The Charizard Chronicles

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Well, I have finally decided. After liking Charizard so much, and having using him recently in my stories, I have decided to give the most awesome Pokemon a story for his own. Although it's not a story of his own, per se... but it's told from his point of view,

Disclaimer: Charizard and all of the characters/places/references belong to Nintendo.


Introduction from Charizard

Hello. My name, as you all know, is Charizard. I am a proud member of the Super Smash Brothers, and since, I have proved to be among the best of fighters. Of course, it was not always like this. Before, I was the flagship Pokemon of my great Pokemon Trainer, Red, who was the Pokemon Indigo League Champion before heading out to travel all over the world and leaving all of his Pokemon behind, including me.

How I came to the Super Smash Brothers Mansion as a new member of the ever-growing Super Smash Brothers community is quite simple. I have decided to part ways with Professor Oak and all the other Pokemon, and thus, like my former trainer Red, I have decided to branch out and expand my life. I came to meet Master Hand on an accidental occurrence - I bumped into him by mistake, but he seemed to be looking for new members, and he noticed that I would be a perfect candidate. I have never felt so joyous or happy in my life ever since I have become a full-ledge Charizard like my parents... God bless them...

Anyway, this is merely the introduction of my tale. Following would be how I helped Red win the championship battle at the Pokemon Indigo League, part ways with him at Red, left Pallet Town to pursue my destiny, and in the end, how I became a Smasher and struggled to survive the brutal task of making new friends and challenging the harsh battles within the tournaments... and this is how it all begins... the chronicles of me, Charizard...