Demon-filled Valentine's Candyby Shukumei

Disclaimer: Kyou Kara Maou and all its characters belong to Tomo Takabayashi. You know the drill.

Warnings/Spoilers: This is a yaoi story (one with male/male love); and therefore, if this is not your cup of tea, I suggest you leave before your curious eyes wander a little too far. Yes, they are gay men; you've been warned. As for spoilers, none that I can see. As long as you know the general plot of KKM (Earth boy becomes Demon King, accidentally gets engaged to a guy, is constantly surrounded by beautiful men, and eventually saves the world), you should be good to go!

Rating: M for Mature. I do wish there was an option that was between this and Teen. Rated as such for language and sexual themes (but not actual sex, just implied).

Summary: YuuramxMaou. After hearing from his own daughter on Valentine's Day that he wouldn't know what love was if it hit him in the face, Yuri has to battle against his feelings and himself before he loses the fight for Wolfram's heart.

Author yapping: I wanted to post something for Valentine's Day, so I kept randomly thinking of things until this all came together to make some sense out of the jumble in my head. This story is set actually ten years into the future, with Wolfram and Yuri being married. It's all explained in the story, so it'll work itself out. So don't get all confused.

And this is completely separate from my "But I Don't Like Boys?" story, so disregard anything from that, 'kay? But don't think I abandoned it; I just got a little bit of writer's block. Plus the next chapter still doesn't have any Wolfram in it, and it didn't really seem like a good Valentine's update. I also didn't have this beta'd since I wanted to get it out. Enjoy!


Part 1: "The Maou's Candy"

"Knock it off, Your Majesty."

"But Wolfram, dear," Yuuri's alter-ego said with a smirk, slowly running his fingertips under Wolfram's shirt and across his ribs. "It's Valentine's Day. You can't deny your husband his sweets." The Maou nibbled on the blond's neck.

Wolfram sighed under the Maou's caresses, noticing his body's immediate reaction with distress. He chanced a glance at the large study doors over the Maou's shoulder and tried to suppress a moan as his earlobe was taken between a pair of moist lips.

The Maou tugged gently on Wolfram's ear, his hand still roaming over Wolfram's quickly warming skin. "Don't worry, love. I've made sure no one will bother us." He pressed Wolfram harder against the wall, one hand squeezing the blond's waist as the other groped farther under the shirt to tease a nipple.

Wolfram gasped and threw his hand over his mouth. He glared daggers down at the Maou grinning against his neck. "I told you to stop calling me that." Wolfram succeeded in wriggling an arm between them and pushed the Maou away.

"What? Love, dear, husband?" The black-haired demon leaned against the wall next to Wolfram, reaching out a hand to pull the blond's face towards him. "Or my personal favorite: My beautiful blushing bride?"

Wolfram tried to turn his face away from the Maou, but the grip under his chin was strong. He was indeed blushing; he could feel the heat in his face, embarrassment and desire battling for dominance. "How many times do I have to tell you, Your Majesty, I'm not your bride, nor your husband? That honor alone is for Yuuri." His emerald eyes were fierce as he returned the Maou's gaze. "And as a man, I do not and can never hold the title of a bride."

"Please, it's Yuuri, Love. You know that he and I are the same." The Maou brushed a kiss against Wolfram's unyielding lips. The glare he received made him chuckle with amusement. "My dear Wolfram, you're so cold. You must learn to share. I think I have some right to you since it was I that consummated our marriage."

Wolfram tried to back away from the black-haired demon but only succeeded in giving the Maou the chance to grab at his waist and pull him against his body. Wolfram practically fell against the Maou's hard frame, and he flushed in humiliation as his body flared with new life. "We did what we had to do," the blond said against the Maou's cheek.

The Maou reveled on the waves of longing that spilled over Wolfram and held him closer. "But you enjoyed every moment of it."

Wolfram found himself being maneuvered to the edge of the desk, but didn't stop it. "I can't deny your skills." He gave a breathy sigh as the Maou lifted his shirt and found his nipple again.

The Maou lifted Wolfram onto the desk so that the blond sat at the edge. He wasted no time in taking the place between Wolfram's dangling legs and pulling his chin up into a demanding kiss. He smiled into the kiss, pleased that Wolfram so easily complied, the blond's mouth opening under his. The black-haired demon delved his tongue into Wolfram's mouth, teasing against the blond's own tongue until the prince tentatively moved it against the Maou's. The Maou pulled back, breathing in sharply through his nose in satisfaction. "Yuuri has no idea was he's missing out on," he said before he dipped down for another kiss.

Wolfram withdrew from the Maou's lips, hanging his weight around the Maou's neck as he eased them down to the table top. "Shut up, and enjoy your Valentine before someone decides to come in."

"Yes, sir," the Maou said huskily, kicking away the chair as he crawled onto the desk with Wolfram. "I shall unwrap and devour it with much pleasure."


