The Doctor shuddered as Rose's hand brushed slowly and carefully against him. He'd never been touched there, not like this. His brain was having trouble differentiating her feelings from the sensations she was causing in him, her own pleasure leaking across the link they shared and making it difficult for him to concentrate. Rose's hand got braver and she cupped him through his pants and his purr hitched.

Rose's laughter tinkled at him, both out loud and in the link. She sat up, knocking the Doctor off her, and they both shuffled for a moment till they ended up sitting on the bed facing each other, his hands still running mindlessly over every inch of her he could reach. She leaned forward, her breasts dangling temptingly between them, to whisper in his ear. "Stop thinking." She nipped his neck. "You don't need to analyze this, Doctor. We're not engaged in an experiment after all."

The Doctor's eyes fluttered shut as Rose pushed him back against the bed until she was practically lying on top of him. He was still fully dressed, but Rose's medical gown was lying discarded at the other end of the bed leaving her completely exposed. The contrast seemed to make the situation that much more whimsical and he had to remind himself repeatedly it was real. Her skin was a lovely shade of yellowish pink and the Doctor wanted nothing more than to memorize every line, every pattern. He was struggling to think clearly. He shook his head, Rose's words finally registering through the fog of their desire. "I have to think, Rose. It's what I am."

Rose sat up, straddling him, and raised an eyebrow as she stared down, her hands on either side of the Doctor's head. She smirked as his gaze dropped to her breasts and his mouth fell open a bit as he watched them sway. "My dear Doctor, you are missing the point." Rose leaned back down and licked his collar bone, making the volume of his purr kick up another notch. "This is a no-thinking activity. That's the point, really. Let go." She moved away far enough she could start undoing the buttons on his shirt, her hands dipping under the fabric to caress his chest. "Lesson number one in the Rose Tyler school of lovemaking: don't over think it."

The Doctor's eyes fluttered shut and for the first time in his life he felt his respiratory bypass fail as his breath caught. He was quickly finding himself naked, in a bed, with Rose, who was herself very very unclothed. He was dizzy before his lungs managed to leap back into shuddering action. He didn't like this, this helplessness, this confusion, this… Rose tugged at his waist and his hips automatically rose as she slid the last of his clothing off his body. He waited, but nothing happened. The link pulsed but nothing discernible came to mind, and the Doctor slowly opened his eyes.

Rose was lying next to him, propping herself up with her head on one hand. Her other arm was lazily draped over her hip and she was watching him, an amused and sympathetic look on her face.

"What?" he asked a little harshly, and Rose rolled her eyes at him. "What do you think is so funny about this?"

"You." Rose smirked and reached out to tuck a strand of hair behind his ear as he rolled on his side to face her. "You are defiantly funny, Doctor, it's why the universe fears you."

He ought to feel insulted. Somehow, though, he couldn't. He knew Rose and the amusement in her eyes wasn't at his expense, and she was so beautiful lying there. Her ginger hair was all ruffled and tangled about her like a brier bush, her eyes dancing in the dim light of the TARDIS. She was totally unashamed to be like this. Being naked didn't bother the Doctor, and Rose being naked wasn't even all that unusual given some of their previous adventures. What was so disturbing was her ability to except everything and lay all herself out for him knowing he would accept everything he found. Rose knew he would never reject her for what she'd done over the 80 years they had been separated. Rose knew he would never turn away from anything the link showed him she felt or thought or wanted. Rose had come to terms with everything, and he had not. He still feared what would happen if she saw him weak, if she knew everything he'd done in his long life, if she knew him.

A slight frown formed on her perfect face and she sighed before reaching a hand slowly out to take his. "Doctor, what makes you think I don't know you?" She watched him, her eyes serious and deep, and the Doctor swallowed thickly. "I've seen you mad with anger, crushed with despair, giddy with excitement, and humble with admiration. I've seen you die and I've seen you live and I've never for a moment wanted you any way other than as you are." She leaned forward till their foreheads touched, and the Doctor let his eyes drift closed. Her breath ghosted over his face as she whispered, "I know you, Theta." The verbal nickname was accompanied by the mental brush of his real name.

