This one was harder than one might think. I had to put a lot of thought into it before I came back with something at least markedly removed from everything else I've already written. And this is, cause this is actually CrazyGirl47's fault. OLaB reference, chapter #75.

Post Dino Thunder. Theme is Test.

Trent was well aware that he had issues. Problems on top of problems, but he was never really one to dwell on it- well, he tried not to, anyway. Then he had taken that vacation with all of his friends and teacher. He, not to mention Conner, Ethan, Kira and Hayley, were all still a bit shell-shocked, never mind Dr. O. Ethan had made a huge show of hugging the café walls and proclaiming he was now on dry land.

Being here was a bad idea, though. He had wandered away from Kira and found himself in eerily familiar territory, plagued by thoughts he still couldn't shake. The feeling wasn't as acute as it had been during his week-long chaos fest in Angel Grove, but it was still there. Even though it wasn't as bad, he could feel himself starting to get nervous, and-


Trent jumped, startled by Kira's voice suddenly bellowing at him. He turned around guiltily, not entirely sure what to say to his girlfriend, who was clearly furious. "Um..."

Kira marched over to him. "First you wander off, so I have to look for you, and after the week we've had, I can't believe you'd actually DO that. Second? You walk into a pet store?"

Trent looked down at the hamster sniffing around in his grasp. "I wasn't going to do anything-"

"You had an identity crisis which involved breaking a display case to free your so-called brethren. I'm sorry, but I am never trusting you in a pet store ever again." Kira gently removed the hamster from Trent's hands and put it back, careful to make sure the door shut properly. "You're getting out of here."

"But I-" Trent didn't get any more out as Kira took his arm and dragged him bodily out of the shop.

"Are you still thinking that weird thing about being in Conner's pocket?" Kira demanded once they were safely outside. When she dropped his arm, Trent stuffed his hands into his pockets. Somehow he got the feeling that Kira wouldn't appreciate him explaining that he never said he was in Conner's pocket. He gave the pet store a single disturbed, yet wistful look before he finally answered.

"I stick by my metaphor."

Rolling her eyes, Kira and gave Trent a distinctly exasperated look. "Trent, you need to realize something. You are not in Conner's pocket. You're in my pocket."

Trent considered this for a moment. "You'd still buy me a habitat with colored tubes and all that, right?"

Kira stared at Trent before shaking herself. "Yes. Of course. Now come on, before you have a relapse."

Sighing, Trent slipped his hand into hers. They had made it about three feet before Trent spoke up again. "You do realize I'm never letting you anywhere near even the parking lot of a Wal-Mart, right?"

Kira smiled at him. "Of course I do."