Wolfram watched the Maou button up his undershirt with elegant fingers. He had always liked the way the Maou looked, the muscles that moved under the shirt, the tight buttocks hiding in the black slacks, those lips… But Wolfram could never bring himself to fall for the Maou's eyes. They were always so dark and seemingly full of anger. He couldn't deny that they were beautiful, but they weren't Yuuri's eyes. Yuuri's eyes were large and soft, registering every emotion the king felt in those black orbs. As the years had passed, Yuri grew slowly with Wolfram, yet his body filled to match the Maou's, taller, stronger, sexier… Wolfram was glad when those expressive eyes didn't change in ten years.

The Maou reached for his black top and smiled back at Wolfram. That smile… it was never really a smile either; always some sort of smirk or grin, nothing honest and pure. In that devious head, the Maou was content to know Wolfram liked looking at his ass. The Maou liked to return the favor for Wolfram had a nice backside himself. As a demon, Wolfram had not grown much over the years, save for the lean shape that the blond gained trying to catch up with Yuuri through various workouts. Wolfram's physique had proven useful on more than one occasion…

"Stop staring at me, you pervert." Wolfram sat up on the desk and pushed himself off of it. He walked barefoot across the stone floor, grabbing for his belt that had been tossed halfway across the room; he grabbed his undershirt on the way there as well.

"But you look so sexy after you've been-" His comment was cut off as Wolfram's wadded up shirt hit him in the shoulder.

Wolfram returned to sit on the desk and pulled on a boot. "Say something like that again, and I'll throw my other boot at you instead."

"Ooo… bold one. But I have a threat that's so much better." The Maou closed the space between them and pulled Wolfram into a quick kiss. "Just watch."

Wolfram was about to laugh that the Maou couldn't hurt him when those pointed eyes changed to round eyes filled with confusion. Yuuri quickly took in the situation: a shirtless, beltless, and one bootless Wolfram pinned to the desk by himself whose shirt was untucked and open at the top. Wolfram's shirt was clutched in his left hand on the desk and his right was gripping Wolfram's thigh.

Yuuri's eyes widened, and he let out a horrified scream that probably should never come from a man. He vaulted himself backwards, colliding with and falling over the chair the Maou had discarded earlier. "Oh my God!" Yuuri's face flooded with redness that nearly matched the newly added curtains behind him. "You two did it again?!"

Wolfram rolled his eyes and reached beside the desk to get his other boot. He quickly tugged it on and walked to stand over Yuuri. "My shirt back, please?"

Yuuri lifted the shirt in his hand to Wolfram and tried to move himself out of the vulnerable position thrown backside over the chair. Once fully standing, Yuuri hastily buttoned his shirt the rest of the way and tucked it in, tightening his belt. "I can't believe he changed back before either of you had straightened up."

"Too much for you to handle, Yuuri?" Wolfram squatted at the edge of the carpet under the desk and pulled on it to even it out. The desk shifted as the folds in the carpet flattened under its legs.

"And you did it on my desk?!" Yuri shrieked. "I'm never going to be able to work there seriously again…"

Wolfram stood up and pointedly shoved Yuuri in the chest with his index finger. "I swear Yuuri, you're 25 fucking years old, start acting like it. I'm sorry that my needs as your husband create such an inconvenience for you."

Yuuri's mouth was hanging open. "Where did you hear that word?"

"What? What word?" Wolfram picked up the chair on the floor and set it upright, putting it back behind the desk.

"Fuck." Yuuri stared at Wolfram. "I've never heard anyone here use it before. I mean I've caught some 'damn its', but something like 'fuck' comes off a little strong. Do you even know what it means?"

Wolfram shook his head in exasperation. "I've heard it used often enough on Earth to understand it's a strong curse that tends to have a sexual connotation. For example, the Maou f-"

"Whoa!" Yuuri held his hands up in front of Wolfram. "I got the idea. Do you really have to be so blunt about it, Wolf?"

"Yes, in fact, I do," Wolfram snorted. He turned around to open the top desk drawer and pulled out a small heart-shaped box. Wolfram shoved it into Yuuri's hand. "Here's your fucking Valentine's Day gift." The blond turned on his heel and headed to the door.

"Wait, where are you going?" Yuuri asked, jogging forward to stop Wolfram.

Wolfram stopped and grabbed his coat that he had removed and placed on the large center table earlier. "I need to wash up before the party tonight."

"Oh." Yuuri bashfully looked down at the small chocolates sitting inside the open box in his hand. "Thanks for the chocolates, Wolf."

Wolfram diverted his eyes, his cheeks reddening. "You're welcome, Yuuri."


End of Part 1.

I actually wanted to finish this as soon as possible and post a lot of stuff on Valentine's Day, but alas, I didn't really get as much chance to write as I would have liked. I can't properly write while my boyfriend's in the room, and he's been around a bit more than I thought he would have. I wanted to get the scene with Yuuri and Greta out, but I couldn't quite finish it before it got too late. I'm not sure how long this will be. Maybe just two or three parts. It's hard to say.

Don't get all confused about some of the things the characters say. It has been ten years since the series, so they won't talk about things that they already know about unless it's brought up somehow. I promise you'll get more explained to you, like why they got married in the first place.

Hope you liked it! Now tell me what you think!