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To be hurt, To feel lost, To be left out in the dark, To be kicked, When you're down, To feel like you've been pushed around, to be on the edge of breaking down and no ones there to save, no you don't know what its like, welcome to my life.

"Mmm.." a tired voice mumbled, draping the covers over his head and rolling over to snuggle more deeply into the warmth that surrounded him. His sleepy mind vaguely wondering why he never slept this well before…

To be hurt, To feel lost, To be left out in the dark, To be kicked, When you're down, To feel like you've been pushed around, to be on the edge of breaking down and no ones there to save, no you don't know what its like, welcome to my life.

"Ugh.." he groaned, cracking his eyes open a bit and instantly closing them again when accursed sunlight decided to taunt his still sensitive pupils. Not being able to ignore that irritating ringing this time, he, reluctantly, unwrapped one arm from his blissful warmth and groped around on the bed for his cell phone.

To be hurt, To feel lost, To be left out in the dark, To be kicked, When you're down, To feel like you've been pushed arou-

"What?!" He hissed rather rudely into the phone, hey, cut him some slack, its been along time since he'd slept this well.

"Sasuke!?" A voice yelled out in surprise. "Sasuke…." This time more softer, in relief. "Sasuke! Where the hell are you! You know you've got a lot of fucking nerve to just disappear like that all of a sudden then have us running around town looking for your sorry ass because somebodydecides he doesn't want to answer his god damn cell phone!" Sasuke sits up, fully awake now, and rubs his temples feeling an on coming headache at the enraged voice of his brother.

"Itachi, look I-"

"No! You shut up! You don't get to talk! You…you self-centered bastard! Do you have any idea how worried I've been! How worried we've been, you know, your friends, the ones that actually give a shit about you, a hell of a lot more then the guy I just know your fucking!" He practically screeched. Sasuke winched, guilt creeping up into his heart just a bit.

"Brother look its not my fault I-"

"Didn't I tell you to shut up?! God, Sasuke,…Neji pretty much had a fucking seizure when he realized you were missing, mom and dad…oh my god don't get me started, I've had them on my ass all night, I almost told them the truth… do you know how hard it is to lie when your also worried about what happened to your baby brother?! You could have been in some dumpster some where raped and chopped up, or you could of been kidnapped..or-" His rant was cut short by an annoyed raven.

"That's just it! I waskidnapped!" Sasuke exasperated. Combing a hand threw his long disheveled hair.

A short silence followed his answer.

"What?!" Sasuke sighed.

"Yeah, but don't worry I'm fine.."

"The fuck?! How can I not worry, you just told me you were kidnapped! What happened?! Should I call the police? What…how.. Who?"

"U-zu-ma-ki. Turns out the only reason he was on our side of town was because he wanted me."

"What…no way! That homophobe?!"

" I know, he's a total straight boy in denial closet case."

"So what did you do, did you get away? What happened."

Sasuke bit his lip. "…..Well."

Itachi let out and overly exaggerated gasp. " You didn't…" He wailed, voice dripping with disbelief.

"No! No you don't understand! I tried to get away, I did! I yelled and everything! But he had me tied up and pinned to his couch and he kept licking and whispering in my ears! You know how sensitive they are!" He explained, desperately trying to defend his shameful act with the schools biggest asshole.

" So… it was… rape?"

There was a short silence and Sasuke bit his lip again.


"Sasuke! You fucked a jock!" Sasuke snorted.

"Its not like this is the first time.."

"Yes, but this particular jock is the same guy that cause you so much grief freshman, sophomore, and junior year! The same guy the caused you to come home all bruised and-"

"I get it Itachi, just don't bring that up.." Sasuke sighed " I get what your saying its just, last night he ….I don't know, maybe he's changed….look, Itachi, I got to go he's in the shower right now and I just heard the water turn off, see you at home ok and sorry for all the trouble I've caused, tell Neji to quit being such a drama queen." Sasuke heard Itachi sigh.

"I hope you know what your doing, little brother.." with that last statement there was an soft click and phone went dead.

"Me too.." He thought. just then the bathroom door opened up and a tall blonde wearing nothing but boxers exited the bathroom toweling his hair. He leaned against the wall and stared at Sasuke.

"You look like shit." He stated. Sasuke simply glared at him and moved the covers aside reveling his naked body. He stood up and made a move towards the bathroom door.

