Title: Pillow biter

Disclaimer: style. Yay. Swearing. Yay. And I don't own it so don't think im that cool.

When I saw him walk into the cafeteria with a big fluffy red pillow, I had the slight idea that it wasn't from someone to him. He had to big of a stupid grin plastered across his face. An evil grin. When he stopped in front of our table I knew it wasn't going to be a good scene. Kyle slightly rolled his eyes at me signaling that he knew the routine. Cartman would pick, he would hold his tongue as we had yet to tell anyone, except Kenny, that we were dating. We had been for over a year now. But I wasn't so sure about the look in Cartman's eyes. It looked more devious than I'd ever seen.

"What do you want fat ass?" I asked quickly, annoyed by the fact that he was just standing there.

"Oh nothing Stanley, I just got Kahl here a little something for valentine's day. Here Kahl." He thrust the pillow into Kyles arms. Stitched onto the thing in gold letters was 'official pillow biters pillow, with love, Eric.'

Kyle's eyes were wide open, wider than Stan had ever seen.

"I just figured it would be nice to get you something new to chew on, it being Valentine's Day and all I'm sure you'll be biting it tonight, am I right?"

I was about to tell Cartman to shut up or something when Kyle thrust the pillow into my arms jumped from his seat, and nailed Cartman square in the face. Cartman flew back knocking into the table behind him and falling to the ground with a crash. Everyone was silent and staring at the raging Kyle, including myself. To be honest I'd never seen him react like that, and I have to say…it was really hot. Snapping back to reality however I stood from my seat and walked closer to him.

"What the fuck was that jewtard!?" Cartman shouted and tried to get up. Kyle strode over the three feet to him and placed a firm foot on his chest pinning him to the ground.

"Listen asshole, you can bite your fucking pillow all you want. Cause I never bite it." Kyle growled and leaned down closer to him. "I scream."

At this point I was sure my eyes had fallen out of my head, and hearing him talk like that… "Kyle lets go." I said quickly grabbing hold of his shoulder. He picked his foot of the stunned fat man and brashly headed towards the door with me following a step behind. Not a noise was heard.

When we came into the hallway Kyle turned to me. "Stan I'm sorry, I couldn't stand it I just"

He was cut off by my face on his. After a moment I drug my teeth across his bottom lips while whispering "Do you have any idea how hot you just were?"

Breathlessly he replied, "No, but I think I'm getting the picture." He smiled at me.

"Happy Valentine's Day babe." I smiled back kissing him again before dragging him down the hall and out the door. Fuck school today, I have other things that need taken care of.