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Author's Note: Hey everybody. :) Yeah, my intentions to write something original took a great beginning… and then I started to write something new J/L and on top of that a Chronicles of Riddick-piece, and now this… I'm no good at keeping focus! Kaikamahine Mai Hawai'i … inspired me when she posted her disappearing-reappearing Valentine's fic, and I thought: now THAT's a great idea! The Valentine part of it, that is...

This is based off of the ending of 'We'll Talk Again' – a fic I'm not particularly proud of, it definitely needs some re-working, but nevertheless, this is the Jackson and Lisa I portrayed in there; with some violent interactions, a desperate Jackson with an axe over his head to get the job done, a slight undertone of romance, and a bittersweet ending… That was where the last story ended, a quicky for those of you who haven't read it, or just don't feel like reading it.

This is where the new story begins:


Sometimes, I Lie – a Valentine's Fairy Tale

Part I Never Say Never Again


"I told you I'd leave... I lied." His voice was soft, slightly raspy, and barely above a whisper.

God! Oh no!

Lisa paled and took a step back from the door. Her legs shook. Instincts told her to slam the door shut in his face and run for the phone. Instincts told her to pull him close and never let him out of her sight again. But she couldn't move; it seemed as only her heart was alive in her otherwise stunned body.

"You…" she croaked.

The doorbell had rung and since Lisa was expecting Cynthia for a quiet Friday night, celebrating their single statuses on Valentine's Day, with some popcorn, their good old friends Ben&Jerry and a couple of episodes of 'I Love Lucy', she had smilingly run to the door and pulled it open.

It hadn't been the cheerful redhead who had as of lately become her good friend, though. It had been a lean man with haunted eyes and tousled hair who had been leaning coolly against the door frame, his icy blue gaze sending shivers of instant fear and a rush of frenzied memories through her.

A late night flight -an innocent flirt with a foreigner with an incredibly sincere smile and beautiful eyes who seemed to know the depths of her soul - hours of hurt and fright as the same man had transformed into his true self: an assassin, using her to get to a politician who would stay at the hotel where she worked, threatening to kill her father if she didn't comply - an escape - a successful interruption of his plans where she had beat him, his plans as well as purely physical – an attempt at revenge from his part where he had come to her house and had tried to kill her - a fight - a final truce of sorts where he left her alone. Forever, she'd thought.

Except forever hadn't lasted that long. It had been seven months since Jackson had knocked on her door the last time. And now he stood before her again. On the 14:th of February of all days. On a day for lovers. Not enemies.

She'd be lying if she said she hadn't been thinking about him.

She had.

A lot.

And she'd tried her damned best to try not to.

Lisa licked her lips and glanced at his mouth before her eyes darted to meet his gaze again. A rush of warmth made her chest feel too tight. You kissed me!

"You're staring," he said.

"I didn't expect you," she countered. That was THE understatement of the year!

"Aren't you gonna invite me in?" he asked cockily, raising an eyebrow.

She still stared in disbelief at the man who had hurt her so much, the man she should fear more than death itself, and who still made her heart tremble in anticipation. "Ahm…" Numbly, she stepped aside slightly so he could pass her. "I shouldn't," she added as he passed close by her into the dark hallway, taking up her whole vision.

He pulled the door closed behind him and locked it with a sharp snap of metal. "No, you shouldn't."

She was still unable to move from the spot where her feet seemed to have set roots. "What are you doing here?" And then a horrifying thought struck her: "You need me to get someone killed again!" She hadn't intended to sound so fierce, but her voice suddenly carried the sharpness of a knife's edge.

Jackson regarded her as his face twisted into a sneer. "You've proved yourself to be completely useless to me twice, Leese. Why the hell would I wanna go through all that trouble again?"

He towered her in the narrow room. She wanted to take a step back and give herself some breathing space, but she didn't want to give in to his mind games. She'd been there before and she'd be damned if she'd let him have the upper hand. Putting her hands on her hips she glared up in his face, yet again struck by his amazingly beautiful features and the wicked glint in his eyes that made her stomach clench with uncertainty.

