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Doxa Vomica et Curo

Chapter 17

Pin Me, Spin Me, Make Me Scream

Draco slept through the night and woke early the next morning. He took his shower and got ready for work in a very automatic manner, arriving early to start working.

Seamus was the one to wake Harry up, giggling at his sleepy morning voice. Shuffling out of bed, Harry showered and got dressed before heading off to work as well. Halfway through the day there was lots of grumbling and whining as Harry was made to work in the labs, something about him improving his potions skills. Draco looked up as Harry was ushered in, grinning a little to himself as he watched him discreetly.

His director sat him in a stool. "Study, Potter... Merlin knows you need it." He said as he walked out, leaving Harry and Draco together alone. Harry whimpered and dropped his head to the table pouting.

Draco looked around, making sure no one else was there before he left his potion simmering and moved over to Harry. He set his hands gently on his shoulders, rubbing, "what are they making you do?"

Harry said up with a breath and a long sigh, leaning back into Draco. "Study potion making... they want me to learn the complicated stuff. Its all bullocks to me. I can't understand a bloody word of it..."

"you know..." Draco drawled with a small smirk, "You happen to have a boyfriend who's rather good at it."

Harry smiled lightly, tipping his head back and pulling on a necklace Draco was wearing to kiss him deeply. "I do know... but do you really wanna try and teach me?"

Draco mmed softly into the kiss, "if we can convince the ministry to pay me for teaching you..."

"How about convincing them to let you be my partner... you do all the experimental potions and I use them with my spells?" He said kissing him again.

Draco frowned lightly and chewed his lip, "are you sure? If I was your partner wouldn't I be like... going on jobs with you, watching your back... that sort of stuff?"

"Only if you wanted to... you don't actually have to do field work if you'd rather..." He said softly, opening his eyes and turning in his chair to look at him.

Draco shifted, moving to sit straddling his lap, "its not that I wouldn't want to... but I really don't think I'm qualified... I didn't even finish Hogwarts." he said it softly, though he was fairly certain by this point Harry realized that he was hard on himself for basically dropping out to hide.

Harry's brought his hand up to brush his fingers through his hair and tuck it behind Draco's ear. "Baby... you are incredibly qualified despite what happened at Hogwarts." He said softly, thumbing his cheek. "You were always equal with me in classes and on the intelligence scale you rivaled Hermione..."

Draco chuckled, "what I wouldn't have given to hear you say that back then..." he murmured, kissing him gently, "but I mean, technically I don't think the ministry could hire me for that without having at least taken my DADA Newt... not to mention Charms and Transfiguration."

"There are tests that are administered... I could ask around and you still had planned to take your newts, right?"

He nodded, "but I need to study, I missed a lot."

"I can help with that... and until then I can tell him that you are training me in potions..." He said kissing him gently.

He smiled and nodded, returning the gentle kiss, "thank you Harry..." he whispered softly before gently kissing him deeper.

Harry smiled and skimmed his hand up his neck before snorting when he heard his boss outside telling everyone to leave him alone and not distract him from studying.

Draco smirked softly, shifting lightly against him, "I think I'm distracting you from studying Harry..."

Harry grinned, mming low. "But you're my new professor... if you're the one distracting me... aren't you technically teaching me?" He said with a sly grin, his hands running up and down Draco's thighs.

Draco shivered gently, rocking down against him, "I suppose that's true..." he agreed softly, thrilled they were doing this is a place so close to public, "are you learning anything?"

Harry bit his lip and leaned back. "That I never thought getting off to my professor would ever be so hot..." he said with a grin, casting dark eyes up to him as he rest back against the table with Draco in his lap.

Draco shivered, dropping his head down to kiss along Harry's throat, "is that what we're doing here Harry... getting off?" he resisted to opportunity to make some remark about Harry's detentions with Severus, not wanting to ruin the mood.

Harry moaned softly rocking up into him. "What do you think? I am merely a student..." He said tilting his head back.

"I think... that for today's lesson we might learn how easy it can be to get off, while still dressed."

Harry gasped a little as they grinded again. "Yes sir... easy... still clothed..." he murmured gently, his fingers running down Draco's back.

Draco shivered, rocking down against him more insistently his lips finding Harry's in a hungry kiss. Harry moaned out softly, kissing him with equal passion as his legs widened to have his arousal press into Draco fully. Draco groaned, rocking down against him a little harder, the image they made, had anyone walked in, would have been completely erotic, the two of them lost to sensations that had always been between them but that they had used to other means before.

