Cupid Quincy

Chapter 3

"So let me get this straight. You gave Isane-san imported hypoallergenic chocolates and yet she still rejected you. My boy that is priceless. She's being so dense to your emotions. I'm sorry but it's been nearly two decades since she's been your fukutaicho and you've been smitten with her. She still hasn't recognized that your feelings are true," said a white haired comrade of Shunshui Kyoraku, Joushiro Ukitake.

"hai that's all true. I can't stand to have my heart break so many times. She's being so hard to get. I don't woman at all. Why do they always do that? What do I have to do to get her to like me?" said Kyoraku.

"I have an idea," said Uryuu appearing through the portal that connected Seireitei and the human world. After his conversation with Rukia about his new role playing cupid, she had managed to get him back into Seireitei and fix up the couples here before dealing with Ichigo and Orihime. They had decided that they should leave the hardest couple for last.

"Ishida Uryuu, what are you talking about? What type of an idea?" asked the two captains in unison.

"Well I think since you've been focusing on her all of your life, ok since you've known her, you might want to try dating other people. If you're meant to be together than you'll find a way back to each other, otherwise then you'll have to see who else you like," said Uryuu. He couldn't let Shunshui know that he was sent to get him and Nanao-chan together. That would violate the contract. The person who is paired up with someone can not know who their pair is, and if by accident they look at the list then their name and their soul mates name would not appear on it. But anyone else's name would. This was to protect union of souls from being damaged.

"Are you mad? There's no one else I would want to be with. She's the only one who's crazy enough to deal with me," replied Kyoraku.

"How about you try going out with a friend or something? You know Ishida-kun is right. She might be your girl but she might feel jealous if she sees you with another girl," suggested Ukitake.

"Well then you suggest who I should go out with then," Kyoraku replied smugly.

" I was thinking Unohana-san. She's very nice, isn't she Ukitake-san?" grinned Uryuu.

"Well that's a wonderful idea. How about you come pick up Unohana around seven tonight? I'll convince her for you," said Ukitake while pushing Kyoraku back to his quarters to get ready.

Once he was gone, Ukitake turned to Uryuu.

"So how did you know that I like Unohana?" asked Ukitake

"Ukitake san please don't underestimate me. I know your both married and not only in love. Plus I have a mission to complete," replied Uryuu. He knew that his uncle had set Unohana and Ukitake up a long time ago. As the temporary cupid, Uryuu had access to the real cupid's files. In it he found the file of the white haired captain.

"Oh I see. You're playing match maker now. Why?"

Uryuu thought about the question before providing an answer. He was allowed to tell former soul mates about his plan, it was only an additional plus point that Ukitake was a very trustworthy man.

"Well actually I'm playing cupid," he finally told him.

"I know you're an archer and all but please there's no such thing as cupid."

With that Uryuu summoned his new bow. Sliding on his red gloves, he summoned a large bow shaped as a heart. With the bow summoned, Uryuu pulled back his arm and let a red fiery arrow come through. The arrow was not only made up of rietsu, it was also made up of the strength of lovers' bond. For each pair of soul mates the arrow would take a different shape. For most it would be straight, according to the manual that was given to Uryuu, but for others the shape could be dramatic depending on the type of love they had.

Ukitake looked on in surprise as the Quincy sprung out his bow.

"So there is indeed a such thing as cupid. I'm guessing that since you're the last Quincy so now you have to be cupid?"

"well actually sir my uncle is cupid but since he's sick I'm stuck doing his work," replied Uryuu putting away his bow.

"So how come you're allowed to tell me this? I thought matters of the heart were meant to be a secret"

"Honestly it's because I trust you, and because you've already recognized your soul mate. Even though your relationship has been kept quite I will need to ask your permission before I approach your wife about this date with Shunshui."

As Shunshui entered his captain's quarters to get ready for his date he absent mindedly bumped into Nanao-chan and said nothing to her. No apology and no flirting.

He walked over to his wardrobe and fiddled through the clothes.

"Pink shirt, blue shirt, shirt with a sake bottle on it, shirt with "hot stuff" written on it, ugh, nothing good enough to wear on a date" groaned Shunshui aloud.

Nanao was standing in her captain's doorway boiling with anger about him not apologizing to her until she heard the word "date." That's when the color in her face drained.

"taicho" she called in a small voice, "you're going on a date tonight?"

"O Nanao-chan, I didn't know you were in here. Yes I am going on a date tonight, but I can't seem to find something to wear," he replied without looking out of his closet. If he did then Nanao could see the pain in his eyes.

She walked over to his wardrobe and pulled out a crisp sky blue button down shirt that she had gotten him for his birthday and a white tie along with some navy blue pants. That's the outfit she would want him to wear to pick her up.