"Why thank you, aren't you the smooth talker, your not so bad your self handsome." Before Sasuke could even touch the bathroom door, he was suddenly jerked into strong tan arms. His bare ass, pressed nicely against a boxer'd covered crotch. Naruto leaned down a took one of Sasuke's small ears into his mouth.

"No need to get hissy," he started with a quick jerk of his hips, jock sliding out the slip of his boxers and into another more pleasurable one( In his crack you guys not his hole, lol), " Ah….Why don't we …take a shower …together? I could always go for another. Hmm, how 'bout it, kitten?" He ended with a groan of pleasure, when Sasuke suddenly squeezed around him. Sasuke would never admit it but whenever Naruto called him kitten, it sent electric shock waves up and down his spine, so powerful that his knees nearly gave out. God, did that turn him on.

'That reaction probably has a lot to do with last night….' He blushed a bit at the memory.

Flash back

Sasuke's half lidded pleasure-filled eyes hungrily drunk in the sight of this beautiful man quivering and moaning above him. He loved to watch how he moved in such a sensual way, thrusting deep and hard, forcing loud moans from said mans lips. Muscles glistened with sweat, flexing and un-flexing, hands clutching at his pale hips so hard, that he was sure there'd be a bruise tomorrow. Naruto stared back down at him with lust filled passionate eyes, so dark, that they were a stunning violet.

He slammed into him over and over again. Biting his lip, Sasuke clenched the sheets behind his head into tight balls as his hips were lifted up off the bed and pounded into vigorously.

"GOD! Na-na-na-….RUTO! G-..g..od! Fuck! Ah, ah-ha guug.. nng! ahh!" With a snarl the blond dropped hime and grabbed a fist full of long black hair, roughly pulling his head back, and ravishing his neck, thrusting in deep, sensual circles.

"Na-naruto! Ah!…ngh..!" Releasing his neck, satisfied with the deep purple bruise, he jerked the mans head again so that he was staring him directly in the eyes.

"That's right kitten, scream my name! Show me how much you love my cock in your ass!" He thrust his hips particularly hard , hitting that right spot dead on. Sasuke jerked roughly and screamed. "Ahhh…HA…Ah! Oh fuuuuuck! God, yeaah! R-r-right…… THERE! FUCK!"

Pinning pale wrists above his head, the blond leaned down and kissed the man passionately, tongue's moving in the most sensual of ways. Pulling back ,he licked and nibbled on pink lips a bit before trailing his tongue down the base of his chin then up towards the ear and whispered, in a voice so passionate, so husky, and so weak with pleasure that Sasuke nearly orgasimed right there."My fucking slutty kitten, I'm gonna fuck you, I'm gonna fuck you all.. night ..long..(1)" After that everything to Sasuke was gone to the world besides pleasure and Narutos name.

"Ah.. Kitten…..!"


Sasuke bit his lip and blinked a couple of times, attempting to chase the memory away, his knees were quivering a bit. Taking a deep breath, he successfully cleared his head and turned his attention to the horny blond man behind him. Smirking a bit, Sasuke squeezed around him again, earning a moan. Reaching up and behind him , he wrapped his arms around Narutos neck and leaned his head onto his shoulder blade.

Kissing the tan neck he whispered, " Take a shower together? Mmm, as tempting as that offer is, I'm afraid that might lead to other thing we just don't have the time for." Sasuke smirked when the blonds face fell. "But, since you gave such a good performance last night I've decided to give you a reward." Turning in his arms, he gave a chaste kiss to his pale pink lips, biting it a bit, and smirked devilishly.

"Keep perfectly still, and watch very closely Naruto, because this," He whispered seductively, falling to his knees and staring at that thick, pulsating and happily twitching member with eyes resembling those of a starved man. "You'll most defiantly want to remember." With one last look into lusty blue eyes, Sasuke licked his lips and opened wide.

"Ah! Fuck, kitten…"


Sasuke slammed his locker closed and nearly jumped out of his skin at the sight of a furious Neji standing behind it. Releasing the hand that had reflexively sprung to his heart Sasuke wrapped an arm around the angry brunet's shoulders.

"Neji, Neji, Neji my frigid friend, you have gotto stop doing that." He said in a disappointed tone of voice and a shake of his head. Neji glared at him, roughly shrugging the hand off his shoulder.

