Demon-filled Valentine's Candy by Shukumei

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Part 10: "Mind Candy"

Yuuri stepped outside to the courtyard, silently hoping that no one would comment about his nose if they noticed the make-up covering a greenish hue. The king looked up to the sky, darkening blue on one side and orange on the other; the Sun was in the stages of setting. It would be dark enough soon, and no one would probably see it.

People turned at his entrance, bowing. "And the party begins!" Yuri shouted, and everyone applauded. His arrival did mark the start of the party, and maids quickly worked around the courtyard to light small lanterns that were scattered about. As his guests went back to their groupings of chit-chat, Yuri searched for a particular blond.

He didn't have to look for long. Yuuri started to call out to Wolfram but thought better of it when the Prince Consort caught his eye and walked away. Maybe Wolfram wasn't ready to talk just yet.

Yuuri got caught up with his guests that he hadn't yet greeted. He shook hands and conversed with a few of the Ten Nobles? That had the chance to come to the celebration, including Wolfram's uncle, Waltorana von Bielefeld, and Annisina's brother, Densham von Karbelnikoff. There were some others in outlying countries that Yuuri had sent an invite, but like the previous years, they couldn't leave their kingdoms. Sara's birthday was coming up soon, and Yuuri knew he'd get an invitation for that. Later that year, there was also Flurin's wedding to attend. Stoffel insisted on another greeting so that Raven could say hello since he had arrived separate from Stoffel and his lady, Clara.

For the most part, Yuuri saw most of these people on a regular basis, but he was glad there were there.

Someone tapped Yuuri on the shoulder from behind, and he turned, prepared for yet another choreographed 'Hello. Thanks for coming.' Instead, he turned to find his best friend's smile. "Murata," he said and hugged the sage. "And Evelyn, or..." He took Evelyn's hand and bowed slightly, looking up with a raised eyebrow for confirmation.

Evelyn curtsied as best a pregnant woman could with a wicked smile. "Shinou, Your Majesty."

"Ah, should have known." Yuuri kissed their hand anyway to play along with Shinou's curtsy. "Glad you are feeling well enough to attend."

"And you," Shinou said through Evelyn, tapping her nose. "How are you faring?"

"Eh?" Yuuri covered his nose, and scooted closer to Evelyn. He whispered, "You can tell?"

Shinou waved their hand. "No, I just overheard a little birdie."

Murata grabbed Yuuri's arm and pulled him towards him. "That's right. Let me see." He leaned into Yuuri, grasping Yuuri's chin to look him over. "That's some healing power you've got there, my friend. Shinou tells me Wolfram knocked you good."

Yuuri lightly scratched his nose. Nothing more than a tingling pressure now. "It was my fault. I can't really blame him."

Shinou joined in the close huddle again, making sure no one was within earshot. No one usually bothered the three of them when they were talking – too much high rankings made some nervous. "What did you do, Yuuri. Wolfram didn't want to talk about it. Must have been something serious."

"If Wolfram didn't want to talk about it," Yuuri said, looking in Wolfram's direction. "It's probably best that I not discuss it either."

Murata shook his head. "But that's because you don't know what happened yourself, right?"

"Oh..." Shinou perked. "The Maou then?"

Yuuri sighed in frustration. "One minute I was talking to Wolfram about our marriage, and the next I've got him pinned to the ground while my nose is on fire. The look on Wolfram's face – fright and guilt at the same time – I didn't like it. All I seem to do anymore is make him unhappy and upset."

"At this point, I think you're both hurting him." Murata pushed up his glasses. "None of us understand what this Maou thing is. You'll have to be the first to figure it out and control yourself so that this doesn't get any worse. This is the first I'm hearing of the Maou frightening Wolfram enough into self-defense."

Shinou nodded. "It's not like you have two separate souls like in my case. Evelyn and I act apart of one another. Maybe it's my fault when I molded your soul into someone that could save Shin Makoku – there could have been a defeat in there somewhere. I usually know about these things, but your Maou form wasn't something that I had planned."

Yuuri shook his head. "No, I think he is a part of me, despite what I hear of his actions. I remember always being scared about using my Maryoku, and I wanted so badly to help everyone. I've been violent and punished those that I thought deserved it or that threatened my precious friends and family. I think I..." Yuuri looked around – still no one nearby. "I may have tried to force myself on Wolfram today. I don't know what our relationship is like, but Wolfram seems to make us into two separate people now. I've noticed that he's been a bit more hostile when I come out of Maou-mode – easy to snap and irritable."

"Maybe the Maou's been forcing Wolfram's hand more than you think," Murata said.

Shinou interjected. "You said you didn't want to discuss this, yet you're being awful open, young king."

"You both knew it was an issue with the Maou. I thought you might be able to help me out." Yuuri frowned.

"Can we sit somewhere?" Shinou rested a hand on Evelyn's lower back. "All this standing is starting to ache."

Murata took Evelyn's hand. "Yes, let's do." He guided them to a nearby table, turning his head back to Yuuri. "You coming?"

The king nodded.

"So now that we're more comfortable," Shinou said, settling Evelyn's body in a cushioned chair with a heart-shaped backrest, "care to continue?"

