"Kaimi Have mercy on your descendents for among the great I fear there is scarce a virtuous character."

"You're one to talk about virtue."

"I've not yet… nor ever will be corrupted by a voracious appetite for power to the extent that you are."

"But your virtuous soul ceased to exist the moment you associated yourself with me. I know you."

"Hai… and I you… I'd like to believe that once upon a time you were mine, but I realize that it is impossible to hold restraints on one such as yourself… you are truly alive."

"Yet I am dead. My pulse… nonexistent and this body of mine are false."

"How can one with such vigor and passion be dead?"

"As easily as one can falsify such joyful exuberance shining outwardly."

A pregnant pause, and a loss for words, eternity seemed to exceed forever, and contradictory statements were no longer oxymoronic.

"I am as much alive as you are felicitous. I search for power with the passion of a lover in hopes of finding completeness. Lately I've come to doubt my perception of life."

"As you should, though with the wisdom you posses, one would think you'd happen upon this realization many years ago."

"This changes not the fact that I am still going away."

"I understand." She spoke smiling.

"Words of affection shall not be shared between us."

"Yet these words we share now seem to speak for themselves."

He said nothing…. Then,

"I'll not tell you that I'll come back.

"Then I'll not wait. With baited breath I will anticipate."

He stepped closer to her timid form. Avoiding departure.

"Hold me…" she whispered

And he did. He embraced her with reservations of none. Their faces were frigid and void of emotion. Stoic… the two of them as breathes mingled and joined as one with a tender kiss.

Fevered touches and hushed mummers as two became one in an intermingling of dancing souls ensued.

He entered her weeping core with intensity as his engorged member feasted on a forbidden fruit. Grasping for air as hot pants of breath were hard to achieve. The heat rose as the coolness of night enveloped and embraced them as they did each other. Sweet pleasure caused by such an animalistic friction.

Coherent thought was no longer of value as both participants resolved to baser instinct.

Instinct… told him to stay in the glorious safe haven of her warmth.

Instinct told her to never allow him to go…

But as completion came near, and state of mind on the brink of extinction slowly returned, it was understood that this was their last coupling.

So they feasted and gorged upon each others sweaty flesh… repeatedly.

One last thrust, and one last clench, and a shower of release washed over the two.

No words were shared as they parted. Their eyes showed what their mouths dare not speak, and as he turned around he spoke,

"I'll not say I'll come back."

"And I'll not wait… Sesshoumaru."

She watched his white form walk away in all his pristine glory and valor. When he became a speck of dust she whispered on deaf ears,

"I love you."

/\/\ "" \./ "

I've been reading the history book, "The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution" and a phrase written in 1770 by Eliot Hollis stood out to me, "The Lord have mercy on Great Britian for among the great I fear there is scarce a virtuous character to be found." The book is basically talking about how the Revolution came about, and Colonists, having the rights of English men (liberty), felt that Britain was trying to rob them of their freedom, because of monetary corruption, money equals power and power is 'EVIL'. They feared voluntary enslavement, in the long run they end up rebelling before Parliament could conjure up anything and thus is the beginning of the country we all know and love… USA… sorry if I don't strike you as one with MUCH patriotism… trust me it's there!!! O course this book is not pleasure reading… it's a 400 page book that I got a week ago and I have to write a report on it… by Feb. 1st…. I know right? Wish me luck and pray for me to get good grades so I can update 'I Met her at a Café'

Luv ya,