His entire body shook at the sound of a name he'd nearly forgotten. He felt the tears before they fell and it took him a long moment to realize what was happening as Rose pulled him close to her and he sobbed against her shoulder. "How?" He somehow managed to ask, his breath hitching as he clung to her.

"I carried the TARDIS, love. From time to time I remember things, little gifts she left behind for when I might need them. I've known your name since the moment the light hit me and I've never forgotten it. She reminded me again not so long ago." She pulled back from him slightly so they could see each other's faces. "You are my Doctor. When I think of you or see you I can only use that name. But inside, I think there is much of Theta left to you, isn't there? That's the name that carries your pain and your past." She smoothed his cheeks with her hand and threw the link she did the same to his frazzled mind. "Please, love, don't question everything so much. For once, accept that something good is happening and trust in that, okay?" She smiled, and suddenly there were no more tears.

She knew his name. He wanted to tremble and smile at the same time. She knew his name. His hands buried themselves in her hair, pulling her forward so he could kissed her. She purred for him, her back arching, and he let his hands run down her sides to cup that exquisite rear end of hers and pull it sharply against him. She knew his name. She knew it, knew him, evidently knew what he was and had done, and she was still here, still purring for him and only him.

Rose broke the kiss only to run her tongue slowly up his cheek, erasing all trace of his tears, their combined purr making the bed vibrate underneath them and sent the link pulsing again in rhythm with their hearts.

They rolled, the Doctor finally above her, and he felt her pleasure at that simple fact. Her hands were everywhere on him, and they left a trail of heat behind that swirled against his skin like the Vortex outside, tangled and mystical and more unimaginably powerful. He did stop thinking then, as his head dipped and his tongue swept out to catalogue her breast. He stopped thinking as hands found the perfect places to hold her hips when his mouth started to go lower.

He vaguely knew what humans did at times like these. He knew abstractly what they would do, but there wasn't enough information for him to use his brain to solve the puzzle. Like atrophied muscles, his instincts were slowly and somewhat painfully raising to the surface, making his hearts hammer in his chest. He wanted to taste her.

She moaned as she caught the echo of that thought. The Doctor nipped at her belly button, kissed her hip, and when her legs parted for him he couldn't help but run his hand over her. He could feel her mild trepidation through the link, and he knew then she was not nearly as unashamed as she had first appeared. New body for her too, he had to remember. New species. Rose did not even have the benefit of a full set of instincts. Finally, he had the advantage again. He liked having the advantage.

Rose's body shuddered at his thoughts as they fluttered to her, and the Doctor smirked, noting how she liked it when he had the advantage, too, before he went back to examining her - intimately.

He knew she wasn't human now, but he'd still almost expected a little hair – somewhere. He wasn't disappointed so much as surprised there wasn't any as he gently stroked her thigh and barely brushed her sensitive folds. She whimpered and shifted her hips, trying to gain more contact. He tightened his one-handed grip on her, stilling her. Slowly, so slowly, he let a single finger trace the length of her opening. She was so wet for him and the smell of her desire was so thick in the air it tossed the Doctor's senses into overdrive.

When his head lowered and made first contact with her, she screamed. He smiled and slowly did it again, pushing his tongue inside her just far enough to taste, sliding it out and in again, lapping at her. Her mind was a confused jumble as each sensation hit her, familiar yet different. The link provided the Doctor with a running commentary on his efforts. This new body had no clitoris, yet Rose wanted to feel his nose, possibly his old nose, rub against it, and the Doctor chuckled at her frustration. "We will just have to make do without, my Rose. Besides, what's to say you might not have something better?" His breath ghosted over her damp skin as he spoke and she shuddered again above him, her moan and her purr somehow coming out at once.

