*~* Broken Hearts *~*

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Chapter 1: Confrontation

Elizabeth Wakefield
I was right. There was something going on between Conner and Tia. I just can't believe that Tia would do that to me. I don't think I have the nerve to even look at her anymore. I never knew she was a backstabber either.

Tia Ramirez
I feel so guilty. I should have never kissed Conner but I just had this sudden urge to do it. He is a great kisser. What am I going to say to Liz tomorrow in school?

Conner McDermott
I just fallen into a deep hole. Liz saw us. What am I going to do?

"Liz I think you should calm down and talk." Jessica said.
"How do you expect me to calm down when I just found out that Tia and Conner were together," Liz said sobbing hysterically, "I knew there was something wrong going on and I had to find out the hard way."
"Maybe you should let them explain." Jessica said.
"What is there to explain?," Liz said, "I saw them kissing passionately and how do you expect them to explain that?"
"I'm sorry but you should at least talk to Conner about it." Jess said.
"What would he have to say to me anyway?" Liz said
"You should at least give him a chance to explain." Jess said.
"I just want to be along for now Jess." Liz said
"Okay, I'll let you get some rest but if you need to talk I'm right next door." Jess said. She got out of the room and went downstairs.
How could Tia do this to me? I thought she was suppose to be my friend, Liz thought, I have to talk to Maria about this. She calls Maria and on the third ring her friend picks up.
"Hello" Maria said.
"Hey Maria, it's me Liz." Liz said
"What's the matter?" Maria asked, "You sound like you just cried."
"Can you come over?" Liz asked, "I really need someone to talk to right now and Jess isn't helping at all."
"Okay, I'll come in about five minutes." Maria said.
"Thanks." Liz said.
"Hey that's what friends are for." Maria said, "Bye!"
"Bye." Liz said.

I can't wait till Maria comes. I know she'll make me feel better, Liz thought. Everytime she thought about Conner and Tia in each other arms made her feel sicker in the stomach. She heard a knock on the door.
"Who is it?" Liz asked.
"It's me." Maria said and came in the room.
"Hey." Liz said.
"Oh my God," Maria said looking at Liz's puffy red eyes, "What happened?"
"I found Conner and Tia in kissing on her bed when I went over to Tia's house this morning." Liz said and started to cry again.
"Oh God Liz, I'm so sorry," Maria said, "I should've believed you when you told me that you had a hunch that something was wrong."
"It's not your fault," Liz said, "Besides I never thought that Conner would ever cheat on me."
"What did he have to say?" Maria asked.
"I didn't talk to him yet," Liz said, "I just bolted out the door the minute I saw them kissing."
"Did they see you?" Maria asked.
"Yeah," Liz said, "They looked so shocked."
"I think you should talk to Conner." Maria said.
"Why does everyone want me to confront him?" Liz said.
"Maybe that's the only way that you can solve this problem." Maria said and gave her friend a hug.
"Thanks, I needed that." Liz said.
"So are you going to listen to me and go over to Conner's house right this second?" Maria asked, "Give him time to explain."
"I guess you're right." Liz said, "Thank you so much for making me feel better."
"You're welcome." Maria said, "I have to go over to Ken's now so I'll see you tomorrow in school."
"Yeah thanks again." Liz said. Maria gets up and goes out the door. *******************************************************
"Tia Ramirez, what do you have to say about all this?" Tia's mom asked.
"Mom, it's not what you think it is." Tia said.
"Then what is it?" her mom asked.
"Mrs. Ramirez, I was just sleeping over." Conner said.
On her bed?" her mom said in a harsh tone.
"Conner just had some problems at home and he needed someone to talk to so he came to me." Tia explained, "We talked for a long time and we both fell asleep without knowing."
"Conner, I want to talk to Tia privately." Tia's mom said sternly.
"Okay," Conner said, "I'll see you tomorrow in school." Conner got up from the bed and walks out the door.
"Tia, is there anything you want to talk about?" her mom asked full of concern.
"Mom I'm fine." Tia said, "I'm not a little kid anymore, I can take care of myself."
"I know sweetheart but if there is ever something you want to talk about, I hope you know that you can come to me." her mom said. She gave her a hug and got up.
"Mom, don't worry about me." Tia said.
"Take care of yourself." her mom said and went downstairs.
How am I going to tell Liz?, Tia thought. I am so nervous now. Why did my life have to get so complicated? Should I call her? Maybe not. I'll see her in school tomorrow anyway and I'll tell her it was just a mistake. Yeah it was just a mistake, Tia thought. *******************************************************
Liz got out of the Jeep and rang the doorbell. She waited a couple of minutes but when no one answered she decide that maybe there was no one home. But at that moment, the front door was opened and she was face to face with Conner.
Oh my God, she thought, what am I going to say to him?
"Hey" Conner said and his face was paler than usual.
"We need to talk." Liz said and went in the house.
"What happened Conner?" Liz asked.
"I messed up." Conner said and avoiding eye contact.
"I know but why did you kiss Tia?" Liz asked.
"I don't know." Conner said.
"You don't know?" Liz said in a louder tone.
"I'm sorry okay." Conner said.
"Conner, sorry isn't going to help." Liz said and she started to cry, "Why did you have to lie to me?"
"I didn't mean to lie," Conner said, "But I just needed someone to talk to."
"What about me?" Liz asked.
"What about you?" Conner asked.
"You know that you could've come to me if you needed someone to talk to." Liz said.
"I didn't want to come between you and your job." Conner said in mocking tone.
"I didn't have to work yesterday remember." Liz said.
"I think we should take a step back." Conner said out of the blue.
"What-t?" Liz asked.
"I think maybe it'll be good for both of us if we gave each other some space." Conner said.
"Don't we have enought space already." Liz said loudly.
"I just want us to take a break for a while." Conner said and finally looked straight at her eyes.
"Fine, if that's the way you want it," Liz said and her tears started streaming down her face. She ran out the door and climbed back into the Jeep. She had to get away from there as soon as possible. She just couldn't take all the hurt that was in her heart.

Conner McDermott
Did I do the right thing?

Elizabeth Wakefield
I wonder if he misses me.

Tia Ramirez
Should I give Conner a call?

Maria Slater
I've never been a love expert or anything but I think what I told Liz to do was the right thing. Right???

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