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Hiruma hated Valentine's Day. It wasn't because of the fangirls, they were much too scared to go anywhere near the club house or practice. No what he hated was that all the aces from all the major teams now had and excuse for giving gifts to his fucking chibi!!!

So far Shin had given Sena a football, not so bad.

Kakei and Mizumachi had come and given the shorty two boxes of chocolate.

Riku had brought a dozen roses, no thorns.

And currently Akaba was getting ready to sing a love song!

'God dammit! I'm not going to fucking 1up a song! I'm ending this now!'

Hiruma smirked, "CERBEROS!" The demon dog rose from its resting place eyes resting on the redhead. Without warning it rushed forward chasing Akaba away before he could play a single note.

"Hiruma-kun! Don't chase away Sena's suitors-I mean friends!!"

Hiruma winced, 'Fucking managers gonna give me an earful.' But, before Mamori could scold him Sena came up with a Valentine for said demonic captain.

It was a simple card one of the ones with a corny love line in it. But, Hiruma couldn't stop the non-demonic smile that came to his lips. Hiruma handed a valentine to Sena almost indifferently, but on the inside he hoped it 1uped all the other's gifts.

Hiruma's card was obviously hand-made. Black hearts stood out against the hot pink back ground. On the inside there was a hand written message, "Because my once black heart was shown the light of love…Aishiteru Sena."

Sena's eye's glistened with happiness. This was by far the best valentine he had ever gotten. It exuded a side of Hiruma only he saw. Only he knew existed. It made him feel special. Sena hugged Hiruma and smiled into his shirt, "Happy Valentine's Day, Youichi."

Hiruma smiled down at the brunet and hugged back, "Happy Valentine's Day, Sena."

Sena could have men throwing themselves at his feet, but as long as he had Hiruma, he had love.

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