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Sharpay stood in a music room gathering her papers into the pink folder she had been carrying with her everywhere since the start of semester. Then quite out of nowhere two strong arms encircled her waist, pulling her to their owner. She barely had to hear a low moan of contentment to know who it was, and she leaned back into the embrace. The two swayed slowly, absorbing each other, and Sharpay felt as though she could stay like this forever.

She sighed in contentment; he buried his head into her neck, mumbling, "I miss you." She leaned her head onto his, "Us."

She simply turned a little more into him, nuzzling the fluffy chestnut hair, "Mmhmm." Her understood question passed between them, 'What happened?'

He gripped her tighter, sighing, "We were young. Stupid."

She nodded in agreement, a slight smile tugging her lips, "Some more than others." He actually chuckled at the blow, and turned her to face him completely.

Sharpay welcomed the fabric of his navy shirt against her cheek, beside his soft, kissable neck. She took the fabric between her fingers, remembering the texture. Slowly, softly she whispered, "I still love you."

A little tiny vial of feeling had broken as she said it, and Troy could feel one break inside himself as well. He kissed the crown of her head, a tear welling out, "I know," he rasped. "Me too."

Sharpay wrapped her arms around his back and he cradled her head in his one arm. The two swayed slowly, afraid of what would happen if they let go. When they finally did, it was with their hands linked, ready to face the world.


A week later Sharpay lay in her bed, nestled close to his side. He lay, half asleep beside her, stroking her hair with a little hum. She smiled drowsily, never having felt so safe or cared for; wrapped up in his arms.


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