"Yeah, why would you, Jack!? Why are you here?"

Before she could react, she was slammed into the opposite wall with his hand squeezing her chin, his face mere inches from hers.

"For dear life, Leese, or for fucking old times' sake! Don't. Use. That. Name!" His lips twisted into a sneer and his eyes flashed.

Jesus! Why do I have to push all his buttons at once whenever we meet?

She wanted to say that she was sorry, but she couldn't. She had wanted to hurt him, to get back at him for all the pain he'd put her through.

Time froze as they stared at each other. Lisa's gaze darted between his still pursed lips and his eyes that made her heart beat even faster. The hard lines around his mouth softened slightly and his other hand came up and stroked a few tresses of hair off of her forehead. Lisa closed her eyes and couldn't stop herself from leaning ever so slightly into the soft touch.


"Please what?" he asked softly.

"Ahm… what do you want?"

He let go of her chin and she opened her eyes. The look on his face was so serious, and his eyes so dark with unspoken emotions, that it made her breath hitch in her chest.

He sighed, took a step back and pulled a hand through his hair, a brief look of a completely lost boy escaping his features; like the innocent boy he once must've been. Before.

"What do I want? I've been around… doing things… unmentionable things… for the last half year… And I'm tired, Leese. Really tired. And I've been thinking about you… some. No." He shook his head. "A lot."

"Why?" Her throat suddenly felt so thick that her voice came out as a mere croak.

"Because you, Lisa, were the only one… who wouldn't fold." He shook his head. "No… that's not the only reason… that'd be a lie…" He turned fully towards her again and placed a palm against the wall next to her head. "I can't stop fucking thinking about you. You're in my head!" Suddenly taking a step back again, he then began pacing the small hallway with hasty, irritated movements. "I've been seriously considering putting an end to all this. A final solution. You know me; know what I'm talking about, right? Or do I have to spell it out?"

She shook her head mutely, both in slight fear as well as acknowledgement. No, please. You don't have to… I think I'm all too well aware of what you're capable of, Jackson.

"Good." He stopped. "Truth is that I want you, Lisa. I want you badly."

I want you too! Or… No! I mean… God!

"What's stopping you from just taking-" She swallowed hard. "-me?" Her lower lip trembled and she couldn't believe she had just challenged him like that. "I mean, you-"

Jackson was suddenly much too close again as he pressed her up against the wall, the full length of his body completely covering hers. He looked as if he was going to kill her… or kiss her, she couldn't decide which. Her ears turned burning hot from his closeness and she had to look away, his presence too demanding, too overwhelming. He clenched one of his hands into a tight fist in front of her and then opened it again, spreading his fingers like feathers before he let it drop out of her sight.

"I don't know," he sighed, the air seemingly leaving his body. "I don't know."

Oh, Jackson… I've been thinking about you too…

"Please," she whispered, and he jerked back, releasing her from the wall.

"Sure. Sorry."

She felt so naked where he had touched her, so cold where his body didn't warm hers any more, that it made her sway from the abrupt abandonment. That wasn't what I meant…

"Ehm…" she bit her lip. "Do you wanna come in?"

He grinned wolfishly at her; suddenly back to his cocky self again. "Don't you know what they say about inviting vampires? Once you do, they own the right to your blood."

Her heart raced at the mere implications and she swallowed hard to try to find her voice. "Well, lucky me that you're not a vampire then. Right?"

He grinned. "Yeah."

Lisa rushed to the kitchen, happy to have something to occupy her hands with. "Do you want something to drink," she shouted back at him, yelping when she found him right behind her.

"What've you got?" he asked lazily.

