Be My Valentine, Be My Girl

This is my second fanfic. I made this specially for Valentine's Day.

Italics Underlined-thoughts


Mikan and Natsume are both 16.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gakuen Alice.

Mikan woke up one morning only to find a folded note next to her pillow. She took the note and unfolded it.

She was a little sleepy so she had to wait a while until her eyes became focused. She realized that it was Valentine's Day and she was fully awake. She read the note...

"Dear Mikan,

I have a poem along with a question at the end of the poem.

Happy Valentine's Day,

For I am in love,

Please do not mind who I am today,

My little and beautiful dove.

"I wonder who likes me." thought Mikan.

You may not know

Who I am today

But when you know

That would be a day.

"Yea. A day for you. Unless it's Natsume." (a/n I forgot to tell you Mikan likes Natsume, just so you know) thought Mikan.

Please, forever, wait

For I will come

I won't be late

Please stay at home.

"Sure. If you're Natsume." thought Mikan.

When we're together

I am glad.

Whenever we're not with each other

I become sad.

"I don't even know who you are." thought Mikan.

So Mikan, I have a question.

Will you be my Valentine and my girl?


"Oh yes! Natsume, I will be your Valentine and your girl!" yelled Mikan. Natsume, who was sitting outside Mikan's window, (a/n Mikan is a special star so she has a porch outside her window) jumped inside Mikan's room, and in a swift movement, kissed Mikan's lips.

Mikan, whose eyes were widened in surprise at first, started to kiss Natsume back. Natsume broke the kiss and said "Mikan, will you be my Valentine and my girl?" Mikan answered "Yes, Natsume." "Okay, but if I find someone flirting with you or anything, it's not my fault if they end up in the hospital with a burn." said Natsume. Mikan, who was smiling, was only nodding her head in reply.

"Mikan?" asked Natsume. "Yes?" said Mikan. "143" said Natsume. "Huh?" asked Mikan. "Use your head, Mikan. I know you have a brain." said Natsume. "Hmm... 143 I Love You.." said/thought Mikan.

"I love you, too, Natsume." said Mikan. Since it was a Saturday, they crawled in Mikan's bed and slept.

With Natsume and Mikan hugging each other like there was no tomorrow.

What do you think of it? I wrote the poem in class, today, since it was Valentine's Day today. I know my poem kinda sucked, but all kind of reviews are allowed.