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Odyssean Love

Chapter 1



Today was the four week anniversary of Tyler and my relationship. I was excited beyond comprehension as I crossed and re-crossed my legs nervously under the table of an old-looking café, waiting for Tyler to come to sweep me off me feet. A plump woman wobbled around the café, wiping the tables with a rough cloth. I was a little confused at my boyfriend's suggestion for our dining place. Seeing as today was our four week anniversary, I would have though that Tyler would have brought me to somewhere … less shabby than this café.

Oh well, Bella, it's good enough, it's the thought that counts, really, I thought as I crossed my legs again. We were both in college and we needed to save as much money as possible for our studies. It's absolutely understandable.

I smiled to myself. This was enough for me, truly.

"Hey, ye. Ye want somethink?" The woman asked me, spitting as she spoke.

"Oh, yes please, some green tea would be nice," I smiled warmly at her as she wobbled towards the kitchen. I would slip her a tip later, I thought. I was feeling generous today.

I had never been too good at relationships in the past. Most of my previous relationships usually blew off in three weeks, take or give some days. The four weeks with Tyler really was an achievement for me.

As I looked down to check my watch, I heard the plump woman grunt. Looking up, I saw my Tyler standing by the doorway, gasping for breath. His hair was all messed up, looking oily.

He was twenty-seven minutes late, but it doesn't matter. Our love is what matters.

"Tyler!" I greeted him as he walked towards me slowly. Then I started excitedly. "This is our four week anniversary! And it's Valentine's Day too!"

"Um, yeah, about that …" Tyler muttered as he settled down opposite of me. He started playing with the buttons on his shirt

"Come sit by me, sweetie," I offered, patting the seat next to me as I smiled at him.

"No thanks, Bella," he looked down at the tablecloth. Something was clearly bothering him. I looked at him to inspect what could be wrong when I notice a half-dead single rose sticking out of his backpack. My smile grew bigger as I realized how thoughtful he was, even though the flower wasn't in the best condition.

"Oh! Tyler, is that for me?!" I exclaimed as I rushed over to take it out of his bag. I pressed it to my nose as I inhaled the scent of the flower. It smelt a little like petrol, but then again, it's the thought that counts. "You are the sweetest!"

"Actually, about that, no, it's not for you," Tyler finally looked up and snatched the rose from me harshly. The thorns on the rose pricked my finger and it started to bleed. I sucked on it. "I'm sorry, Bella, but this relationship isn't getting anywhere. I want out. Bye, Bella."

He told me that in a rush as he gathered his bag and turned to leave.

I was in shock. He just … left. On our four week anniversary …

"Are ye 'kay?" The woman who was cleaning the tables asked me.

I was silent for a few moments until I finally heaved a sigh and walked dejectedly out of the broken down café.

"Hey, ye forgit to pay!" She screamed after me. I ignored her as I walked out, drowning in my own misery.

I walked one step at a time as I headed home, kicking a few pebbles here and there carelessly.

Why did life have to be so unfair to me?

Why can't I have a normal relationship for once? Just once.

I sighed and tugged at the strap of my handbag as I trudged slowly towards home.

Renee and Charlie would probably be disappointed, again, but will try their best to encourage me.

I would keep up a brave face just for them, I decided as I puffed out my chest, refusing to be defeated, and walked more forcefully towards my house.

Yes, although I had failed once again, I will keep trying. I will do my best. Everything will be fine.

I turned the corner proudly, keeping up a brave face for my parents, only to be met with the most unexpected sight of all. My mouth dropped open at the mere sight of it.

Parked outside my house were two black, shiny limos with six motorcycles by each side. Flags that were fitted on the rear of the limos were blowing violently in the wind. Men in uniforms were around speaking into what looked like walkie-talkies urgently. I closed my mouth, my teeth making a clomp sound.

What was going on here?

I slipped past the uniformed men to get inside my house. It wasn't too hard, considering that none of them paid much attention to me.

When I had finally reached Renee and Charlie, who were hugged together, looking quite scared. A man who looked full of authority in a black suit with his blonde hair sleeked back artfully peered at me curiously.

I stared back, challenging his stare.

"Is this Isabella?" He looked at my parents, questions swarmed in his beady eyes.

"Uh, Renee, Charlie, what on earth is going on here?" I asked nervously, pulling the strap of my handbag.

The strange man looked me up and down again, nodding his head thoughtfully.

"Y-yes, that's I-Isabella," Charlie whimpered, looking down at his feet.

My dad, who was known to be scared of nothing, was whimpering.

This must be serious.

"Greetings, Lady Isabella," The man bowed low to me. I was surprised. This man, in a business suit and full of authority, was bowing to me? "My name is Aro. I am the keeper of the Cullen household."

I had heard of the Cullens. Everyone had. They were the richest and most powerful family in the US. Of course, everyone dreamed of dating Edward, Emmett and Jasper, the three young masters of the Cullen household, all adopted by Carlisle Cullen, who was the owner of the biggest and most successful businesses around the world. One of them was to be the successor one day.

However, I cease to understand how that might concern me.

I shrugged.

"Um, yes, that's rather lovely," I replied, not hoping to appear too rude. "But what are you, er, doing here?"

"To take you back to where you belong, of course, Lady Isabella," He smiled tightly. There he goes again.

Why was he calling me Lady Isabella?

"Thanks, but I belong here. Good day to you too. BYE," I rubbed my temples agitatedly. My boyfriend of four weeks had just broken up with me on Valentine's Day; I do NOT need to put up with the snobby looking man. I turned my heels to go to my bedroom. A shower sounds nice right now. And so does some good, old chocolate.

"No, you don't, Lady Isabella. You belong to the Cullen Household. You are indeed Mr. Carlisle Cullen's biological daughter, after much investigation" he bowed again, lowering his eyes.

I swerved around to look at him. My face was of complete, utter shock.


So ... Bella is the daughter of the richest and most powerful man in the US. What will happen next? Will she succumb to the rich people's way of life? What will she do when Edward enters her life, if he does ..? Anyways, review to find out!