Looking askance at the taiyoukai, Kagura wondered how he had managed to come to her aid, even more suspicious on how he broke in. She had been standing there, waiting for the pain to stop in her empty chest when a beam of light flashed before her crimson oculars, flooding the room with brilliant blue rays. It took her a while to comprehend what had happened, but seeing- Naraku, her lord and bitter enemy-lying now among layers of gathering dust and debris, she felt something tug inside when silver wisps caught her eye.

Descending her scarlet orbs, her gaze softened to a certain degree, showing her very first feeling of gratitude. The demon prince glanced at her, indifferent in his actions as usual; she looked slightly surprised when he handed her a heart…her very heart beating in his palm.

Accepting it, she smiled.


Blood set eyes were set forward as she flew soundlessly on her feather, soaring over the canopies of forests and lines of shimmering blue snaking through an endless green sea. Kagura loved it all; the feeling of being free, no chains clasped onto her wrists and ankles like a slave. She loved the feeling; But, it was not really hers to have nor keep...again.


Kagura had never thought the taiyoukai to be possessive. He desired power, longed to reach his unquestionable goal for conquest. So she found it odd-maybe even cruel-when he told her that she had to repay him. Hesitant, and reluctant, she consented to his command; she regretted it instantly.

He allowed her to roam, but to her dismay, it was only a privilege. She thought he, of all people, would understand her needs and whims. They both hated being tied down, became restless and antsy if they didn't move or do as they pleased.

Why did he break her then? How could he break the wind-a being of intangibility?

Because they were both the wind. The difference which set them apart was simple: he's the only one who can steer his course, the only one out of them who could control and shape his destiny; she was a being born from a monster without conscience-meant only to grant the wishes of her master, live for her lord, die for her lord; she had no purpose other than that. No meaning to be alive. Aside from the anger burning in her, she was more jealous of his ability.

She realized that she hated him as much as she once despised her creator-perhaps even more so.

Nevertheless, she expected some compassion, some form of empathy and she received nothing but asperity.


Lying on the soft earth, Kagura's head spinned, everything twisting and contorting itself out of shape, shook upside down endlessly till she had the notion that she was dreaming.

There was nothing, but a cacophony drumming in her ears, muffled speeches of the woods never seeming to be understood, yet she was able to feel her heart beat life! life! life!. However, that was a lie.

If he could listen, she thought-rather hoping that he actually caught the pulse; but the answer lay more on if she was able to hear the palpitating cries; if she could strain her ears enough, she would notice that her heart was thumping because of another demon, another creature of the dark…another Naraku. Kagura could learn the truth; she only needed to just listen.