Full Summary: Bella never jumped. Edward couldn't take it, so he comes back, so what does Bella do when she thinks that she sees his car on her way to work. Three shot.

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Bella POV

The only thought dragging me out of bed this morning to get ready for work at Newton's was the thought of my only light. Jacob.

Jacob was the only thread left to hold me up from the bottomless fall that I would be sure to plummet into any day now, unless I spontaneously recovered from this horrific reality.

I would never recover. Not without him. I refused to.

Jacob was my only sun now in this cloudless world, and I'm not talking about Forks.

I'm talking about a world where he didn't love me

I got ready for work mechanically, not really paying attention, and trudged downstairs.

Charlie was already gone for work, so I skipped breakfast, grabbed my coat from the hanger, and headed out for my car.

I knew I was permanently out of my zombie- state, but somehow I still felt isolated from my surroundings. So isolated, that when I turned the key in the ignition, I practically jumped out of my skin from the roar of the engine.

Well, that certainly woke me up…. I thought, blinking a few times.

I looked around as I drove; slightly bewildered at how much I had missed when I was frozen for all of those months.

Everything was still beautiful and green, but it seemed different now, as though the knowledge of Edward's presence gone from this town had taken effect on how I looked at things.

It wasn't the same.

The hole ripped through my chest again. That was the fourth time this morning, and I was a little miffed that I didn't crash the car right then form the pain. I managed….

I came to a stopat a red light, and watched the other cars zooming horizontally from me whizzing by.

Then, something happened.

I wasn't sure that it was even real at first, but then, something told me that it was real.

I tried to control my rapid heartbeat, but failed.

I had just seen something that I never thought I would see again in my life.

I flash of silver.

A Volvo.

To be more accurate, a stupid, shiny, silver Volvo.

I know the beginning was kinda boring, but oh well. I was writing some of this in Science and Study Hall at school, and I was all paranoid the whole time, scared that someone would look at me and want to know what I was writing. :0)