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Five chapter Valentine Special with Ishida Uryuu as Cupid

Summary: Who knew that the love-arrow wielder, Cupid, was a Quincy? Uryuu must temporarily take over for him. He must make everyone on Cupid's List fall in love with their soul mates. 5 to 6 chapters Valentine's Special. Pairings inside.

This is basically a humorous fic that I decided to do for fun. I don't know if it will get to even 5 chapters...it depends on the reviews I get. If I don't get any then I won't continue this.

Nanao & Shunsui

Byakuya & Renji

Orihime & Ichigo

Hitsugaya & Rangiku

Uryuu & ?? (this one is a surprise)

"What do you mean I have to take over for a while? I thought we were the last Quincy where did this relative come from?" yelled a bespectacled 17 year old to his father.

""Well you see, we are the only living Quincy. Your uncle is not alive anymore but still is a Quincy; well half a Quincy. His mother was an angel while his father, your granduncle was a Quincy," replied Ryuuken while lighting a cigarette.

"But why me? What does he do anyway?"

"Ah glad you asked. He's cupid, so he goes around making people fall in love with their soul mates….from his list that is."

"Nani? You can't be serious. Cupid doesn't exist. And even if he does do you expect me to make people fall in love? I can't even get myself a date, how the hell am I supposed to make people fall in love? No way, you can't make me do this," said Uryuu pacing back and forth in his apartment.

"Yes, I can make you do it. Remember you got your powers back from me, so I can take them back also. Would you rather have your Quincy powers or should I take them back? Plus only a Quincy can perform this job accurately, since we are the only ones who can wield arrows with such accuracy."

Uryuu remembered the conversation he had with his father two days ago. In the end he had to listen to his father no matter what.

Apparently his uncle was very ill. So Uryuu took over the job temporarily.

Now he was dressed in a red- because pink is too feminine- suit with a white shirt underneath. He would much rather be dressed in his Quincy robes instead of this hideous outfit but no, he was required to wear this if he wanted to keep his Quincy powers.

Uryuu walked up to the celestial door in the middle of the forest that was only visible to those that had business with the people who rented out the building. In this building, Uryuu would receive get full detail on his new temporary job as Cupid.

"Hello sir, how may I help you? Ah you must be the cupid's replacement," said the receptionist.

The receptionist got off from her seat and walked toward the filing cabinet and came back with a folder.

"here is the information and the list of couples that you will need to be working on," she said.

Uryuu looked through the list and realized… "All of these people are my friends."

The top of the list was …

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