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Ryoma sighed the 'Twelve days of Christmas' ordeal, as he had dubbed it, had finally been mostly forgotten. Well at least by all who weren't involved. The twelve(plus Yukimura) still brought it up and-molested- spent time with him. And, knowing how big an uproar his birthday/Christmas caused he really didn't want to deal with Valentine's Day.

'Valentine's Day -day of the devil- was bad before when only girls stalked me but boys too?!'

That was Ryoma's first thought when he tried to get out of bed, only to be held down by an unknown force. 'What the?' Ryoma looked down, 'Oh it's just a giant chocolate heart…THE HELL!'

Laying oh-so-innocently on Ryoma was giant, heavy chocolate. He had thought he was used to the -for lack of more insulting word- strange gifts he received. But, this tipped both the strange and weight scale.

Ryoma stayed lying down for a few minutes, 'Maybe this is a sign. Maybe if I get up and go to school, I'll…I'll be raped by a giant bunny! I could just skip…'

"Oi Seishonen! Get off your ass and get ready for school!"

Well, that killed that plan. Ryoma pried himself out of bed and stumbled through the flowers…wait what? Ryoma finally decided to look around his room.

There was still the giant heart on his bed, ponta filling. 'Never knew ponta filling existed…'

Two heart shaped tennis balls. 'How the heck do you deform a tennis ball that much?'

Three red and white fluffy hats. 'If anyone expects me to where those, they must be nuts.'

Four neon pink grip tapes. 'My eyes burn!'

Five golden rings. 'Fucking rich bastard.'

Six dozen carnations scattered all over the floor. 'Oh what I wouldn't do for a flamethrower.'

Seven stuffed hearts. '…Moderately normal'

Eight peppermint flavored kisses lined up on his dresser. 'Le gasp! Normal sized sweets!'

Nine letters stacked up by his bed. 'I really need to check my mail more often.'

Ten coupons for a free burger and drink. 'Yay! Free food!'

Eleven heart patterned bandanas neatly folded on the hats. 'Again, neva-gonna-wanna wear anything so… cheerful!'

Twelve bright now charms for his bracelet. 'My wrist burns from the 210 charms on it already.'

And a giant, huge, like up-to-the-ceiling-from-wall-to-wall card. The card was pitch black except for the gold letters that spelled out, 'Happy Valentine's Day, Ryoma…From Seiichi' 'Shoot. Me. Now.'

Ryoma gave the room one last look over, grabbed one of his golden rackets, hit the chocolate off of his bed, dived under his coves and promptly knocked himself unconscious, screw school.

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