This is a House MD horror fic which means ghosts, demons, and spooky high schools. So if you're not into that stuff avert your eyes now. This fic will also be a House/Chase fic with a dash of Wilson on the side. I own nothing except Jasper and if you try and take him I'll pull a Sweeney Todd on you. Hope you enjoy and please review.

There was fire; everywhere he turned he was surrounded by scalding hot flames that licked at his skin and danced around him mockingly as he tried in vain to escape. He opened his mouth to scream for help but he inhaled smoke and ash and it felt as if his lungs were collapsing and he tried desperately to breathe clean air. But with each breath his lungs burned and he felt his stomach churn as he smelt burned flesh and hair all around him.

He fell to the ground as the heat of the flames got to be too much and his skin bubbled and popped. His eyes felt as if they were melting in their sockets as everything went dark around him but he could still hear the pop and hiss of his skin, the crackle and roar of the fire, and the screams; God the screams and howls of so many dying around him as he died slowly without so much as a cry for help.

The sounds whirled around him until he couldn't take it and his charred hands reached up to cover his ears and if he had had eyes he would have cried when he felt his hands crumble into ash when he pressed them against the side of his head.

The screams and crackle of the fire grew louder and louder until finally he summoned enough air in his lungs to scream out in agony.

Everything stopped, everything was dark and all he could hear was his frantic breathing.

His heart stopped beating in his chest and his lungs ceased to pull in air when he heard a cold voice whisper into his ear "Beware the walls of acid."

Chase woke and shot up in his bed, gasping for air, heart pounding in his chest, his dream and the mockingly cold voice still swirling in his aching head. Looking over at his clock he groaned when he saw it was 4:23 in the morning, he had to get ready for work in 2 hours and after his vision he was in no mood to deal with patients or his boss today. Throwing off the covers he stood from his bed and made his way over to the bedroom window. Leaning against the sill he pressed his sweaty forehead to the cool glass and stared out into the world.

"'Ad another vision eh?" he heard a voice with a rough British accent ask behind him.

"It's nothing Jasper," Chase said, his eyes still on outside world.

"It's never nothin Robbie you know that."

Chase turned to face his friend and sighed as he saw the younger man's worried expression. "I don't really want to get into this right now," Chase said.

Jasper nodded his head reluctantly, his black hair falling into his blue eyes. "I thought you were going out tonight?" Chase asked, wanting to change the subject.

"'Ad a feelin you'd been needin me 'ere tonight, looks like I's right," Jasper said.

Chase snorted and rolled his eyes at the other man "What are you my guardian angel now?"

Jasper grinned and leaned back against the far wall. Chase looked his friend over, his thin black hair fell down to his chin; he wore a dirty white long sleeved shirt with a ragged brown waist coat over top, his dirty black trousers were tucked into black boots that looked as if they had seen better days. Chase's green eyes fell on brownish green neck rag that partly hid a long slice around Jasper's neck. A slit throat, it was Jasper's 18th birthday present from his mother who had gone mad after seeing her son with another man.

"Better me than someone else love," Jasper said and Chase nodded his head.

The two were silent and Chase looked back out the window and saw a kindly old woman following a twitching junkie past his apartment building.

"Sad that," Jasper said as he silently appeared beside the blonde but Chase said nothing.

"What do you know about walls of acid?" Chase asked finally.

"This bout that vision ya 'ad innit?" Jasper asked.

"There was fire and I was being burned to death, there was screaming all around me; then it all stopped and I heard something tell me to 'beware the walls of acid', I didn't like the voice that said it either, it was too cold and emotionless," Chase explained.

Jasper frowned not liking the sound of Chase's vision at all. "I'll see what I can dig up pet but you'd best get back ta bed, get that beauty sleep so ya can save some lives, you see too many ghosts already love," Jasper said and Chase nodded his head and made his way back to bed.

"Don' worry bout it now Robbie jus sleep," Jasper said before disappearing and leaving Chase alone once more.

The blonde sighed and fell back onto the bed. He wondered if he could just ignore the vision and just carry on with his normal routine, the last time he had tried to carry out a vision he had almost been killed and he didn't want to join the ranks of the shadows just yet.

He looked over at his clock and sighed once more as he read the time as 4:54 in the morning.

"It's going to be a long day," Chase mumbled.

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