Harry moaned and whispered a spell to open up Draco's shirt just so he could lavish attention on his skin, holding his hips as he grinded up into him. Draco gasped and arched back, baring his neck and chest to Harry's mouth as he thrust down harder, his mind providing what this would be like with no clothes, with Harry buried deep with in him and he panted, biting his lip to keep from making to much noise, eyes shut, skin flushed, a perfect picture of debauchery.

Harry panted and let out a dark feral moan, the images in Draco's mind slipping into Harry's and making him nip and suck more at his skin. His breaths were deep and husky as he rocked up and lavished more attention on Draco's nipple, thumbing the other.

Draco released a sound between a whimper and a whine as he approached his completion, knowing it was... almost... "Harry..." he panted softly, "so close..."

Harry moaned and threw a barrage of images into Draco's mind of them combined and thrusting and sweaty and rough and aroused and everything that Harry had on his mind at the moment as he hit his own climax, thrusting but once more up into Draco. He buried his head into Draco's chest, muffling his cry.

The images overwhelmed Draco's senses and dropping his hand to Harry's he thrust once more down on him, having to bite his own hand to muffle screaming Harry's name as he came.

Harry panted as he fell back against the table, Draco panting against his chest. "Merlin... fuck... Draco..."

Draco shuddered softly, a light tremble as he clung to Harry, pressing his face to his neck, "oh fuck..." he moaned in agreement.

Harry muttered a quick cleaning charm as he wrapped his arms around Draco, kissing the side of his face.

"Fuck... how did you... with the images..." he panted, his mind a scrambled mess as he just continued to cling to Harry.

Harry panted but smiled just lightly. "Lots... and lots of training..." He murmured. "Occlumency training..."

Draco chuckled just slightly, trembling a little still, "fuck Harry... most legilimen's can't do that that with just a thought." he groaned, pressing open mouthed kisses to his neck, "and fuck... all I'm going to be thinking about the rest of the day is you fucking me..." His cock gave a small twitch of interest at the thought and he whimpered weakly.

Harry laughed a husky laugh that was ended with a moan at his actions. "Draco baby..." he moaned. He swallowed and started panting lightly again, still not having his breath completely regained. He bit his lip wondering if he could actually do what he was thinking. Turning his head, Draco's ear was right by his lips as he kissed Harry's neck. "I'd fuck you so hard, baby... so hard, right over this table..."

Draco moaned softly, helplessly against Harry's neck, "I wouldn't be able to keep quite..." he whimpered and "someone could walk in..." though the prospect didn't lesson Draco's interest in the idea.

"Then I'd simply have to gag you... so that all you could do was moan and shudder as I slam so deep into you that you could taste my cum." He growled softly. He whispered another soft charm that gave Draco the feeling of a snake or hand sliding down his body and into his pants. It wrapped around his already hardening cock and brushed over his entrance. "And you'd be so sore but you would always know who claimed you."

Draco gasped and rocked against him, helplessly turned on by what Harry was suggesting and the near dirty feeling of whatever that charm was doing to him, "fuck Harry..." he gasped, voice laced with primitive need.

Harry grinned, his eyes closed but the dangerous grin matching the charm that was working Draco. "You'd like that wouldn't you?" He drawled against his ear. "You'd like being bound and gagged, a hint of fear but all too much pleasure to care as you felt the moment when I slammed so hard into you, you felt your whole body break." As the words left Harry's mouth the charm slammed up into Draco's entranced and wrapped around his cock, working in perfect unison to bring Harry's visuals to life.

Draco gasped harshly and tossed his head back as his whole body trembled, "yes... Harry" he groaned, "please" he whimpered arousal wrapping around him so tight he could barely breathe. He tried to rock down to push it deeper, but the charm was such that nothing Draco did made any difference to what it was doing to him and it left him shuddering and grasping onto the edges of reason.

Harry slid his hands up and grabbed Draco's wrists holding them tight to the chair as he felt Draco pull away a bit, even though it was merely to rock. "And the harder I fucked you Draco..." His words followed by the charm starting to pump in and out of Draco while tightening and pulling at his hard length. "Oh the harder I fucked you the more you'd want... you'd beg me to hurt you, to make you scream out in pain covered by pure pristine pleasure." He whispered, his words like razors as his lips were pressed right into his ear.

