A/N: Hi Again! I've missed you. Sorry to fool you into thinking I'd written another chapter of "Boy's Drama, and Eating Disorders". I'm basically adding a little chapter because I miss all the people that subscribed to this story that I don't get to talk to anymore. I haven't written in FOREVER but I miss it dearly. This story is like a lost child to me. I kind of want to expand on it. I don't know though. Anyway, I thought I'd try my hand at poetry. This is just a little something I pulled out of my bum one evening when I was feeling iffy. If you think critically about, it can be related to Ginny in this story.


Looks In the mirror...wistful eyes.

Takes one glance at her confused self.

Her heart strewn apart with lies.

Who is this girl, she wonders. This isn't me.

Underneath these cookie cutter clothes

there is a girl with originality.

Heavy makeup on her skin, disguising her from the world.

She fails to understand that without it, shes better, her.

Such a lost, confused, bitter teenage girl.

Her body is thin. She never wants to eat.

Just wants people to like what they see.

But take off those clothes, beautiful. Shoes off your feet.

Put on something YOU like. You come before the others.

With a sob and a sigh she lets free her perfectly straightened hair.

Rips out those pearl earrings, and turns on some rock and roll.

Now her classmates look down upon her for standing out. She breathes a sigh of relief because for once, she doesn't care.