Perhaps it was his prior knowledge of their physiology, or maybe his better set of instincts, but before Rose could figure out what she wanted in this new body, he found it - a tiny raised line of muscle just an inch or so inside her that ran a ring around the entirety of her opening, the perfect depth for his tongue to tease. The perfect depth, he knew, for other parts of him to tease.

He was so hard it nearly hurt. He'd never actually felt that before, or anything like it. As each purr and moan was wrenched from Rose's throat it slammed into him through the link and he got just a bit more aroused, just a bit more ready. He didn't want to rush things; this was their first time together. He wanted to remember every detail. He slipped a finger inside Rose and at the sensation of tongue and hand together she stopped breathing for a moment, the link flared with a brilliant blinding intensity and he knew she'd come for him – her body shuddering and her mind on fire.

When she finally managed to restart her breathing she tugged at his hair, yanking him up to her. She kissed him greedily, needing to taste herself on his lips, to feel that tongue against her tongue. When they broke apart she wasted no time, shoving him back onto the bed and without warning sliding to his waist and taking him entirely into her mouth.

The Doctor thought he screamed, but the only sense he seemed to have working at the movement was touch so he wasn't quite sure. He couldn't help but arch into her and she purred around him. The effect was so staggering that the Doctor clutched at the bed sheets, twisting and writhing despite his best efforts at self control. She seemed to enjoy tormenting him, her hands forcing his hips to lie still and keeping him from choking her. He knew he didn't look or feel like a human male, but Rose didn't seem to mind. Her tongue worked inside her mouth, running along the slight ridge on the shaft, the one the Doctor suspected was made for the little line of muscle in her.

Rose purred again at the implications of his notion and released him, sliding back up his body, her tongue leaving a trail up his torso. She bit his neck, right above his pulse, and he arched into her. Not able to prolong it any longer despite his best intentions, he rolled them so he was above her again.

Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes wild but she grinned at him. When she raised her hips, he slipped into her without thinking.

He was right, they fit perfectly. With each slow thrust he rubbed against Rose in just such a way that she was quickly heading towards incoherence. Their link was so open that only long experience with telepathy allowed the Doctor to tell where he ended and she began. Rose, he knew, was lost in it, and he decided he wanted her to be lost in it frequently if it would always feel this good.

Words couldn't explain it. He was in Rose, inside her in more ways than body and mind. He knew it wasn't possible, but it felt like he was in her soul. She purred and arched and moaned and begged and the Doctor answered her in kind, each thrust a little faster, a little harder.

He groaned and felt a slight twinge in his length. A wave of relief flashed though him, like unbending your leg after sitting on it only so much more intense like he'd been bent in half for eternity, only now able to stretch, and a new level of pleasure blossomed through him. Rose gasped beneath him, feeling him extending further inside her. She hissed and whimpered as this new part of him settled into place. For a moment the link backed down in the face of her discomfort and she looked at him with questioning eyes.

The Doctor stilled his movements and leaned down to kiss her gently, trying to keep control long enough to explain – or try to. This wasn't exactly his area of expertise, but while Rose knew more about human biology in these circumstances she was without any real knowledge of her new species. Even without having practical experience, the Doctor was the only one with any frame of reference. He focused on the small amount of pain she'd felt moments ago to hold his passion in check. He didn't want to hurt her. He never wanted to hurt her.

"Do you remember what you read in the book?" He asked softly as his lips left hers. "Gallifreyan males have an extra little prong on our..." He blushed and coughed slightly, which made Rose giggle at him before reaching up to brush his hair back a bit so she could see his eyes, her pain already dismissed in the face of the pleasure seeping back into her. "Anyway, that's what that is," he finished sheepishly. Rose wiggled slightly under him, a tiny grimace forming on her mouth. "Does it hurt?" He couldn't tell through the link. Rose's emotions and mind were suddenly so jumbled it was hard to tell.

She blinked slowly before answering, her voice a little unsure. "I...I don't know what it feels like. Do you..." now it was her turn to look sheepish. "Not to interrupt or anything, but what exactly are you doing in there? I mean, it doesn't hurt exactly, not since you did it, but it certainly feels...different."

