This an idea I had the other day and I just couldn't shake it off so I caved and started the story. My other two stories are not forgotten, but I had to start this one. I'm not sure if going to be any good or not, and I've reached a few dead ends in my outline of the story, so ideas would be greatly appreciated as well as any critism about the story. It's all important and it really helps a lot with my writing.

These first two chapters are short, basically serving as an introduction and it moves pretty fast.

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Prologue: A Painful History

"I think its time we left," he red haired man said as he turned to his wife.

"Hai, you're right." He helped her stand and put his right arm around her shoulders as they walked past the stone monuments and back into the city.

On their way back to the dojo a tall spiky haired individual came towards them waving, "Kenshin! Kaoru!"

Kenshin quickly put his normal rurouni smile on his face. "Sanosuke, how are you today?"

"I'm fine. Hey, listen, I'm sorry we haven't come round to see ya'll but things have been crazy lately."

"It's fine, Sano, that it is."

"So where are you to going on such a nice day?"

"Just returning to the dojo, that we are."

Sano took time to actually notice their faces, understanding spreading across his own as the realization of where they had been dawned on him. He made eye contact with Kaoru before speaking to her. "You alright, Jou-chan?"

"Hai, Sano, I'll be fine." Kenshin tightened his arm around her and she gave him a small smile of thanks.

"You know, Jou-chan, Megumi's been wantin' to see you for awhile now but she's been so busy this last week that she hasn't been able to. She wanted me to relay the message if I saw you before she did."

"Think it will be alright if I stop by tomorrow?"

"Yeah, sure, but why don't you wait until evening and come by the house instead of the clinic?"

"That sounds fine."

"And how about afterward you and Megumi-dono stop by for supper?" Kenshin asked. Without waiting for what he knew would be positive answer he spoke again. "It's time we headed home."

"I'll see you tomorrow then."

The next evening, about half an hour before sunset, Kaoru knocked on the door to Sanosuke and Megumi's home. Sano answered and after giving her a quick hug led her to the sitting area. "Hey, I'm sorry about this, but I've got some business to take care of before we eat so I gotta go, but Megumi should be out in a minute. She was changing clothes when I came to let you in. See ya."

"Bye, Sano."

Kaoru didn't have to wait long for her friend to emerge from the back of the house. "Kaoru, I'm so glad you came. I thought I was going to have to track you down myself." She sat down next to Kaoru. "Listen, there's something that I want to talk to you about. First of all, I want to know how you're feeling. Anything strange happening?"

"Sorry to disappoint you, Megumi, but I feel fine."

"Really? Well, I met Kenshin in the market about a month ago and he mentioned that you hadn't been feeling well. When I asked him if I needed to come by he said it was nothing serious, just a little nausea and for me not to worry about it. And so I didn't think about again until I was with another patient last week and I remembered his words. I also recall seeing you during that time and noticing that you looked weaker than normal and a little pale. When I saw you I just immediately dismissed it as exhaustion, but now that I've thought about it, I think there may be more to it than that?"

"You think I might be sick?"

"No, not sick, per say." She thought for a moment before asking her next question bluntly. "Kaoru, when was your last period?"

Shock crossed Kaoru's face. "I can't honestly remember. Looking back it's been awhile. There's been so much going on I wasn't pay attention. You don't think . . ."

"I think its time for a thorough exam."

Megumi stood behind Kaoru, tying the knot on the younger woman's obi. When she finished Kaoru turned around to face her, a disheartened look on her face. Upon noticing it Megumi pulled Kaoru into her arms and hugged her tightly.

"I'm sorry that this has happened to you again so soon. Please don't start crying because we'll never be able to calm Kenshin down."

"How long do I have to tell him?"

"My professional guess is that you're at least three months along." She pulled back to arms length so they could look at each other. "Kaoru, listen to me, this is a blessing you're being given. So many other women don't get a second chance."

"I'm not sure I want one."

"Don't say that."

"It's not that I'm not happy about it, because I am. It's just that I'm scared because I don't want to go through that again."

Later that night Kenshin woke up and realized his wife wasn't under the blankets with him. As he sat up he saw that the shoji that led outside was open and Kaoru was sitting on the porch beyond. He let out sigh of relief seeing her there, unharmed and moved to go to her.

He stood behind her, his left hand on her right shoulder and her right hand reached up to cover his. "Gomen, for waking you."

"Don't be sorry. What's bothering you, koishii?" When she didn't answer him Kenshin noticed that she was staring up at the night sky. "You need to be happy, even though it hurts. Kenji is looking down on us right now and he doesn't want to see his mother so sad."

"I can't help it," she said quietly as tears began sliding down her cheeks. "I miss him so much."

Kenshin bent to pick her up and moved them to the wall so he could rest his back on it while she sat in his lap. "Why are you so upset tonight? Please tell me. I hate seeing you this way." He said as he rubbed his face in her hair, trying to hold back his own tears.

"Because I'm scared of going through that again. I don't want to deal with the heartache a second time."

"We don't have to try again until you're ready, koishii."

"It's too late."

"How can it be too late? We've got lots of time to try again."

"It's not that we can't try again."

"I don't understand."

"I'm pregnant again, Kenshin."

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