*~* Broken Hearts *~*

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Chapter 10: Reality

"Wake up Liz." Jess shouted.
"What time is it?" Liz asked sitting up on her bed.
"7:00 o' clock. You know time for school." Jess said.
"Why are you up so early?" Liz asked.
"Lila's waiting for me downstairs." Jess said, "I have to make a grand entrance with her today.
"You come up with the strangest ideas you know." Liz said.
"Hello Liz? It's our first day as seniors." Jess said.
"I just had the strangest dream." Liz said.
"What was it about?" Jess asked.
"Well I moved in with this family and there was this really hot guy. We dated and stuff but then his best friend came between us. There was still more but you woke me up." Liz said.
"Hot guy?" Jess asked, "What's his name?"
"Yeah he was gorgeous and I forgot his name." Liz said.
"Well what did he look like?" Jess asked.
"He had the most gorgeous green eyes I've ever seen." Liz said.
"Now why can't I dream about him." Jess said.
"It felt so real." Liz said.
"You're soo lucky." Jess said.
"I'm going to get dress and then the three of us can make a grand entrance." Liz said.
"Before I go was I in your dream?" Jess asked.
"Yeah your rept. was completely ruin by this girl because you did something to her boyfriend and there was a whole thing about these two other guys you dated." Liz said.
"That can never be." Jess said, "Why would my rept. be ruin?"
"I don't know." Liz said, "But it's just a dream it's not like it's going to happen."
"You sure do have weird dreams." Jess said.
"Can you please leave now so I can get dress?" Liz asked.
"Someone is pushy today." Jess said and left the room.
I can't believe I had that dream, Liz thought as she got dressed. Some stuff didn't even make sense. Oh well it's just a dream. I better get downstairs. It's going to be blast this school year. I could feel it all the way.


Liz sat down for her first day of Creative Writing and turned around to say something to Enid when she saw "him."
"Ohmigod." Liz said.
"What?" Enid asked.
"That...that...that's the guy from my dream." Liz said.
"Ohmigod he's hot." Enid said.
The guy suddenly looked up.
"Yo Conner." A guy she recognized from her dream shouted across the room.
"What's up Marsden?" Conner asked.
They went into their own little conversation and she turned back around.
"So what were you saying about the guy in your dream?" Enid asked.
"Okay it may sound freaky but I really did have that dream, Liz said, "Well it started out like this...................."

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