A/N: One of them said, "Happy Singles Discrimination Day!" So, this idea popped into my head. I took it from a friendship view, although I may try a bit to make it interesting.

This takes place after 'Popular', so the girls aren't exactly "best friends". Elphie seems like she might be a bit confused, seeing as how it's her first friend, and she's not used to the touchy/huggy Galinda way.

I'm going to make this more than one chapter...I promise to finish this one!

Happy Singles Discrimination day. I hope it was cliche.

"But Elphie, it's Valentine's Day!" Galinda whined. She was pouting, her lower lip curved outwards, and she was staring at her roommate with wide blue eyes.

Elphaba heaved a sigh. Rolling her eyes, she marked her place in her book and slammed it shut. The green girl yanked off her reading glasses and glared at Galinda.

"I happen to think Valentine's Day," she practically convulsed at the word, "is all for show. It's just another way for singles to be discriminated against! All the couples get fluffy and mushy on each other, shoving candy and two Ozbucks stuffed animals in each other's faces! Besides, the pink and red everywhere makes me nauseous."

"It only happens once a year," Galinda pointed out.

"Yes, but that makes it all the more unbearable. It happens to be the most cliché day of the entire year!"

The blonde's eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Cliché means overused," Elphaba explained slowly.

"I know what it means!" Galinda protested. She was pouting again. "I don't see why you think today is so negative. You're supposed to be happy! Now you're spoiling all my fun."

"I just don't want my dorm to be decorated in gigantic pink hearts and have red flowers covering every available surface and wall."

"It was only a few!"

"Galinda, you had a full shopping cart!" Elphaba exclaimed. She shook her head, getting up from her bed. Walking over to her wardrobe, the green girl took out a plain black ("mortifyingly ugly!") frock and stockings.

"You don't have to wear black." Galinda sounded offended.

Elphaba smirked.

"That's exactly why I am." She quickly changed clothes and grabbed her book bag. Sitting on a stool, she slipped on her clunky boots. She stopped at the door to see her roommate's reaction.

Angry tears glistened in Galinda's eyes. She was pouting more than ever, and her cheeks were noticeably flushed under the thick coat of makeup. She stamped a pink-heeled foot on the floor. Her arms were crossed over her chest, making her resemble a toddler.

"I can't stand you!" she screamed shrilly. "Now you've gone and ruined my morning!"

Elphaba rolled her eyes for what seemed like the tenth time that morning.

The girl cackled and then said, "Well, then, I hope you have a lovely day."

The door slammed shut, making the small girl jump. She furiously wiped at her eyes, being careful not to smudge her eyeliner.

"Heartless freak…" she mumbled. "I'll show you cliché."

The pink girl grabbed an oversized heart and some tape, getting to work before her morning class.