"Ehm… water, of course, milk, orange juice…" She pulled a cupboard open. "Vodka… whisk-" She inhaled sharply, stopping the rant, as he lay his hand over hers and stopped her movement. Then he stretched past her and grabbed the bottle of whisky, swirling the orange-brown content in the bottle as he pulled it out.

"I know my way, thanks," he smirked.

"You-" She felt her cheeks turn hot, and probably red. "That was… you shouldn't know your 'way' around here! That's just not fair! I don't know my way around YOUR place. Where IS your place by the way? As much as you hang here, you still have to have some shack somewhere to call home? I'd like to go there and pull your liquor out of your cupboards." She pouted her lips, and even more so when Jackson burst out into a barking laughter.

"You'd like to come to my place, huh? Well…" He strode closer until he had her pinned between the kitchen counter and himself. "Maybe that can be arranged…"

His face inched closer to hers until she felt his hot breath on her lips. Her heart pounded so hard that she could barely breathe. When his lips brushed hers, she quickly snapped her head to the side, gasping and staring rigidly into the wall, refusing to look at him.

When he moved away, she exhaled loudly and slid out of harms way, fetching two glasses for the drinks and escaping the kitchen altogether. She thought she heard him chuckle behind her.

Placing the glasses on the small table by the sofa, she watched as Jackson, who had followed her out of the kitchen, poured way too much of the amber fluid into them.

Wanna get me drunk? Her heart fluttered at the thought, remembering the light feeling she'd had at the bar at the airport, where they'd talked, and flirted. When she'd still thought that he was a normal man. A good man. She'd been so wrong... You're not a very good man, are you, Jack?

Lisa took the glass and drank a too big gulp, grinning wildly at the strong and bitter taste. She felt his eyes on her the whole time.

"Sooo… You're not here to kill me."

"What makes you say that?"

She glared at him. "Last time, Ja- ck…son…" Ohhh, that was close! "You were most clear about your intentions. I remember a knife… you hitting me… and… Ah! You strangling me! That was pretty clear. Tonight you seem… not so clear."

"I know exactly why I'm here, Lisa." He sounded so serious that her eyes darted up to meet with his. When she didn't answer, he continued. "Remember back at the plane?"

She shuddered and drank her second big gulp. "I remember all too well."

"Remember what I said I'd do to you later on?"

She frowned and tried to get where he was going with this. "Can we just stop talking in riddles? I'm more into simple things… like 'Lisa, I'm not here to kill you.'"

Jackson snorted. "I said that I'd have to steal you, Lisa."

She nearly dropped he glass she was holding. The contents splashed up and spilled over her hand and down into her lap. "What?!" She almost had time to get up before he was on her.


And with his warm hands on her knees, his blue eyes leveled with hers, and the spinning in her head, she could only watch and feel as his hands moved up along her thighs, stopping halfway, but still so close and far away at the same time. His right hand lifted the glass out of her hand and brought her wet and sticky fingers to his mouth. She didn't breathe as he parted his lips and let the tip of his tongue touch her whisky-saturated skin before he pulled her hand even closer and let his mouth close around her index and middle finger, tasting them, licking them; the warm, soft wetness sending off signals to an entirely different part of her body than the hand.

She was too stunned to protest. Then she remembered that he had been saying something important and she tried desperately to grasp what it had been, but it was lost.

He let go of her hand. Still crouching before her, he looked into her eyes. "I am not here to kill you, Lisa."

"Why?" Her voice was barely even a whisper. When he leaned closer, carrying a demand in his eyes, her mind screamed at her to run but her body refused to obey, and she remained right where she were; frozen in his embrace, hopeful and yet terrified. Why?

This time she didn't pull away when his lips touched hers; his sweet breath hot on her face, her heart a knot of longing and yearning from all the months of waiting.


Author's Note 2: Sorry that I had to split it... I have a life, believe it, or not. And I came up with this little idea just the day before yesterday so I haven't had the actual time to finish it. I'll try to as soon as I possibly can. I promise! And Happy Valetine's Day to all of you:D