Draco was gasping and moaning helplessly now, his moans accented by "Harry!" or "yesss" every so often and somewhere he knew he was probably being a little to loud but Harry held his entire body completely captive... physically restrained with his words controlling his thoughts and that charm working his body to absolute perfection.

"Beg me Draco... beg me to allow you to come..." He growled into his ear, as the charm started slowing, Harry grinning. "Tell me to let you come... beg me..." He said as the charm tightened around him and started pushing in deeper but wasn't thrusting.

Draco whined low in his throat, trying to rock against it to no avail, "Please Harry..." he panted, "please... please Harry!" he was near delirious torn between asking him to stop and never stop... just needing release, just a little more, "pleaseā€¦"

Harry let out the smallest of dark laughs before Draco's mind was once more assaulted by the images Harry was promising and the charm was back to slamming into him, hard, deeper, rougher, faster. It worked his cock, tightening and pressing into his slit then spontaneously sending small shock waves and vibrations. Harry in a last motion, spell bound Draco's hands to the chair then lifted his hands, one going over Draco's mouth to cover his screams and the other going to the back of his neck to hold him still. Draco was now bound and gagged, being fucked so hard Harry doubted he could even breath and all this still just with his voice and three charms.

Draco was completely lost, hanging on a by a thread and completely delirious by this point. When Harry's hand came up and covered his mouth, cutting off his moans and most of his oxygen supply his eyes rolled back and he screamed against Harry's hand as he came harder than he ever had before, his vision hazing at the edges as his whole body shook.

Harry tipped his head back smirking and biting his lip, moaning gently at the sight Draco made before uncovering his mouth to let him gasp for the breath he knew he was lacking. He broke the spells, catching Draco as he fell against his chest. Holding him as he continued to shake he kissed his neck and smoothed his hand up and down his back.

Draco gasped in breaths and panted, clinging to him like his life depended on it and struggling to make his brain work in a comprehensible manner again. Harry smoothed his hand down his neck, wiping down some of the sweat as he kissed it softly. He allowed Draco all the time he needed to compose himself, perfectly happy to just sooth him as he came down from the incredible high.

Draco finally got his breath though he could feel his heart still hammering heavily in his chest, "Merlin Harry... what was that?"

Harry grinned. "A charm a learned a couple years back... I've altered it a bit..." He said as he brought his head back to press his forehead to Draco's. He smiled, still a bit dangerously as he brought his hand up to skim under Draco's eyes, wiping away the uncontainable trace of tears that came from the mixture of pain and pleasure Harry supplied.

Draco shuddered softly, curling against him, hoping Harry was one of those who would provide the comfort so desperately needed after something that extreme. Harry wrapped his arms around him and tucked his head under his chin, kissing it softly. He nuzzled his hair gently, warming his hands as he ran them up and down Draco's back, lulling him slowly.

Draco let his eyes fall closed sleepily, feeling drained after being brought off twice in such a small period of time and he shivered as the after shocks ran through him, whimpering and clinging to Harry a little more.

"I've got you..." he cooed softly, closing his eyes and now supplying softer images to replace the ones that may still be lingering from before. Harry was holding Draco, kissing him sweetly, protectively, his warm eyes holding Draco's stormy ones. Harry kissed the side of his neck carefully, nuzzling him softly.

"Mmm..." he murmured softly, "when you do get around to fucking me... it might not be such a good idea to do it when we first get to work..."

Harry grinned softly, kissing his temple then his forehead. "I'll make sure to remember that." He whispered kissing still gently at Draco's cooling skin.

Draco shivered, his arms finding enough energy to slide slowly around Harry's neck, pulling close as he nuzzled there, "mmm... all I want to do is sleep now... screw working..."

"Well what else do you need to do?" He asked softly, cradling him to his chest.

Draco shrugged lightly, "they don't give me many instructions, this is mostly developmental work."

"Can you say that you are just done with all you can do for today?" He said shifting Draco a bit.

"maybe... but you can't... you're supposed to be studying" he reminded him, "besides... I happen to have several strong revitalizing potions once I decide I can get up to drink them."

"Okay..." he said softly, though knew if he asked, his boss would let him go home. They rarely said no to The Harry Potter, much to his dismay sometimes.

Draco didn't say anything more for awhile, just snuggled against Harry, content in his boyfriend's arms while he let his body wind down. Harry smiled, more than happy to keep Draco right there in his arms, content, happy, and most of all, safe. Draco chuckled softly against his skin, "you know Harry... it might have been easier to actually fuck me... then you could have gotten something out of it too." he murmured against his neck, nipping just lightly.