"You know Sasuke, you've got a lot of nerve. Disappearing like that in the middle of the night, having me frantic with worry staying up half the night searching for you, Then you call me, the next day, with some bullshit apology and the only excuse you have is , 'something came up!?'" Closing his eyes Neji attempted to calm himself. With a deep breath and a shake of his head, he walked off muttering to himself. "I don't know why I even deal with this shit, its not like that slutty bastard gives a damn, so why the hell should I?"

Sasuke quickly jogged after his friend, biting his lip in guilt. Catching up to him, he once again wrapped an arm around the stiff boys shoulders, refusing to be shrugged off. "Look Neji, I really am sorry. I swear, I didn't plan what happened yesterday! Please don't be mad at me, you're my best friend." Sasuke bit his lip, giving his most convincing puppy dog pout. Neji stared at Sasuke long and hard before sighing in defeat. Shrugging Sasuke of him once again ,he grabbing hold of Sasukes long ponytail(2) and yanked, hard.

"OW!" Sasuke screeched.

"If you ever pull a stunt like that again I swear Sasuke, I. will. neuter. you. Got it?" He said with a tug to his hair after each threatening word.

"Ok, OK! I got it! Just..just let go of my hair!" He whimpered. With one last tug he released his friends hair, a viscous glare sent his way from said friend.

"Neji, you-" Sasuke started angrily, but was interrupted by a shout from down the hall.

"SASUKE!" Someone called out. Turning in reaction to his name, Sasuke smirked at the person waving at him in frantic ways, lifting his hand in greeting also, Sasuke turned towards Neji.

"See you at lunch ok, I better go before that idiot pisses himself from getting to excited." With that, Sasuke made his way down the hall towards his friend, not noticing the longing grief filled eyes staring at his retreat.

"Why, of all people, did I have to fall in love with the most unattainable?" Neji thought sadly, turning and heading towards his next class.


" Is that my most shallow, superficial bitch of a friend, Haku I see?" A playful Sasuke called towards his pretty friend, leaning on the lockers beside him.

"And is that my most sluttish bastardly number one queer of a friend Sasuke I see?" An equally playful voice taunted back. Sasuke rolled his eye's.

"So, what was so important you just had to tell me, that had you jumping around like the idiot you are?" Haku ignored the insult, seemingly to excited care.

"Two words Sasuke, New. Student." That had Sasuke's attention.

" A new student? Really? Male or female?" Haku rolled his eyes.

"Come on now Sasuke! Do you really think I'd waste my time telling you about this if it were a female?" Sasuke just clicked his teeth.

"Whatever, details Haku."

"Ok so, he's tall, red-headed, gorgeous blue eye's, and most rugged, sexiest smile you've ever seen." Sasuke nodded his head, interested.

"Straight, gay or bi?" Haku bit his lip.

"I honestly don't know with this one. He's a bit of a loner, didn't really check out the girls and barely looked at the guys."

"Hmm, ok, is he buff?"


"Lost of calluses on his hands?"


"Any scars?"

"A few but Sasuke where-"

"He's a total jock. Mostly likely straight or bi-curious." Haku nodded and opened his mouth to speak, but stopped when he noticed Sasuke's attention was not on him but behind him. He turned around to see what had occupied his friends choice of vision.

Naruto stood in big group of buff men, arm around some pretty girls shoulders, laughing at something someone said. He glanced over at the staring Sasuke and smirked, tipping his head a little, in greeting.

Sasuke blushed a bit, unnoticeable to him but not Haku, and smirked himself, flipping some hair of his shoulder to show the deep purple bruise on his neck. Naruto's smirked morphed into a little grin and shook his head turning his attention back towards his group of friends.

Haku was staring at Sasuke in a mix of both shock and confusion.

"Sasuke! You…your, blushing! And smiling! At Uzumaki!" Haku screeched in shock, no believing what he was seeing. Sasuke blushed a little deeper, giving Haku a scandalous look.

"Are you out of you mind! To Naruto?! Yeah right! Come on we're going to be late for class." He grabbed his friends wrist and dragged him down the hall, people were stating to stare.

"But you just called him Naruto!"

"Shut up, Haku!"

As they disappeared down the hall, an unfamiliar pair or blue eyes watched in amusement. (3)


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