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"How do I look Jasper?" Chase asked nervously as he stood in front of his bedroom mirror.

Jasper smiled as he looked Chase over and said softly "Gorgeous, love."

"Really?" Chase asked as he looked back at his friend "I mean I don't know how fancy this place is, maybe I should have called and asked House."

"Calm down pet, everythin's gonna be just fine, and ya look fantastic ok," Jasper said as he put a reassuring hand on Chase's shoulder.

Chase sighed and nodded his head "I just don't want to fuck this up ya know."

"I know," Jasper said softly as he moved to stand behind Chase and wrapped his arms around the blond's waist before resting his chin on Chase's shoulder.

Chase shivered slightly, he always loved Jasper's touch, it had always comforted and calmed him over the years. Most people who were touched by a ghost always felt extreme cold when touched, as if they had been hit by an arctic blast but for Chase the touch was as if a human had just come in from the cold, he didn't know why the touch of a ghost felt warmer to him but he wasn't complaining it meant that Jasper could touch him as much as he wanted and it wouldn't bother him much.

Chase was thrust out of his thoughts as he heard a knock at the door. "That's House," Chase said and Jasper unhooked himself from his friend and watched as the young blond hurried to answer the door.

House was hardly ever speechless but when Chase opened the door he could find no words. Chase was dressed in a tight fitting dark green short sleeved button up shirt and faded blue jeans that hugged him in all the right places.

"Um, hey…I hope I'm not under dressed for where we're going, if I am I can go change really quick," Chase said nervously.

House snapped out of his mental drooling and said "No, you're fine."

Chase nodded and grabbed his wallet and keys off the small table by the door. "Ready?" House asked.

"Yea," Chase said as he followed House out of the apartment, turning back to close the door he saw Jasper sitting on the couch and he frowned and wondered why the ghost wasn't coming with them.

"Have fun love, don't be out too late," Jasper said with a smile and Chase chuckled before closing and locking the door.

He had faced down countless of demons and enraged spirits in his life time, had seen horrors most people had never even dreamed off and had come out relatively unscathed. But he was more nervous as he sat in front of House at a corner table in Riccatoni's Italian Bistro than he had ever been going in to fight a demon. Chase would probably prefer to be fighting the devil himself than sitting awkwardly, his eyes concentrated on the menu in front of him.

"Jasper around anywhere?" he heard House ask. Chase looked up and shook his head "No he decided to stay home," Chase said and House nodded.

They were quiet once more only speaking to place their orders. Chase fiddled with the edge of the table cloth as he tried to think of something to say.

"Talk about music dear, Greg loves music," She had a warm Dutch accent and her voice made him miss his granny.

Chase smiled and glanced over House's shoulder to see a small woman in her early 70's smiling at him, a happy twinkle in her eye.

"So what kind of music do you like?" Chase asked and House visibly relaxed.

House and Chase exited the small restaurant two hours later, smiling and laughing together. Chase had never seen House so relaxed and he had the elderly woman following House to thank. She had guided him through the conversation, giving him topics she knew House would like and talk adamantly about. Chase had learned more about his boss in one night than he had in three and a half years.

"Thank you for dinner House I really enjoyed it," Chase said as they walked back to House's car.

House just shrugged but Chase could tell that the older man was happy that he had had a good time.

"Dear could you do something for me?" the old woman asked him.

He nodded as he got into the car and she gave him a warm smile. "Can you please tell Greg that his Oma is watching over him?" she asked.

Chase looked over at House and put a hand on his arm, stopping the older man from starting the car. House looked over at the blonde wondering what was wrong.

"House…" Chase started, he knew that this woman was House's grandmother, he had heard of her in passing over the past few years, had seen her around work many times and he knew that House had loved her dearly.

"I…I need to tell you something," Chase said.

House was beginning to worry. The older man was sure that Chase would tell him that he had had a good time but it was all a mistake and he didn't really love him after all. House gripped the steering wheel in an effort not to hit something. How could he have opened himself up to Chase, he felt so stupid?

"What?" House's voice was on edge and Chase looked at him sadly.

"You're Oma told me to tell you that she's watching over you," Chase said softly.

House was speechless, he had been so sure that Chase was going to tell him that he didn't want to be with him. Oma, she had told Chase to tell him that she was watching over him.

"Oma?" House asked in surprise and Chase nodded. "She's sitting in the back seat at the moment, I've seen her around you a lot."

House looked in the rear view mirror even though he knew he wouldn't be able to see her, not unless Chase sent out an EMP but his body wasn't ready for even the smallest of pulses yet.

"When I get my strength back you can see her ok, I promise," Chase said and he reached up to touch House's cheek.

House tore his gaze away from the rear view mirror and turned his head to look at Chase and before he could stop himself he crushed his lips to Chase in a fierce kiss.

"You might want to tell her to go hang out with Jasper, cause I'm taking you home Death Walker," House growled fiercely and Chase laughed before kissing House once more.

Oma smiled fondly at the two boys before slipping out of the car as House turned the key in the ignition and the car roared to life. She watched the two speed away, she was so happy that her grandson had found such a loving and strong boy to take care of him.

"Cute couple huh?" she nodded as she heard a familiar voice behind her.

"Yea, spose we're banned from our respective places a rest huh," Jasper said as he came to stand beside Oma.

"Only Greg's apartment dear, I don't think Robert will be coming home tonight," Oma said.

Jasper smiled sadly before holding out his arm "Shall we then love?" he asked.

"Why thank you dear," Oma said with a laugh and took Jasper's arm and the two walked towards Chase's apartment as their two living loved ones spent an evening together.