Harry smiled lightly, and tightened his arms a little. "That's true... but I had my reasons for not. Besides of course it being incredibly erotic..."

Draco shivered against him; he could only imagine what he'd looked like. "Reasons?" he murmured curiously.

Harry smiled softly, knowing that deep down he was a helpless romantic. "I don't want our first time... to be just fucking..." he said, nuzzling Draco's neck and holding him close. "I want it to be love making..." He said, ending it with a bit of a shrug to hide any sappiness.

Draco didn't fall for the shrug and grinned, "I'd wished I know you were such a sap in school... I would have used it to my advantage." he teased, placing a kiss against Harry's neck, "but you're right..." he agreed softly, "it should be love making the first time..."

Harry smiled a little, shifting Draco again before muttering a cleaning charm. He didn't release him just yet though, not wanting the moment to end.

Draco sighed a little in relief as he was cleaned of the cooling mess and curled closer, "mm... that was good though... so good."

Harry smiled slowly, kissing his neck. "I'm glad. That was the intention. Not too rough I hope," he asked, though he figured he would have said something if it was.

Draco shuddered gently and shook his head, "not too rough..." he agreed gently, "I like it... are you okay with it? I know some people can't handle being that rough..."

Harry grinned and chuckled softly, it holding that dark tint. "No. I can definitely handle it," he said leaning back to kiss Draco.

"mm..." Draco whimpered softly into the kiss, returning it

Harry brought his hand up, skimming it over Draco's cheek as he deepened the kiss. Draco pulled back on a sigh, his body still too wound for too much stimulation and he pressed just a soft kiss to his lips instead, "we should either leave or I should get back to work..."

"I'll leave that up to you, sweets..." he murmured gently, bringing his hand up to brush Draco's hair out of his eyes.

Draco sighed softly and pulled back, "I should work... I don't want them to think I'm slacking..." he said, gently moving himself from Harry's lap, wincing a little. Draco was after all, still a Slytherin, and still felt like he needed to prove himself.

Harry smiled leaning in to catch his lips in a last sweet kiss before he turned around, stretching his tight legs and flipping open a few books, starting to read.

Draco chuckled, "Is that what they're having you do? Read those textbooks?"

"Yuuup." He said in slight annoyance. "Bullocks, I know," he said resting his head on his hand.

Draco smiled, kissing his cheek, "put them away, I'll borrow some of Sev's old textbooks for you."

"Well then what will I have to make it look like I'm actually studying?" He said with a grin. "I mean I can't just sit here and sleep..."

Draco moved over to his station, finding a couple books that would actually be helpful, "here... these are actually pretty good at explaining why certain ingredients react with each other... it's a good place to start and then I'll give you a practical demonstration when I'm done over here."

Harry looked up and smiled to him, taking them. "Thanks." He said softly, pushing away the others before flipping those ones up and starting to read.

Draco nodded, pleased and moved to work on a couple simple potions, able to do a couple at once with ease, knowing exactly when to switch from one to the other. Harry would glance up every once in a while, a smile just ghosting his lips as he looked at Draco with what seemed to be pride and happiness. Draco glanced back at him every so often as well, smiling when he'd catch Harry's eyes before he just continued working, finishing the potions in their allotted time. Harry looked down and rested his head on his arm as he read, the stuff easier to comprehend but still just barely clicking.

Draco smiled over at him later, using magic to bottle the potions as it wouldn't interfere with the contents before he moved over to place a soft kiss on his temple, "how's it coming?"

Harry looked up, shrugging just barely as he sat up and hooked an arm around Draco's waist. Sighing gently he rested his head to Draco's stomach, nuzzling it gently.

Draco chuckled, "maybe we could save the practical demonstration for after lunch?" he suggested, running his fingers through Harry's hair.

Harry nodded gently, not really saying anything to it as he just rested against Draco's soft body.

Draco smiled, "maybe we should skip lunch in favor of a nap?" he continued to prod.

"Mmm... yes... please..." he said softly pulling back and flicking his head gently to get the hair out of his eyes.

Draco lifted his wand, waving it to clock out for lunch and gently pulling Harry to his feet, "meet you at your house?"

Harry nodded, stepping back to allow Draco to apparate away. He sighed and closed the books, stacking them and clocking out before following.


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