The Doctor gave an experimental half thrust and Rose's eyes flew wide open and her mouth formed a silent O, and this time the Doctor was positive it wasn't in pain. "I'm inside you properly." He supplied in a cheery voice before licking her nose and grinning. "Gallifreyans are all about propriety and work ethic and all that, so I must endeavor to do this correctly. Assuming you agree to let me continue," and here he waggled his eyebrows and Rose snorted, "when I release," he turned red at that but swallowed and continued in his best lecture voice. "When I release it will be inside inside of you."

"Inside inside?" Rose frowned and wiggled again causing the Doctor to purr loudly and shut his eyes to keep himself from being distracted and losing control. "You mean..." She trailed off, not sure what he meant.

"If you were human," the Doctor hissed out, grabbing the last of his control and opening his eyes. "If you were human that little sharp pain you felt would have been me entering your cervix. Since you aren't human, that was me entering another part of you with another name that I don't want to try and translate and that I'll explain later with charts and graphs and bloody diagrams if you want, but by Rassilon, Rose, I need to..."

She cut him off by arching up again, causing him to push farther into her, and then they were done talking. The link flared back up to its previous intensity and the Doctor lost all thought as he thrust into her warmth. It may have been minutes or it might have been hours later that he felt the fire build inside his own body to match the one raging in Rose's. The pleasure increased until it felt remarkably like it did before a regeneration and then, in a flash, it burst and he came, yanking Rose with him though the link, and then the world went black.

/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

When they came back to consciousness the TARDIS was still humming around them the same as always, but to the Doctor the universe suddenly seemed a little brighter. The link was quiet as he gazed at Rose lying beside him, her hair a wild frightful mess and her eyes bright and happy as she looked back at him. He could feel that she was content but nothing more. He didn't need to worry, he realized. The link was theirs to control, not the other way around. They could make this work. They could make it all work. He smiled gently and reached a hand out to cup her cheek. "Hello there."

"Hello." She smiled back and leaned into his touch before stretching like a cat, which had the Doctor's gaze sliding down to linger over her curves. "How long were we out?" she asked, as she cuddled back up to him.

The Doctor checked his time sense. "Oh, about 23 hours or so, if you start counting from when we left the infirmary."

"Twenty-three hours!" Rose screeched, and backed quickly away from him, sitting up. "You mean we slept for nearly an entire day?"

The Doctor took a moment to stretch himself before sitting up and shrugging. "Actually, we were only unconscious for about 5 or so."

"Only 5..." Rose's eyes went large. "You mean, we just...for 18...hours!" Her voice squeaked on the last word.

He frowned. "I take it that's unusual for humans?"

Rose threw herself backwards landing with a soft plop in the pillows. "Unusual, he asks." She turned her head to look at him and took his offered hand tightly in hers. "Doctor, if Earth ever finds out you have that kind of stamina, women the entire planet over will be plotting ways to kidnap you. A good number of the men, too, I'd bet."

He felt a twinge in his new favorite body part at the tone of Rose's voice. "Human males not quite that good?"

Rose snorted. "Try 18 minutes. And that's if you're lucky." She rolled her eyes. "It's a very good thing Jack doesn't know about this. Although, it might serve him right if you tried to demonstrate. I don't think many species could handle that sort of activity for prolonged lengths of time."

The Doctor slipped back down into the bed and snuggled back up against his Rose. "You know, it's not like we were doing a lot during most of it. The link sort of flared up and I think we sort of just...melded for a good long while." The Doctor could vaguely remember that, being buried inside her body and her mind, floating in Rose around Rose with Rose... He couldn't stop a deep purr from sounding and he let his tongue flicker out to catch the edge of her ear, coaxing an answering purr out of her. "Fancy another try? We should really compare results, techniques, gauge responses..." He nipped gently at her ear lobe and Rose sighed heavily.

