My new story, Rueful Relict, is up now.

I really hope that you all will give this story a chance. It is set in a different era, perhaps around the Renaissance or so. It is a little different from my other two stories but I assure you that you shall be entertained. It have a very set plot in my mind for Rueful Relict with many twists and turns so please do have a read.

Rueful Relict summary: AU Lady Isabella Marie Swan had always known that she was to be wedded to a wealthy man with a title and high rank. Despite herself, she unexpectedly and gradually finds herself falling in love with her virtuous man servant and bodyguard, Edward Cullen.

Here is a little of the first chapter -

Isabella Swan yawned genteelly as she stretched her long and slender arms above her head. She veered her delicate head to glance at the window from which brilliant sunlight was beaming through. Isabella has always appreciated the simplest of things, despite her decorous upbringing as a respective lady.

Lady Isabella Marie Swan was the beloved daughter of Sir Charles William Swan and Lady Renee Shavelline Maria Warner who were, to say the least, strict and uptight members of society with a reputation to uphold. Although Isabella possessed a natural gentleness and goodwill, it was arduous not to allow her parents' demeanour to affect her a little; after all, she was a haughty woman with a title and much wealth at her disposal.


"Eric. ERIC!" I called to my hand servant who also acted as a bodyguard. It was routine for Eric to bring me a basin of warm water and towel to cleanse my face with every morning.

Eric did not rush into my chamber as he usually did. This startled me a little as Eric had always been a dependable servant who has never, ever been late before. I did realise that a friendship with a mere servant was greatly tabooed but I did have a soft spot for my ever trusty bodyguard. However, that was not the case today.

"Where in the world is he?" I muttered to myself as I started to climb out of my grandiose bed.

As for Odyssean Love, I do believe that it is on a hiatus until further note. Thanks for reading