"Ah, sure." Yuuri sat down between Murata and Shinou so that the three of them were on the same side of the small round table and didn't need to speak louder across it. "The Maou... Oh, yeah. So, the only time I seem to go into my Maou form anymore is when it comes to Wolfram. I use my Maryoku just fine on my own. I don't get it."

Murata rested his elbow on the table and dropped his chin onto his fist. "Unfortunately, neither do we. Sounds like you use him to cope with the things you're too frightened to deal with."

"That makes sense." Yuuri mimicked Murata's position. "I mean, I first used healing Maryoku without realizing it, but I had no problem using it after that. I was hesitant about my destructive Maryoku though. And... Wolfram. I didn't know how to deal with it."

Shinou slugged Yuuri in the arm playfully. "Do you know how to deal now?"

Murata cleared his throat. "The better question is how do you feel? If Wolfram is the only obstacle in figuring out the cause of your forceful form, then that's what you need to address."

Yuuri looked up, searching the crowd for Wolfram again. The Prince Consort sat at a table across the courtyard, talking with his mother. Cecile had Murata's daughter, Silvia, sitting in her lap, and Wolfram helped spoon feed the young child. "I," Yuuri said and smiled, "I love him."

Murata and Shinou stared at Yuuri, shock evident in their expressions. The sage was the first to recover. "And by love..." He inclined his head to Yuuri with raised eyebrows.

"All I feel for Wolfram is love. It doesn't matter what kind it is. He is my husband. I want to be with him, and I want him to be happy," Yuuri said matter-of-factually. "His happiness is all I've ever wanted."

"Well, I'll be damned," Murata said as he slapped Yuuri in the back. "When did you figure it out? Or have you been lying this whole time?"

Yuuri shrugged, turning to Murata. "I'm not exactly sure. I just looked over and it was clear to me. Maybe I have been lying to myself for a long time. It's this... physical thing I'm having a hard time accepting."

"Get over it," Shinou said, crossing Evelyn's arms across her chest. "No wonder you're getting more forceful or whatever in your other form. You're giving yourself mixed signals."

Before Yuuri could reply, they were joined at the table by Cecile and Wolfram. "I need a break from babysitting," Cecile said with a smile, pawing Silvia off to Shinou-in-Evelyn's-body. "Great Aunt wants to go dancing."

Shinou responded with a returned smile, cradling the young child on Eyelyn's arm. "Thank you, Lady von Spitzweg. I'm taking a break from standing myself." Baby Silvia cooed up at Shinou.

Cecile sauntered off in her red dress with a wave, leaving Wolfram behind at the table. Wolfram avoided Yuuri's gaze. The only sound at the table was that of the blond baby and Shinou whispering for her to say 'papa'. Murata looked at Yuuri until the king felt his stare.

Dance. Murata mimed holding someone in a close dance while inclining his head towards Wolfram sitting across from them.

Stop doing that, I can hear you. Yuuri had discovered that he and Murata could talk to one another privately through telepathy, but it took more concentration that Yuuri liked.

Then ask him.

Oh, we're mind-speaking now? Shinou's voice chimed in. Rather than Evelyn's voice, it really was Shinou's that Yuuri heard in his mind. What's the subject?

Yuuri quietly groaned, a headache already forming from the presence of two voices in his head. Nothing.

I'm trying to convince hm to ask Wolfram to dance.

Shinou gazed over the table at Wolfram. The blond didn't look up from the spot on the table he was focused on. My poor descendant looks depressed. You should comfort him with your newly discovered feelings.

Yuuri rested his head in his hand. It's not that simple.

Murata shrugged. Is it really that complicated?

Yuuri suddenly suddenly stood, swaying on his feet. Just let me handle it.

Wolfram jumped at the sudden movement, looking up at Yuuri. "Ah! I'm sorry. I'll leave if I'm troubling you."

"No, it's not you, Wolfram. I need to get something to eat." Telepathy was one power that Yuuri hadn't gotten used to. He didn't know if it was the lack of practice or the invasion of his personal walls that made him dizzy with exhaustion every time.

Yuuri wandered over to the banquet table, taking a plate that Sangoria offered to him. She bowed her head and offered to serve him as well, but Yuuri waved her off with a "No thank you. I can get it." Yuuri wasn't paying much attention to the food he grabbed, but it was a welcome distraction. And food usually made him feel better after those private chats with Murata. He spotted Effe cutting slices of strawberry shortcake and held out his plate for her to add one to his random servings. "Great job on the food, ladies. I look forward to it with every event."

Effe's cheeks turned nearly the color of her pink dress. "Thank you, Your Majesty. I shall relay the message as usual."

The king glanced over at the table he had shared with Murata and Shinou. Wolfram had Silvia this time, holding her up and then bringing her down to his level to give her nose Eskimo kisses. He could hear the baby's pleased giggles from here. Yuuri smiled, warmth filling him with the happy atmosphere. He decided to leave Wolfram be in his moment with Silvia, and he ended up sitting at a table with Conrad and Yozak. Neither said anything when they looked up to see Yuuri suddenly conflicted expression.


End part 10.

Sorry I had to cut it short. I've been flipping pov's between Wolf and Yuuri, and one of the next scenes needs to be Yuuri's, so I need to squish in a short chapter from Wolfram's pov before I get to it.

Remember that Silvia is 5, but demon years would make her closer to 1 or 2. In this case, she's around the growth and development of a 1-year-old.

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