter of his life to begin and this time, Tony wouldn't be a part of it… not ever.