Nanao walked out of the room and sat down at her desk. Slowly she placed her head on the desk and wondered why she felt like the entire scenario wasn't right. She felt as though she was supposed to yell at her taicho for having a date but wondered why she wasn't feeling happy that he wasn't chasing her anymore.

As Shunshui got dressed he mentally went over a checklist on proper date etiquette. He remembered that he would need flowers or something to get Unohana-san.

As he slipped his arms through his shirt he walked over to where Nanao was sitting and said, "hey Nanao-chan do you mind running out and getting me some flowers to get my date. I don't think I'll have time to get them myself."

Nanao had pulled her head off the table when she had noticed her taicho's rietsu entering the room. What she didn't expect to see was the well defined abs of her taicho when she turned towards him.

"So defined and rugged- all I wanna do is run my tongue….stop it Nanao, just stop," she thought while a blush graced her features.

As Shunshui finished buttoning his shirt, Nanao ran out the office to get those flowers upset that he was ordering her to get him flowers when he should have known that asking a woman who was romantically close to you to get flowers for his date was rude. But then again when did Shunshui ever do anything with proper manners.

Uryuu smirked watching the expression on Nanao's face as she left the office. Things were starting to roll according to plan.

"So Uryuu who else is on your list now that Nanao is starting to admit her feelings to herself?" asked Rukia.

"umm Ichigo and Orihime are moving along, they were pretty easy to see each other's love. I'm glad that they finally heard each other out," said Uryuu to Rukia who hadn't been there to see the two orange-haired teens admit their love.

The previous day:

Ichigo walked past his house on to the road that led to Inoue Orihime's apartment. Every evening after dinner he would transform into his Shinigami self and walk or rather shunpo to her house. Jumping onto the roof of the building across the street from her apartment he could peer into her house through the window and look over her protectively.

Ever since the incident with Aizen, Ichigo couldn't bare to leave Orihime by herself. There was just no way would that he let her deal with all of that pain again. So from then on he would watch over her until she went to bed, and after making sure that her apartment was protected. He would never go to talk to her, or even hear what she would say to her brother. He would never peer at her when she changed or anything, he was just not Urahara or his father. To him Orihime wasn't just a beautiful body, she was the key to his soul.

Tonight, though, Ichigo was somehow persuaded to enter Orihime's house. Well in actually Uryuu was whispering commands into his ear, apparently Cupid could do such things.

Kneeling in her balcony, Ichigo heard Orihime's confession to her brother.

"Nii-san, Tsakuti says that he only behaves like that toward Rukia-san because she can help him, but do you think that I can ever help him? Kurosaki-kun doesn't even let me call him by his first name, but he lets Rukia-san call him anything. It's just not fair. I've loved him longer, it's not fair that she gets his heart, when I want it so badly," Orihime cried in front of the portrait of her brother.

Ichigo wasn't cold hearted to the confession of his love. At least he knew that she cared, no loved, him as much as he did her. But she thought that he could love that brat of a Shinigami who he grew to love like a sister.

Taking a deep breath,( and a push by Uryuu), Ichigo opened the balcony door and ran into hug Orihime. Because of his surprise action, all of the fairies from Orihime's hair pins came out and got into defensive mode. Ichigo didn't even touch Orihime because she was being protected behind her shield. Noticing that it was Ichigo, not some intruder, Orhime's fairies reverted back to their pin form.

"Kurosaki-kun? What are you doing here? Did something happen? Are you hurt? Should I call out my healing fairy?" Orihime asked as she wiped her tears and looked around Ichigo to see if he was hurt.

Not being able to forget her crying figure, Ichigo pulled Orihime into his arms and kissed her with a passion. Uryuu took this moment to seal their fates by plunging an arrow that took the shape of a circle into the two soul mates. According to the handbook, the circular arrow meant that the love was ever-lasting and equal between the two partners.

Pulling away from Ichigo, Orihime questioned him about his actions.


"Ichigo, my name is Ichigo not Kurosaki."

"O? hai, Ichigo-san, what- why did you kiss me? I'm not Rukia-san, are you sick or something? I'm Inoue Orihime." She felt happiness at the fact that he kissed her and allowed her to call him Ichigo but a part of her was breaking. She couldn't help but think that he didn't realize that he wasn't kissing Rukia.

"baka. I know who I kissed, the girl who I've wanted to kiss for years now, Orihime. Now come here and kiss me again before I kiss you."

Back in Soul Society

"Well I'm glad that worked out. Now you said something about my brother. How can I help?" said Rukia.

"Well for one we need to get him and Renji to the same place," replied Uryuu.

"Done" Rukia started eyeing the bath houses near the Kuchiki compound.


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