Blake sighed, hitting the print button and leaning back in his chair. Regular reports were bad enough, but get an officer and a gun involved, and the whole thing just got worse. "You'd think they'd have a little pity for the guy who got shot," he grumbled to the sergeant leaning against the door jam.

"Only if you're strapped to a hospital bed," Sergeant Tacona responded with a grin. "And you don't have use of either hand."

Blake pretended to consider that. "Would it get me out of reports entirely?"

Tacona smirked. "Nah, but we'd send someone up to take it in dictation."

Blake just snorted, wincing a bit as he leaned over to grab the report from the printer. He started to read through it one last time - "What the hell?"

"What?" Tacona snagged the report out of Blake's hands, his grin widening as he read. "Funny, I don't remember that being in the manual..." He smirked over the report at Blake, raising is voice. "Hey guys! Wait till you here what Blake put in his report!" he yelled across the squad room, waving the paper.

"Hey! I did not write that!" Blake made a grab for the report. Tacona just lifted it over his head, taking advantage of Blake's injured side.

"Everyone gather 'round, it's story time!" Tacona called gleefully. "Ahem. 'How I got my ass shot, again, by Richie Blake,'" he read.

Blake made a lunge for the paper, only to be pulled back by another pair of officers. Grinning, they latched on to his arms and held him in place. Blake glowered.

"'Having finished my jelly donut, I observed the suspect riding a unicycle down the freeway at speeds well in excess of the unicycle speed limit,'" Tacona was continuing, ignoring Blake's pointed glare.

"I hate you so much right now," Blake growled. Something silver moved at the edge of his vision. Turning his head, Blake transferred his glare to Frenzy. "This is all your doing, isn't it? You changed my report!"

"Yeah? So-so-so?" Frenzy snickered, perching on the desk.

"'Having finished licking the lamp post, I observed the suspect then proceed to attempt to sell me a used lampshade -'" Tacona was continuing to the laughter of the other officers.

"You are so dead."

"Now now, threatening people is b-b-bad." Frenzy's fingers clicked against the desktop.

"'At which time I proceeded to say 'fuck it,' and decided to go to Vegas to pursue my lifetime dream of becoming a hula dancer,'" Tacona finished with a grin. "Gee, Blake, I never knew!"

"Oh, bite me." Blake grabbed the paper from his hand, wadding it up and stalking back into the report room to a chorus of catcalls and laughter.


Detective Walters sat alone in a darkened room, replaying the DVD over and over. The video was glitchy, fragmenting periodically. It showed Blake walking up to the driver's side of the SUV, and the flash of gunfire that sent the young officer stumbling into the street. The video stayed clear for Blake's scramble for cover, showing the gunman exit the SUV and stalk after him. The gunman stepped directly in front of the camera, gun pointed in the direction of the officer off-screen. Then the video froze and fragmented. It cleared in time to see a bloody Blake pinning the suspect.

So convenient. Walters backed the video up, watching carefully. There it was... The frame before the glitch and after didn't match up. In the first shot, the no parking sign was on the right edge of the screen. After the video fragmented and cleared, the sign was off screen. It was a small difference, but it was clear that the car had moved forward between the two images, directly contradicting the official report's claim that the gunman had simply tripped and fell, cracking his head on Blake's cruiser.

It wasn't much, Walters thought, ejecting the disk, but it was a start. And maybe it was enough to get certain parties to stop and listen to him. The slightest hint of police corruption was usually enough to get their attention, and a small tidbit of evidence should be enough to get them investigating.

And with so many people who knew about Barricade, it wouldn't be long before someone slipped up.


A/N – There's actually a couple officers up at the local station who are known for pulling things like that, altering other officer's reports if they're unwary enough to step away from the computer or leave their report unattended. Frenzy, of course, doesn't need the report to be unattended.

The Police Trivia Section:

The report Blake's filling out is a supplemental report, filed after he comes back to duty. The initial report, called the incident report, would have been filled out immediately after the shooting by the officers who responded to Blake's request for backup, and would have been filed that night, while Blake was still in the hospital. The officers would have interviewed Blake on scene, and that interview would be included in the report. Later, Blake has to file a supplemental report outlining every move made as he remembered it. There are often multiple supplementary reports, each filled out as the officers remember different details that they had forgotten to put in the earlier reports.