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Summary: In which the holidays are explored with the tidbits and the drama of the Kanda/Allen we all love and adore. Yaoi. This will only be updated on holidays that I recognize. Which means that if I know it, I'll probably write it if I have time. Readers should mention closer holidays in reviews for faster updates.
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In A Year
Valentine's Day
by: Kagome-reincarnation

Yuu Kanda didn't love. He had too many other things to do. He had that person to track down and akuma to destroy and Noah to hunt. He had to, if called upon, go out on pointless and annoying missions, wreaking bits of havoc hear and there, undoubtedly causing damage to some of the buildings in the vicinity.

He couldn't care less. His curse was still there, and his time was slowly running out. He didn't have time for trivial things such as love, or even affection. He had things that he needed to do, and no time to waste.

Mission after mission was completed successfully. He was reckless, often simply executing the akuma, or even just gathering information and seeking Innocence. Then everything changed.

Well, it wasn't much of a change, if one was to be honest. When the new Exorcist and boy, Allen Walker, entered the Black Order, he'd simply shrugged. It didn't matter to him. The boy would either die within six months or flee. There was no point in remembering his name. Moyashi; it became the parasite-type Innocence wielder's new nickname. Not anything affectionate, and not even a shortening of the name to something like 'Al.' Simply 'bean sprout' was good enough for the likes of another wishy-washy exorcist.

But the boy had stayed. He'd been brought back from the brink of death almost as many times as Yuu himself had in the few short months he'd been there. Kanda had shrugged again, not really caring. Perhaps the boy would become a bit more of a constant, like Lenelee, or even Lavi. A year passed.

As time passed, the ever cold-hearted Yuu Kanda slowly found himself relying on the white-haired boy more and more often. Soon, he was even able to have serious conversations with the boy outside of battle and tactics, and even aside from behavior and morals. Without arguing half-way through the said conversation.

Then, they were able to joke around, having adjusted to each other's pace. They were able to work like well-oiled gears in a carefully ticking clock.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

It was almost too careful. Like an intricate dance that they'd slowly learned. Soon, the jokes became old and new ones had to be made. New buttons were pushed and new death threats were issued. One can never stop learning about one's companion.

Then, after a particularly exhausting eight-hour spar with Allen, Yuu Kanda came to a realization. He didn't have time for love, but he didn't mind taking Allen with him, if he ever had enough information to go and search for that person. It would slow him down horrendously- he was someone that moved more quickly alone- but it felt as if Allen was just in tune with him. He wasn't sure if he could bear to leave the white-haired boy behind.

"Shit." he cursed in the safety of the empty baths. "Shit. There's no way I can be in love with him. I've got other things to do." He sank deeper into the bath, leaning against one of the many small waterfalls that decorated the large, constantly moving heated bath. "Shit. Moyashi, you bastard. I'm not supposed to know this feeling!"

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick-tock. Tick.

So absorbed in his thoughts, the elegant swordsman didn't see the white-haired boy he'd been thinking of slowly back away from the entrance of the baths before carefully picking his way to the showers.

Time passed, and Yuu still hadn't said anything to the white-haired boy. Inevitably, Kanda was sought about by Lenelee for another mission briefing. At least, that had been what she'd claimed. When he'd entered Komui's office, he didn't see Allen or Komui. When he heard the lock turning behind him, he felt only slightly betrayed as his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"What is this?" he demanded, glaring at the Chinese girl.

"This is a session of counseling." Lenelee said to him nonchalantly. She held up the key to leave the room. "You don't get this until you complete the session, and with my Innocence, the Dark Boots, your threats will be empty, since you won't be able to get to me."

Kanda didn't bother with a response, frustrated. Why did she deign it reasonable to torment him with such things? "What do you want?" he asked her pointedly.

She grinned, reminding him eerily of a Cheshire cat from a movie he no longer recalled. He mentally shook his head, getting the disturbing thought out of his mind.

"Well?" he pressed her gruffly. He had other things to do and other places to be.

He was so preoccupied thinking of what else he could be doing, he almost missed what she said.

"Whoa, what?" he blinked, sure he'd misheard her. She looked at him. It wasn't just any look either. It was the look that girls give a man when she knows he's been caught. Kanda shuddered.

"I asked you what you thought of Allen." she sang all too cheerily.