"Doctor," she gasped and had to push him away to speak. "Your people couldn't have done this normally. I mean, to be out of touch for so long...wouldn't it be evolutionarily unwise? I mean, a predator could eat you or something while you're all...distracted."

He couldn't help the laugh that escaped him. "Rose, my people don't feel time like you do. Honestly, I once sat through a 6 day meeting where a bunch of Time Lords tried to figure out what to order for lunch. Spending 23 hours on sex isn't that hard to believe. Actually, I'd guess this was something rather close to what you'd call a quickie."

"A quickie." Rose's voice was full of disbelief. "Wait a minute, that little pill I took? Didn't it only last for a few hours or something?"

"Calm down." The Doctor smiled at her and rubbed her arm until she stopped glaring. "It doesn't work like human birth control. It forces your system into a kind of holding pattern not allowing conception. There's a chemical my...that I release that kick starts you back into your normal pattern, only the hormones in the pill kept you in the holding pattern long enough to prevent conception. Theoretically you could take the pill one month and we could wait to have sex till the next one and you'd still be fine. But as soon as we do, you need to take another to be covered. Let's say, hypothetically, we made love, woke up, and wanted to start again..." Somehow, the Doctor managed to smirk despite his blush. "Even though you'd taken the pill less than 24 hours before you'd still need another one. I think, now mind you we should probably test this theory medically to be sure, but I think that it's only safe to stay in the holding pattern for a few years without coming out of it, but that you can probably take it as many times as you want so long as you are introduced to the chemical that restarts the process. Romana would normally only take one if we were planning a trip that would keep us in the Vortex for longer than a human month and when we landed she'd restart the cycle. There were little green pills in the bag with this one that contain the chemical – in case I'm not here to supply it for you the old fashioned way." His blush got worse, if that was possible. "The pill formula pre-dates time travel and it wasn't till Romana's time that they figured out this would help Time Ladies stuck in the Vortex. I'm not sure it was ever fully researched with modern methodology, at least not for what we are using it for, but I do know that was the original purpose."

Rose snorted and cuddled in even closer. "So, what's the chances of us getting pregnant without the pill or if it doesn't work?"

The Doctor caught her eye and held it. "You see, Rose, the reason it took 23 hours, the reason I was inside inside you..." He paused, a serous expression on his face. "Rose, my people never had sex casually. Without that pill you would become pregnant. Every time."

Rose's brain was slightly overwhelmed, and the Doctor felt the link get a bit stronger as she processed this information. Glimpses of the book he'd given her flashing though her mind along with references to a "prong to insure conception".

"That would be the general idea, yes. Direct delivery and all that." He answered her silent question before she could ask it. "Granted, I'm new to this, but I also think that part is sort of a requirement for me to, ah, enjoy the experience to the conclusion. If I don't extend I can't actually...release."

Rose couldn't help but laugh at that. "You mean for a male to enjoy sex on Gallifrey he had to get his lady pregnant? No wonder your people gave up sex. It took so long everyone knew what you were up to and every time you did it you ended up with another mouth to feed. Quirky biology, Doctor."

"I believe I told you the first trip in this ship, the universe is filled with diversity." He grinned at her. "Personally, I find it romantic. It means that we men have to care deeply before we put ourselves at risk from hypothetical predators." His eyes burned into hers, serious and more intense than she'd ever seen them. "We have to truly, deeply, love our ladies and they us to be willing to make such a commitment." He let the seriousness fade from his eyes as his natural playfulness returned. "Besides, we've a way around all that "mouths to feed" mess, and no one to notice if we disappear for a day or a week or maybe... longer." He purred the last part and Rose's eyes fluttered shut. "The TARDIS can handle the Vortex on her own. What do you say we get you another dose and find out exactly how long this should really take?"

Rose's purr caught in her throat and it took her moment to answer. "I wouldn't mind lingering here for a while..."

He smiled at her, his grin lighting up his entire face. "Rose Tyler, I wouldn't mind lingering here forever." The link didn't let either of them mistake the other's meaning. They were home.

...and the TARDIS let out her own silent purr.