"He's my friend." Kanda said flatly, trying to close the subject and leave as soon as he could. Lenelee was touching upon a bad subject. One that he was almost too afraid of broaching. He'd done his best to keep his own attraction as private as possible, and he'd acted the same as he always had with the other cursed boy.

"And?" she prompted him, a glint entering her eyes.

"That's it." he said to her, frowning.

"Liar." she pouted at him, before grinning almost evilly. "If that was it, you wouldn't be clamming up right now."

"It's really none of your concern, Lenelee." he said to her, his frustration starting to show.

"Of course it is, Kanda!" she said, giving him that same look once more. "Especially when my room's only one floor above yours and carefully placed between you and Allen!"

Almost mischievously, she added the last part solemnly. "It's not like I'm deaf at night, you know."

Kanda blanched, before turning a bright, cheerfully bright red. "You- it- he-?!" he breathed in before glaring at her again. "You're lying!"

"From the look on your face, I think not." she said, smiling at him. "Good, now what're you going to do to further your aspirations to get into his pants?"

Kanda's blush, which had barely started to leave returned in full force. "Le-Lenelee…" He was shocked. Some of the things coming from her sounded… quite unlike things she'd say. Those lips- he'd thought they were innocent- were transferring things from her mind- he had liked to think it was carefully away from the gutter, fish tank, sewers, etc- that he hadn't thought possible.

"It's from my yaoi and shonen-ai collection." she said, knowing why he was so perturbed. "I've read enough of it to no longer turn red when such things are mentioned. I'm even getting used to talking about it myself. Anyways, this isn't about me. So talk."

Suddenly, Kanda felt like Buddha. Was this how the religious man had felt when he'd become the 'Enlightened One?' It made sense. Lenelee had a seventh sense for seeking out possible yaoi fantasies in her surroundings and obviously attempted to bring them to fruition. No, he wasn't counting wrong. The sixth sense was for when she knew her brother was down or when other things were happening that couldn't possibly be good.

"I don't know. I'm thinking about just confessing and jumping him right then and there." he said recklessly, watching his fellow exorcist.

"Don't do that!" she scolded. "He'll never talk to you after screaming 'rape' about a million times! Why not try giving him something special? You do know what today is, right?"

He blinked. "No." he said bluntly.

She smacked herself in the forehead. "Of course. I should've expected that one, it being you. It's Valentine's Day, Yuu."

He frowned at the use of his first name, but latched onto the first part of her statement instead. "And? I'm obviously not female."

"Does it matter? You need to get the relationship started somehow!" she encouraged him.

He sighed. "I have nothing to give him."

She shook her head. "So make something. Go buy something. Cook something. You know he likes food, and particularly loves sweets."

She started to push him to the door, pausing only to unlock and open it. Shoving him out completely, she said, "It's not that bad, Kanda. He might like you back, too. From what I'm seeing, he is, anyways."

He wondered what time it was. Glancing at a nearby grandfather clock- why did it seem so familiar?- he continued down the hall, realizing that the day would be over in two short hours. It was late at night, now- almost ten, but he still had two hours.

He sighed.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

Gift in hand, he rapped on Allen's door. He heard a muffled thump and winced, assuming that the younger boy had fallen from his already small bed.

"Hruh…?" the boy managed, hauling his door open and sticking his head out. He blinked a couple of times and straightened himself out. "Kanda? What're you doing here?"

"Er…" the Japanese exorcist wondered what he should say. In the end, he decided to be simple and blunt. As emotionless as he could be to remove himself from the situation.

"I'm in love you with, so I got you a Valentine's Day present." he said, blushing, despite his attempts to keep his expression neutral. He handed the gift to Allen, and made to turn, but Allen halted him.

"I'm sorry, Kanda." the boy said, a sad look settling on his face. "I can't accept this."


"But-" Kanda had never imagined this could happen. "Why?"

"I can't love you back." the boy said, carefully handing the wrapped gift back to Kanda before quickly shutting the door in the raven-haired teen's face.

The exorcist in the hall fell against the white-haired boy's door, leaning back against it, before slumping forward, hurt and trying to understand what had happened.

Little did he know that on the opposite side of the door, the boy he'd just been rejected by was slumped over, crying silent tears of sorrow. He'd never wanted to hurt Kanda. He loved Kanda. Too much to want to hurt him. But now they were both hurt.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.